30+ Best Popcorn Time Alternatives In 2024

Popcorn Time is a true bliss for people who love to spend their time watching movies and TV shows. It’s a platform that offers unlimited content for streaming without paying a single penny – what else do you need? However, the very nature of Popcorn Time makes it slightly fishy and a potential target for copyrights trolls. The website has been shut down for a while in past due to the same reason. That’s why it is good to know other best Popcorn Time online alternatives that can satiate your binge-watching needs. It is just a backup plan. In case, Popcorn Time is not working or inaccessible, if you want to find Popcorn time alternative android, you instantly know where to look for next.

However, before we start discussing alternatives to Popcorn Time, we want to tell you the best practices of accessing Popcorn Time or Alternatives to Popcorn Time. A Popcorn Time VPN is very important as it shields you from the prying eyes of the authorities and might save you from threatening DMCA notices. VPN creates a safe tunnel for your internet activities. It makes you invisible in an otherwise traceable environment. If you are an avid user of Popcorn Time, we urge you to use a VPN to stay out of trouble.

The article was last updated on May 25, 2024

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5 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives – The Best Apps Similar to Popcorn Time When it Come to Streaming

It is time to reveal the list of best alternatives to Popcorn Time . We are glad to announce the names here since they have been collected after much deliberation and tireless efforts of our team. You will be glad to know that there are many more alternatives to Popcorn Time. We have just given you the names of the best apps like Popcorn Time here! Let’s begin;

1- Cinema Box – Free Popcorn Time Similar


Cinema Box happens to be a great Popcorn Time alternative. The app has a library filled with HD recordings. Most of its collection is recent. The chances are that you can get your favorite TV shows and movies on Cinema Box. The added advantage is no membership required. Did we mention it is free of cost too? You got to check this free Popcorn Time alternative.

2- Crunchyroll – Any Anime Lovers Out There?


Crunchyroll is not your typical video streaming website. It is a apps like Popcorn Time for the anime lovers. The website has more than 25000 anime sequences. You can access all of them by simply visiting the website on your browser or checking the app. Among the most popular titles, Crunchyroll has NarutoShippuden, Attack on Titan, Gargantia, Sword Art Online, Bleach, Blue, Shugo Chara! etc.

3- Couch Potato – True To Its Name


The name sure hit close to home for many of us. Couch Potato– the famous streaming outlet is pretty similar apps to Popcorn Time and has a collection of TV shows and movies. You are just supposed to access the website or open the app and enjoy many HD videos. The website also offers subtitles. It is free of cost. Couch Potato is compatible with most Operating Systems (OS). It sure is one of the most relevant alternatives to Popcorn Time.

4- MovieBoxd – For Movie Buffs


With so many alternatives to Popcorn Time available online, MovieBoxd sure knows how to find its niche. It is a website dedicated to streaming videos only. You can download the movies as well. The platform is free of cost. We appreciate its stance against showing ads to the visitors. The layout of MovieBoxd gives an impression of a neat and non-spammy streaming site.

5- VidMasta – Offers Advanced Options


VidMasta is one of the most comprehensive alternatives to Popcorn Time out there. It has developed a complete package. VidMasta is not just about finding the right movie or TV show and watching it. Instead, it gives you a lot of other options like you can download a movie or read about its details or watch a trailer before downloading. The advanced user-friendly options sure make VidMasta one of the best good alternatives to Popcorn Time.

Other Best Popcorn Time Alternatives – Both Free & Paid

6- Wuaki.tv – Comprehensive Content Library

The unique quality of Wuaki.tv lies in its collection. This apps like Popcorn Time can provide it all. The only problem that you may find in Popcorn Time alternatives will be limited options in their content library. However, Wuaki.tv intends to solve this problem by giving you options that defy the very nature of this basic problem. You will be able to find any movie or TV show here. Wuaki.tv is compatible enough to run in any of your devices and can be easy alternative to Popcorn Time.

7- Amazon Instant Video – Best Rental Spot

Who doesn’t know about Amazon Instant Video? It is a popular video streaming apps like Popcorn Time. The service focuses more on renting and selling movies and TV shows then streaming them online. However, the deals are way better than any other platform. People love Amazon for its cheap rent and purchase deals. It is not exactly the best alternatives to Popcorn Time but Amazon will most certainly do the job when you need it.

8- ePix – Video On Demand

ePix is another video-on-demand streaming service that has a vast collection of movies and TV services. The choices are many at ePix. ePix is one of the apps like Popcorn Time, you can watch movies, music, original movies, TV shows, documentaries, talk shows etc. There are categories available for your convenience like action, adventure, animation, crime, and drama. Thae website is one of better alternatives to Popcorn Time.

9- SnagFilms – Paradise For Independent Filmmakers

SnagFilms is another version of the video-on-demand streaming apps like Popcorn Time. The standout quality is its movie collection that has more than 5000 titles. In addition to movies, there are many TV shows as well. SnagFilms is also known for having a large collection of independent films and can be considered one of the best alternatives to Popcorn Time. In fact, if you want to submit your independent movie, you can do so at SnagFilms.

10- Viewster – Free Popcorn Time Alternatives

Viewster is a favorite here because it allows the public to watch as many movies as they like for free. It also has a collection of popular TV shows. You must stay prepared for the bombardment of ads. It is the case with most free streaming service providers. However, you have to bear the small inconvenience in order to enjoy free entertainment. Considering it is free, Viewster can be an alternatives to Popcorn time.

11- GoWatchIt – Rent Or Buy Movies

The real business of GoWatchIt is to rent and sell DVD, Blu-ray, HD CDs etc. Its collection has movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Also, you can watch movies online. The process is search based. You can search for your favorite movies and simply play them online.

12- Stan – An Able Alternative to Popcorn Time

Stan is a full-fledged video streaming apps like Popcorn Time and Netflix. It is very popular in certain countries. The platform has won hearts of its customers by providing top-notch collection. There are classic and evergreen entertainers in the library as well as the latest hits. Stan is definitely the best alternatives to Popcorn Time.

13- iFlix – New Entry

iFlix is also trying to copy the business model of Netflix and be an alternative to Popcorn Time and Netflix. It is a new entrance in the streaming world. The service provider is mostly focusing on a few particular countries. However, it has a long way to go. Since it is new, the content library needs a lot of work and expansion. The streaming platform has potential but it will take a long time to reach there.

14- Hulu – Not The Cheapest Popcorn Time Alternatives

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming websites in the entire world. The company is considered elite in the industry. The reason is, of course, its flawless services and never ending library. You can find all your preferred shows and movies and then some more. It is definitely the service that can win you over. Also, Hulu is a paid service. Definitely, Hulu is not the cheapest alternatives to Popcorn Time but it is worth every penny.

15- Fandor – It’s All About Movies

Fandor is all about movies and documentaries apps like Popcorn Time. If you think you know the service provider after reading the previous statement then stop right there. Fandor is a service provider that has a vast collection of movies from different corners of the world. You can access it any time provided you have a decent internet connection. It is a good platform alternative to Popcorn Time to watch movies that aren’t mainstream.

16- BoxTV – Serving Bollywood Lovers

BoxTV is a streaming apps like Popcorn Time especially focusing on the Bollywood consumers. It has full-length movies and TV shows. You will fall in love with the platform for sure. There is some Hollywood stuff present but the website is mainly targeting Bollywood audience. It has titles in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, and Kannada. BoxTV is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are into Bollywood, it is your best shot.

17- Popcornflix – Popcorn Time + Netflix

Popcornflix is an attempt to bring Netflix and Popcorn Time on one website. We would call it a decent outlet. It follows the Popcorn Time pattern and streams the videos online while the video is being downloaded in the background. Of course, it doesn’t have the content library to match the stature of Netflix or Popcorn Time. However, if you are looking for alternatives to Popcorn Time then it can be of use.

18- FrightPix – Are You Ready To Get Scared?

FrightPix is a unique venture for sure. It has a very targeted audience and doesn’t aim to please everyone. The FrightPix has been established to frighten you. It only plays horror or sci-fi movies. It is a video on demand service so you can choose the movies. Just like BoxTV, it is not everyone’s cup of tea but some people enjoy it a lot.

19- Flixster – Watch With Others

Flixster is more like watching a TV show or movie with a bunch of other people. You can watch movies and enjoy the commentary from fellow viewers. Since there are so many video-on-demand service providers, everyone is looking to find a unique offering.Flixster found its USP by providing the reviews and comments of other users.

20- Crackle – Uncut Movies Available

Crackle is one in thousands other video streaming services or Popcorn Time alternatives offering TV shows, movies, and other entertainment online. It is free of cost so that’s a good start. Crackle has made a reputation for owning the uncut version of movies. You can actually catch the extended version of most movies at Crackle. We think you will like this one as an alternative to Popcorn Time more than the others.

21- Vudu – Just Doing Exceptional Job

You must have heard about Vudu. It is doing nothing out of ordinary but performing an excellent job of streaming videos online. When the streaming industry is filled with so many service providers, the importance of providing exceptionally phenomenal services increases ten folds. Vudu had aced the game by providing flawless service. It sure is one of the best Popcorn Time alternatives out there.

22- Netflix – Ruling The World

Netflix can be blamed for all the streaming madness we see now. It is the pioneer and we are glad to announce that Netflix is still pretty much ruling it. Regardless to say, Netflix is the best Popcorn Time alternatives. However, the slight problem is that you will have to pay every month for it.

23- Tube+ – It Is Not YouTube

Tube+ has no association with YouTube. It is a streaming platform that lets you search, watch and download videos. Downloading is the reason Tube+ is liked by so many viewers. In terms of being an alternative to Popcorn Time, Tube+ falls short of choices. It might not be the best alternative to Popcorn Time yet, it can stream videos but cannot replace a full-fledged streaming platform.

24- MovieRill – Movies Only

MovieRill is actually a movie mill. It has one of the largest collections of movies and videos. It keeps updating its library. In addition to adding new titles, MovieRill is focused on bringing classic and old movies. Viewers who wanted to see TV shows similar to Popcorn Time need to find another alternative to Popcorn Time.

25- Butter Project – Popcorn Time Imitation

We have no idea what inspired their name but it is interesting. It has almost copied the entire setup of Popcorn Time. In fact, you won’t find much difference in the working of both these site. Of course, it is the most appropriate Popcorn Time alternatives. However, please remember it brings same legal implications as Popcorn Time.

26- Stremio – A Strong Contender

Stremio must be downloaded on your PC and you will get access to movies, TV shows, TV channels and live shows. The concept is to bring different mediums in one platform. The platform is super compatible and can work with any of your devices. Stremio has more than enough titles and options to be alternative to Popcorn Time.

27- Cartoon HD – For The Love Of Cartoon

Cartoon HD is pretty evident of what type of content it serves to the viewers.It is an app that has a special collection of cartoons. However, you can watch a number of movies and TV series too. You can save your favorite shows as well. The app is user-friendly. It is compatible with all leading OS, including Chromecast and can be considered one of the top alternatives to Popcorn Time.

28- Movie HD–3D Movies Available

Movie HD is specifically for viewing movies online. The app has a tremendous amount of titles in its library. Unlike others, Movie HD lets you watch 3D movies too. It is a feature that was exclusively available to the Popcorn Time only. However, Movie HD has broken the monopoly of the Popcorn Time. In terms of 3D movies only, Movie HD is the best alternatives to Popcorn Time.

29- Playview–Bilingual Collection

Playview is a new apps like Popcorn Time designed to allow streaming on the smartphones. It offers movies in two languages i.e. Spanish and English. You can search movies or simply check what’s popular. The viewers also get a chance to select the streaming quality of the movie. Playview also works fine on smart TVs including Apple TV. Playview sure seems like a good alternatives for Popcorn Time.

30- Showbox–HD Quality Videos

Showbox is a free alternative to Popcorn Time. It is an apps like Popcorn Time for smartphones that support the likes of Mac, iOS, Android etc. It shows movies and TV shows for free. You don’t have to spend a dime on this app to view your beloved programs. The collection is available in HD quality. We are really impressed with Showbox.

Popcorn Time Or Popcorn Time Alternatives – The Show Must Go On!

We just want you to know that if Popcorn Time is not available, don’t feel deprived of watching your desired TV shows or movies. You have the best alternatives to Popcorn Time now. Popcorn Time already brings the best and fresh content. It is the most amazing free tool to binge TV. However, if for any reason you don’t want to use Popcorn Time, we have given you more than enough options alternate to Popcorn Time.

We are a firm believer of the motto – the show must go on. In fact, it has been our prime motivation to find out the top alternatives to Popcorn Time.

Are you an avid Popcorn Time user? Do have any name to add to the list? We would love to hear your views on the subject. There is a comments section below for you.


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