5 Best PPTP VPNs- Perfect Protocol For Online Streaming!

So you’re an expat living in a foreign country, craving for your favorite show. Alas, all you’re getting is that heartbreaking error message stating “the content is not available in your region.” This is where you feel helpless and disappointed. But who said you couldn’t fix this issue? Sit tight and rejoice, as we’ll discuss how PPTP VPN is your savior in this case.

Many European and US websites restrict full access to the website when you aren’t home, and eventually, the respective IP address of your network is denied access. We’ve all been there, and we all know how it feels. Most of us turn to a VPN provider to give us the freedom that we need, as this barrier can be overcome by the use of a VPN service, also known as, Virtual Private Network. But wait; why have I titled this piece as PPTP VPN then?

Well, the reason is quite simple. There are several VPN protocols which an end user can use, but the preferred option for streaming online content is PPTP protocol since it offers the limited reduction in speed. In essence, it makes web streaming, web surfing, and web search a whole lot easier and to some extent, safer.

The article was last updated on June 20, 2024

What are the different types of VPN protocols?

Let me share a list of the various types of VPN protocols available worldwide:

  1. PPTP protocol
  2. L2TP protocol
  3. SSTP protocol
  4. OpenVPN protocol
  5. IKEV2 protocol

Which VPN protocol do you think is the fastest?

Two of the best VPN protocols known for their speeds are the PPTP protocol and the OpenVPN protocol. The former one is the least secure while the OpenVPN protocol provides the highest security to the user. Nearly all VPN protocols are easy to use and are designed to operate on devices like Android phones, iOS, and Windows. The encryption provided by various protocols ranges from 128 bit to 256-bit encryption. The L2TP protocol offers IPSec encryption suite.

This article is focused on providing the list of the best PPTP VPN providers available in the market today.

pptp vpn

5 Best PPTN VPN Providers – For Everything FAST!

In general, you will find all the VPN providers with PPTP VPN server as a standard offering. However, the service quality may differ depending on the server and load. Below is the cherry-picked list of five best PPTP VPN service providers that guarantees top speed, privacy, and security.

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How does the fastest PPTP protocol benefit the user?

An avid netizen dreams about getting an internet speed similar to the speed of light, with complete encryption of the data. PPTP protocol provides seamless streaming speed to its users with minimum encryption. It helps the users in ways one can’t even imagine! The benefits of the fastest PPTP VPN are as follows:

  • The fastest VPN protocol offers the best downloading and uploading speed. Nothing can beat the speed provided by this protocol. You can access your desired website within seconds.
  • Want to watch your favorite show without any hindrance? The fastest PPTP protocol allows you to stream seamlessly.
  • With the use of the best VPN protocol, you can experience the fun in online gaming like never before.

How is PPTP VPN faster than all?

The way through which PPTP protocol works makes it the fastest VPN protocol. PPTP VPN is the short form of point-to-point tunneling protocol which implements the working technique of a virtual private network. It ensures that the fastest internet speed is offered to the customer. The encryption offered by the PPTP protocol is 128 bit. It’s quite low and is only recommended to users who are not highly concerned about their online security.

Want to know about some other advantages of the PPTP VPN? Keep on reading then.

What are the advantages of using PPTP VPN protocol?

The advantages of the PPTP protocol are:

  • PPTP VPN is functional on nearly all the devices, be it an Android phone or an iOS device
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It utilizes fewer resources
  • It offers the fastest connection Drawbacks of PPTP VPN

The one and only main drawback of using the PPTP VPN is the low encryption power of the protocol. The risk of interfering with the firewall is doubled, and there is no surety that the hackers will be blocked. This one does not provide Even the privacy provided by the usual VPN protocols. But since the end goal of the user is to stream content, therefore this protocol is highly recommended.

Note: Our research shows that NSA compromises the PPTP protocol. So do not use it if you’re really concerned about your security and privacy.

PPTP VPN Speed Test

There are a few online sources through which you can find out the speed of your PPTP protocol. Speedtest by Ookla leads the way with a couple of other good options including Verizon. Here are the URLs.


VPN is one of the favorite tools of most of the internet users as it offers some of the best features with which web surfing and streaming become easier. Whichever website you want to access; you can do it by keeping your identity a secret. The best PPTP VPNs and the ones most commonly used by the people have been mentioned above. They provide the fastest speed and are functional on different operational devices. Few of them are also functional on mobile devices. Apart from the inability to offer high-security, PPTP VPN is the best choice amongst all VPN protocols.


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