Best Putlocker Alternatives for 2024

If you are a movie fan that has used Putlocker in the past, you’ll agree that the website is a movie haven. It provides streaming content such as movies and TV shows of all genres across the world for free. With millions of streams per day, the website ranks among the most visited websites globally at that time. However, Putlocker was eventually shut down on the UK high court order after a long battle with the copyright owners. And since then, many alternatives to Putlocker sites have been created and shut down. And no one can tell whether the Putlocker founders have anything to do with all other Putlocker alternatives.

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Till today, copyright law enforcement and hosting companies are continually shutting down free streaming websites like Putlocker. And you might have also used Putlocker alternatives in the past that are currently blocked. If you are looking for a working alternative to Putlocker, you are at the right place.

In this article, I have put up a list of the top alternatives to Putlocker. And don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can easily get working alternatives to Putlocker once these links get blocked. In addition, make sure you read till the end to learn about tips and tricks streaming safe and secure on these websites.

Best Alternatives To Putlocker

There are numerous websites out there that claim to be the best Putlockers alternative sites. But the disappointing part is that some of these websites are created by scammers to trick users and steal their vital information. That is the reason why you need to be careful when you use alternatives to Putlocker. Read on to the end to learn how you can protect yourself from these scammers that claim to be alternatives to Putlocker.

However, we have curated a list of the best Putlocker alternatives for you. Most of the websites mentioned here are mobile-friendly.

List of the sites similar to Putlocker.

  1. 123Movies.
  2. Popcornflix.
  3. Fmovies.
  4. Primewire.
  5. YesMovies.
  6. AZMovies.
  7. Vumoo.

1. 123Movies (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives 123movies

123Movies has the largest library of movies among all the listed Putlocker alternatives. It helps find any movie if you know the specific title.

This alternative to the Putlocker website has a very organized interface that is easy to navigate on a PC or Tablet. However, the experience of a mobile device may be a bit cumbersome especially if you are using a small screen phone.

One may want to think this alternative to Putlocker is only for movies due to its name. But on the contrary, the site also houses thousands of movies, TV series, Anime, and Asian dramas.

Furthermore, this alternative to Putlocker website has an easy search function. All you need to do is to type in the movie title in the search box located at the bottom of the site. In addition, you can discover new movies on its homepage just like other alternatives to Putlocker.

However, just like other free alternatives to Putlocker website, you will get a constant redirecting link each time you click on the page.

2. Popcornflix (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives popcornflix

Popcornflix is an easy alternative to Putlocker because of its huge library with a large variety of movie genres. It also has a user-friendly platform that works well on any device including mobile phones. It is very easy to navigate through different categories to discover new movies.

However, the alternative to Putlocker is not a good option if you are looking for specific TV shows but you can discover some amazing TV series from its page.

Unlike other popular alternatives to Putlocker, Popcornflix content isn’t available in all regions. However, you can bypass geo-restriction by opting for a good VPN service.

Popcornflix has little or no on-page ads with amazing video quality unlike other sites like Putlocker. However, you will get constant video ads while streaming the movies but you’ll be allowed to skip after 4sec. Moreover, it stated that you can stream movies without ads if you sign up.

3. Fmovies (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives fmovies

Fmovies is another good alternative to Putlocker with an easy-to-use search feature. It has a responsive and user-friendly interface that works well on any device including Android smartphones.

Like some other Putlocker alternatives, it is very easy to discover new movies on the website. Its content can be sorted according to genre, release year, country, and most-watched. Also, you can sort all movies based on the A-Z order.

Apart from its huge library, this alternative to Putlocker site adds new content faster than any other website on this list. It uploads cinema dubbed movies from the theater the following day after release. And it updates the content as soon as the HD version is out.

Unlike other Putlocker alternatives, this site allows its users to request movies that are currently not on their website. Which can be new or old 1900s movies.

However, just like many other sites like Putlocker, this site is loaded with pop-up and redirecting ads anything you click on the page.

4. Primewire (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives primewire

Primewire is one of the best sites like Putlocker. It has a huge library of movies that are neatly sorted according to the genre, release date, country, and IMDb ratings.

It has a very simple and responsive interface that works on any kind of device. However, the interface is far from being user-friendly because of the excessive on-screen pop-up ads. It has the highest number of ads among all the listed sites like Putlocker.

Nevertheless, you can easily preview the movie details when you hover the mouse on it. In addition, you can click on the top IMDb movies to discover top trending movies. You can also discover the most watch movies on the site when you don’t have any specific movie in mind.

This alternative to Putlocker often changes its domain name regularly to avoid being shut down unaware. Its domain names also include,,

5. YesMovies (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives yesmovies

YesMovies is among the most popular Putlocker alternatives and it is good for documentaries and other movies. It may not have the largest movie catalog but you will consider it an easy-to-use option. However, that does not suggest you won’t find interesting movies on its site.

This alternative to Putlocker site has a very simple and responsive design that works on every device. And the homepage is focused on searching. In addition, you can sort movies by genre, country, or discover through IMDb ratings.

Just like other free sites like Putlocker, you’ll get constant redirects anytime you click on the page.

6. AZMovies (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives azmovies

AZMovies is also one of the most rated sites like Putlocker that features a high-quality stream with little buffering. What makes this website special is the ability to provide many mirror links for each movie on its site.

This alternative to Putlocker site has a very simple and easy-to-use interface that works on a mobile device. But it is a bit clustered on a PC. However, that does not imply that this alternative to Putlocker site is hard to navigate.

Like other aforementioned sites like Putlocker, this one is also loaded with different types of ads such as pop-up ads, redirecting ads when you click on the page, and video ads which you can only skip after 5 seconds.

The website is only good for movies, but you can find TV shows on its partner website NOXX link available on the site footer.

7. Vumoo (No signup require)

putlocker alternatives vumoo

Vumoo is also one of the most visited sites like Putlocker and it offers very few ads. If you often find redirecting and pop-up ads annoying, then Vumoo is the right option for you. For this reason, it is considered the best alternative to Putlocker by many movie lovers.

Vumoo has a very simple and user-friendly interface. However, it has limited features that can be used to discover new interesting movies unlike other sites like Putlocker. It only has two categories which are movies and TV shows. And in this case, you can only find movies through the search option which displays search results as you type.

As simple as the site looks, you will be surprised that it has a large catalogue of movies that are mostly from third-party websites. It also has a high-quality stream with a very little buffer.

Issues with Putlocker alternatives

There are several alternatives to Putlocker that offer free movie streaming content. However, you will likely land yourself in trouble while using them. In this section, I will discuss the issues with Putlocker alternatives and solutions.


Some alternatives to Putlocker websites restrict streaming only to a particular region. For instance, Popcornflix and AZMovies use Geo-blocking on their content.

Cyber Identity Theft

Some Putlocker alternatives websites are created by scammers to trick users. They use pop-up and redirecting ads to direct users to their scamming site where they can steal sensitive information such as your credit card.

Government Fine

Watching exclusive content from free alternatives to Putlocker alternatives is illegal in most countries. Some countries take it seriously by imposing a big fine on users.

The truth is that the government and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are capable of monitoring your activity.

How to protect yourself

The best way to protect yourself from cyber identity theft and government tracking scripts are by using a good VPN. A VPN is capable of hiding your IP address and your activity. Making you stay anonymous in the webspace. Since the government and your ISP can’t trace your IP, you will not be fine for using sites like Putlocker.

Moreover, the VPN is also capable of changing your IP address to another country. This will allow you to bypass streaming restrictions in your region.

Note that not all VPN is strong enough to keep you anonymous on the internet space. Some can easily leak your IP address and this can put you in trouble.

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Additional Information on the benefit of a VPN

Apart from streaming your favorite sporting events, here are some other benefits of using a VPN.

Access a Business Network While Traveling

You can use a VPN when you travel abroad to access your business network and other local network resources.

Bypass Internet Censorship

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To download Illegal files

If you intend to download illegal free resources online, then you can use a VPN for this purpose.

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With the listed Putlocker alternative sites, you have unlimited movies waiting for you. But remember that a lot of alternatives to Putlocker websites out there that claim to offer the best streaming experience share illegal streaming links. Furthermore, most of these websites are not secure and some are created for dubious purposes. So it is vital that you should always protect your identity by using a VPN.


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