Best Torrent Clients: Download Torrent the Right Way

Gone are the days when people used to queue up in front of the ticketing booth at cinemas to watch their favorite movie. It’s of no surprise that we pay around $10 for a single movie, leaving aside the taxi charges and extravaganzas – popcorn and chiller. Watching a movie will cost you something between $30-35.

best torrent clients

Thanks to all the Torrent clients for bringing this luxury into our hands; within few minutes you can download your favorite movie using a best Torrent client for free. Yes, you heard it right – downloading a movie using P2P file sharing technology will just ask you as low as $5 (for popcorn) that let you enjoy the movie marathon with your besties.

However, by default, your computer system cannot download torrent files directly, which is why you need a torrent client to make the files downloadable on your devices. The torrent clients work like any other tool providing multiple customization options and fast download speed to enable you to download various torrent files simultaneously.

Hence, we have made a list of the best torrent clients which you should download.

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Are torrents legal?

Torrents are 100% safe and legal! But the purpose it’s being used for has earned a bad reputation due to piracy. The legality of the torrent depends on how you are using the software. It’s like having a gun. Either you use it to protect yourself or use it to force things out of someone. Torrent files are legal if the copyright holder of the files have made them available for the general public for free. Otherwise downloading the torrent would be coined as illegal.

Secondly, torrent websites are being taken down due to copyright infringements. This can be a threat to users who are advised to make use of a VPN to replace their IP address.

Why Use a VPN to Download Torrent Clients

Your browsing activity is always recorded and seen by your internet service provider (ISP). There is a high chance your online activities will be reported to the authorities by your ISP. This is a worrisome threat as your activities could lead you behind bars for copyright infringement. Motion Pictures and many other alliances monitor and track people on the internet involved in downloading copyright material and taking strict action against them.  

Before you are handcuffed, use the best VPN for torrenting as its the only lifeguard preventing you from getting in serious trouble. A VPN hides your IP address and reroute your traffic through a ‘Shared IP’ which will be used by multiple users. ISPs and authorities will not be able to track your location while using a VPN with torrent clients. Go through the VPN table below and use the best torrent downloader to create your own entertainment store.

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Best Torrent Clients


This spontaneous BitTorrent client is available since 2005, and it has the biggest network of users using its services across the globe, removing a few exceptions like China. The previous builds of the client performed well under all internet connections and was a light tool. The newer update became a target of criticism because it started popping an array of advertisements which became a problem.

Keeping that aside, uTorrent is the most effective and till date has been a super performer. The entire application takes less space than an HD photo. Sounds good right? With its perks, uTorrent did fell prey to hackers wherein a Twitter post-Tavis Ormandy of Google Project Zero tweeted

“I don’t think BitTorrent are going to make a 90-day disclosure deadline, do you have any direct contacts who could help? I’m not convinced they understand the severity or urgency.”

The outcry was regarding the potential of hackers to spy on users download which was found inevitable. Later on, BitTorrent did inquire and released a patch that calmed many voices.


qBittorent lives up to its reputation for being a clean and straightforward torrent client. If you are a beginner, then this client would be a walk in the park for you. The software is ideal for those who are short on system memory and want a tool that doesn’t take much space.

It has an integrated torrent search engine that lets you search anything from within the software. It’s encrypted and has a built-in media player with an IP filtering feature. All that in a price of zero. However, qBitorrent will get the job done in downloading your favorite content within the timeframe.


Deluge software is a simple and powerful torrent downloader which can be integrated with famous browsers Chrome and Firefox. The torrent client offers a smart way to schedule your downloading and arrange them accordingly in batches. Convenience at its peak! However, the famous torrent Deluge comes third in the place placing utorrent and Qtorrent before it.

Compared to other torrent software, Deluge is a useful torrent client that could take time for a beginner to get used to it. However, the client works best on good internet speeds, and you can customize it however you like. Moreover, Deluge is said to be a lightweight product that takes up a small memory and space on your PC and device. It includes good features making it a good choice for P2P users.


The best torrent client Tixati is a trusted and fast software created and designed by the developer of WinMiX OpenNap. It has a swamp full of magnet links; PEX and DHT that works blazing fast on Tixati. For P2P users, it is a blessing as the throttling feature is an excellent addition with faster speeds than the popular uTorrent.

The wireframe of the Tixati torrent downloader gives an executive look having bitfield graphs displayed immaculately and elegantly. This can be concluded as the best torrenting program with respect to ease of access.


Available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, Vuze is a small feature rich client which is appreciated by its unique interface. This software has a clutter-free settings area where users can easily distinguish and find relevant features along with readable text. The application supports built-in plugins that can be used to customize it as per requirements.

The software has a free and paid version, where the paid version is ad-free and offers better features than the free version. With Vuze, you don’t have to worry about malware attacking your system as the software comes with an in-built antivirus powered by Bitdefender. Further, you no longer have to wait for the download to complete as you can start streaming the movie from within the software while the download is still in progress.

Best Torrent Clients: Final Words

Torrent client works as a mediator for sharing files and downloading quality movies, giving you the right to download all your favorite content from anywhere. The fate of torrent clients is shaky because multiple torrent sites are shutting down by force through law enforcement agencies. This sadly was led by various copyright holders who claim that their content is being illegally downloaded and shared among users publicly.

Hence, pick a trustworthy torrent client and make sure to use a VPN while downloading files from torrent websites.


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