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Smart’ Phone, Safe Surfing. The Best VPN For Android

Mobile devices now have incredible computing power. This means the online world is at our fingertips, but it also leaves gaping holes in security and personal privacy. For those using the Android OS platform, these vulnerabilities can be significantly reduced by subscribing to a VPN Android service. Let’s see if we can review and help you find the best VPN app for Android and the best VPN service for Android.

The rise and the continued rise in the use of smartphones for online access:

Please spend 5 minutes considering how often you are without your smartphone, and how much time you spend accessing the internet using it (if you haven’t got 5 minutes to spare I am sure you will find an Android app that will help you do this!).

Shocked at your calculation? I know I was!

The point is, no matter how much time you spend online via your smartphone you want to surf safely, organize your social life, and keep up with those extremely popular social media sites without fears of personal details being accessible.

To this end, the use of a VPN Android service should be seen as an essential part of your safety. And luckily, there are plenty of top VPN for Android around these days.

Why it is necessary to use one of the best VPN for Android services:

Let’s make no bones about it, your privacy and security while online are at risk if you do not take steps to protect yourself. This is particularly so when you access any of the innumerable free Wi-Fi services out there.

Please believe me when I say these free networks are a hacker’s paradise!

VPN technology was originally constructed with security and privacy in mind. By subscribing to a tried and trusted provider you will download their VPN apps for Android. This app will then allow you to establish a securely encrypted connection between your device and the VPN server you connect to.

The best VPN service for Android providers have lots of servers located in regions across the globe. This means a secure connection is easily, quickly and securely achieved.

While I could bang on about the importance of ensuring a secure, encrypted connection each and every time you connect, that is for an article all of its own. Suffice to say that those companies touting best free VPN for Android OS really will not meet the standards you are looking for. And as always, remember that the fastest VPN for Android doesn’t always mean it’s the top VPN for Android.

Using reliable provider VPN apps for Android to overcome geo-restrictions:

Another very useful feature the best VPN for Android services provider is helping you overcome those annoying, frustrating geographical restrictions. Notable examples being restricted access to streaming media services such as BBC player and Netflix.

But, to achieve access to such sites you need a VPN Android provider that has a commitment and the technical nous to evade such blocking. They also need to have ample resource of US server placement as well as US IP allocation.

You can rest assured this will not be the case for those companies who claim to provide you with a best free VPN for Android servic.

Choose the best VPN for Android carefully:

The best VPN app for Android offered by providers should be easy to install and just as easy to use. This will ensure safety and security (which includes minimal logging policies) every time you go online.

Careful selection is required due to the number of companies offering such services. Amongst these, you are sure to find ‘tempting’ offers of the best free VPN and  fastestVPN for Android services.

You need to be very wary of such these offers because ‘free’ may mean you do not pay for the service financially, but you will pay in other ways. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for the best VPN service for Android, then “free” may not be the way to go.

In general, sub-standard security issues and frustratingly slow connectivity will be yours. Another ruse is the insertion of a contract clause stating the company can use your personal details as they wish. This is something you most certainly do not want.

So, when choosing the best VPN for Android OS it is important to choose one with a solid reputation when it comes to personal data protection.

Where do you start when looking for the best VPN for Android OS devices?

This is a very good question. As I hope you have gathered, it is certainly not by looking to that best free VPN for Android offer out there.

Trying to whittle down a short-list of VPN providers who major on Android security and access performance can be daunting, but help is at hand!

I have spent a fair amount of time and effort looking into the best VPN app for Android services out there and share these below.

NordVPN – Excellent speeds, strong encryption, and security features to be admired

With a name to be envied in the crowded VPN world, NordVPN is definitely worth the subscription when it comes to VPN Android OS provision.

Their encryption technology is excellent, you will be well served by taking full advantage of their dedicated Android VPN client, which, when added to OpenVPN technology will give you the option to use the IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange Version2).

VPN apps for Android devices vary, but the NordVPN app certainly fits the bill. Is NordVPN safe? Definitely! And they also offer double-hop VPN chaining technology.

You will be able to access whatever you want from virtually any world region, and you will be safe in the knowledge that NordVPN is taking care of your safety, security, and anonymity.

Here are the highlights of this respected VPN provider:

  • Where: Being Panama-based means NordVPN do not have to comply with any Data Storage or Reporting Laws
  • Encryption: OpenVPN with perfected forward secrecy
  • Kill-switch: A kill switch is employed to prevent accidental IP leakage
  • Security: Secured to the hilt. P2P along with streaming features
  • No log commitment: Fully committed to a VPN no logs subscription through their policy not to monitor, keep or share any user logs or data.
  • Privacy policy: A transparent privacy policy is in place. Activities while using NordVPN privacy created solutions are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or released to any third party.
  • Countries and locations: They have servers in 47 countries and in excess of 62 locations
  • Servers: 4,500
  • IP addresses: 3,500
  • Allowed simultaneous connections: 6
  • Connection speeds: Fast with average connection speeds in excess of 56 Mbits
  • Guarantee: 30-day, no quibble, money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN – Lightening fast, superb streaming capabilities, attractive security features

Express VPN must be classed as one of the best VPN for Android users (Maybe even the top VPN for Android). Fantastic connection speeds offer superb streaming which is enhanced thanks to their newly introduced Smart Domain Name System.

Positive news in comparison to other VPN apps for Android (present company excepted!) is that the ExpressVPN app is simple to install and extremely user-friendly.

Another benefit for anyone in, or heading to China is the company’s siting of stealth servers in Hong Kong. This allows access from a country extremely heavy on restricted internet access and censorship, and yes, the VPN Android app does work there.

While the service is pricey in comparison to others this is surely reflected in the services offered. To top it all off they offer customer service that is second to none, perhaps making it the best VPN app for Android (if not the fastest VPN for Android).

  • Jurisdiction: British Virgin Isles
  • Encryption: 256-bit encryption makes the service super-secure
  • Kill-switch: A kill switch is employed as are other features such as split tunneling, DNS leak protection and much more
  • Security: See ‘encryption’ above. P2P and sublime streaming features
  • No log commitment: Fully committed to a VPN no logs subscription. Minimal anonymous usage stats kept but this does not include timestamps or IP addresses
  • Privacy policy: Due to the extremely robust security enforced and its stringent VPN no logs policy even if data could be demanded, ExpressVPN would have nothing of substance to hand over
  • Countries and locations: A gob-smacking 94 countries and 148 locations
  • Servers: In excess of 2,000
  • IP addresses: 30,000
  • Allowed simultaneous connections: 3
  • Connection speeds: Connection speeds are excellent and hover around 57.5 Mbits.
  • Guarantee: 30-day, no quibble, money-back guarantee, and excellent 24/7 customer support

PrivateVPN – Unlock Anything, Protect Everything

PrivateVPN is making big waves in the VPN market and growing at a rapid rate of knots. For the service offered and the low, single price plan they most certainly come in amongst the best VPN for Android providers.

The high speeds achieved upon connection make them a real choice for Android users, particularly those who are avid Netflix viewers. The service supports Netflix in no less than 16 regions. For further details, head to our PrivateVPN review.

  • Jurisdiction: Sweden
  • Encryption: Military Grade encryption means very robust security
  • Kill-switch: A kill switch is employed along with other safety features
  • Security: See ‘encryption’ above. Torrenting very achievable due to their high speeds and excellent streaming features
  • No log commitment: Committed to minimal log policy
  • Countries and locations: 56 countries covered so access to a VPN Android server should be no problem
  • Servers: 100+ and being regularly added to
  • IP addresses: 7,000
  • Allowed simultaneous connections: 6
  • Connection speeds: Highly satisfactory and hover around 52 Mbits
  • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee. A nice touch is the ‘remote assistance’ option offered by customer service

IPVanish – Some great features give you full privacy control

IPVanish VPN is definitely worth consideration if you are a gaming or streaming fanatic.

Being a Tier 1 provider means the company owns and manages all of its server infrastructures. There is no third-party involvement.

Military grade security is employed and speeds are excellent. Top Notch all-around features with great security options make this another service worthy of ranking in the best VPN for Android category.

When considering VPN apps for Android this one is fairly basic but works very well. A SmartDNS is included free of charge and torrenting is allowed.

Two potential downsides are that there is no Netflix USA unblock function and their US location could be an issue for those particularly concerned about NSA snoopers although security and a strict no logs policy are in place.

  • Jurisdiction: USA
  • Encryption: Military Grade encryption methods in place
  • Killswitch: A kill switch is employed along with other prominent safety features
  • Security: Excellent all-around security and a full suite of VPN privacy features
  • No log commitment: Enforce a strict no-logs policy
  • Countries and locations: 60 locations
  • Servers: 1,000
  • IP addresses: 40,000
  • Allowed simultaneous connections: 5
  • Connection speeds: Super-fast speeds
  • Guarantee: 7-day money-back guarantee. Excellent customer service

VyperVPN – Very secure, robust VPN service

VyperVPN is a notable exception to the general VPN rule. The company owns and controls its entire network infrastructure. What this means for you and I is that lightening speeds are the norm.

They also employ Chameleon stealth servers so getting around censorship (think China as a perfect example!) is no problem.

Top-Notch protocols and technologies make VyperVPN a very sound choice for VPN Android use.

If opting for the VyperVPN service you should avoid the basic PPTP-only plan but other plans are sound and a free SmartDNS service is included

  • Jurisdiction: Switzerland
  • Encryption: Strong, high-end encryption protocols as well as policies
  • Kill-switch: A kill switch is employed along with other safety features
  • Security: Excellent all-around security and privacy protection
  • No log commitment: No usage logs but they do keep connection (metadata) logs for 30 days
  • Countries and locations: 73 locations
  • Servers: 700+
  • IP addresses: 200,000!
  • Allowed simultaneous connections: 3
  • Connection speeds: You can regularly expect 56 Mbps+
  • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Don’t assume your online android activity is safe:

It cannot be stressed strongly enough how potentially vulnerable your personal data is when you surf via a smartphone. It is also very unlikely you will find the best free VPN for Android service out there. They will want something in return and that will generally be the freedom to use your personal data as they please.

Conversely, by using one of the best VPN and fastest VPN for Android services you are going a long way to protect yourself.

Beware of Third-Party VPN apps for Android;

Apps are great, but they are also very revealing in terms of information gathering. Do check what information these third-party VPN apps for Android collect on apps already installed or before download.

Top-Tip: If you have a device running Android 6.0+ you can further secure your privacy by going into Settings, Apps, select an app, and click Permissions.

This then allows you to disable whichever permissions you do not feel appropriate. If the app does not work properly after these changes you have a choice:

Either re-enable the permissions and carry on using or if you feel strongly enough about what information the app is gathering uninstall it, there are plenty more available. There are plenty of top VPN for Android out there, so don’t worry if you don’t like your current one.

Avoid this nightmare combo!

You do not want to end up with a nightmare combo in terms of personal information gathering. This nightmare combo would be opting for a company claiming to offer the best free VPN for Android service and the downloading of several apps that take far more personal data than they need to!

That’s it for now!

As you can see, finding the best VPN service for Android can be a little daunting, but that’s what we’re here for. I hope you have enjoyed this VPN Android article and now have a better understanding of why you need protection for your Smartphone.

Remember, these devices are smart, they have the potential to reveal lots about you!

‘Till Later!


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