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The 5 Best VPN Chrome Extension of 2020 for Your Web Traffic!

Web browsers have come a very long way over the years from their very basic roots with the likes of the ability to add extensions and plugins making them so much better and advanced. Chrome, in particular, has a number of excellent extensions that can be added to make it a far better search engine.

The problem is, that for every good and trustworthy VPN Chrome extension, there is one that is nothing more than shady and untrustworthy. Fortunately, we are on hand to ensure that you only use the best VPNs for Chrome by giving you five that we have no problem recommending.

Using criteria such as speed, security, the number of servers available, additional features and security, we have tested each and every Google chrome VPN extension available to come up with a list of our top five.

Three Reasons You Should Be Using a Chrome VPN Extension

Before we dive into our top five Chrome VPN extensions, we thought you should first understand the benefits of using them. There are three main benefits and these are:

  • They allow you to enjoy secure and anonymous browsing.
  • You will have a reduced exposure to any prying eyes or hackers that are always lurking on the world wide web.
  • You will be able to enjoy watching/viewing geo-locked content.

You might think that VPNs are slow and resource hungry but VPNs these days are much better than they have ever been. In fact, buffering while watching content via a VPN is very rare and you should never have any issues with speed if you are using one of the very best VPN extensions.

The five that we recommend you take a look at can be found below.


NordVPN comes in at the very top of our list of VPN addon Chrome plugins due to a plethora of reasons. First of all, it is one of the easiest to use and is a very lightweight extension that will not eat up too many system resources.

This is an extremely powerful VPN Chrome extension that allows you to connect to as many 3,000 servers worldwide and make use of excellent security features such as CyberSec functionality which will allow you to wave goodbye to ads and malware.

The NordVPN extension is also very fast and via its 30-day money back guarantee can be tried for the first month with the option of getting a refund for that month if you are not happy.


Running NordVPN extremely close to being the best VPN for Chrome is that of ExpressVPN, an extremely fast Google Chrome VPN extension that is packed full of excellent features. This popular VPN extension fantastic privacy and security across its network of over 1,500 worldwide servers via a sleek and easy-to-use interface.

If you wanted to see the power of this VPN addon Chrome plugin for yourself it also has a 30-day money back guarantee that will allow you to do so. A month of watching geo-locked content running without buffering on sites such as Netflix and the BBC iPlayer can be enjoyed knowing that you can simply claim a refund if you are not happy with the service that it provides.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access makes the list simply because it offers the best bang for the buck out there right now. This is easily one of the most affordable VPN Chrome extensions money can buy – especially when you consider the value that you are getting.

There are more than 3,200 servers on this VPN addon Chrome plugin, no logging taking place at all and excellent features such as WebRTC blocking. All of this has been wrapped up in a clean and simple to use interface.

Is it the best VPN for Chrome? Probably not as it is not as fast or does not have as many features as the two above but for its price, it is still one that we would highly recommend.

Private Internet Access


SaferVPN makes our list of the best VPN for Chrome due to it being the best option for beginners. It is easy-to-use and gives inexperienced VPN users the ability to try out a VPN that is far less confusing than any other.

The free version of this Google Chrome VPN extension only gives you 500MB of data each month but this will be more than enough for people that want to enjoy short bursts of private browsing.

If you do decide that you want more, then signing up via their 30-day money back guarantee would be a good idea as you will get to test it out with the promise of getting a refund if it does not impress you.


If you were looking for a Google Chrome VPN extension that does not cost anything to use at all, Zenmate is one that you should be considering. There is a paid version too but this is the same as the free version except that it does not have any limitations.

Those limitations include only having the choice of four servers compared to the 30+ that are available with one of the three paid subscription options. The good news is that there is no data limit with the free version of this VPN Chrome extension and you will still be able to take advantage of the security features and protocols that the paid version has.

As with a number of the other VPN addon Chrome services on this list, you can take advantage of a 30-day money back guarantee with Zenmate if you wanted to see if the full version is worth paying for.

VPN Chrome Extension Can Enhance Chrome

As a general rule of thumb, we tend to advise users to avoid VPN Chrome extensions and they are normally not as effective as dedicated VPN clients. However, in the case of the five above we feel that these will be of great benefit to your Chrome browser and to the browsing that you will no doubt enjoy while using them.


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