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Egypt is a country with good cybersecurity regulations and is very ideal for expats to work in. It has outranked Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the Global Cybersecurity Index. The ranking says a lot because these countries are more advanced technologically. Nevertheless, Egypt is very committed to keeping cybersecurity threats at a minimum. But it comes at a price: the government tightly controlling the internet. The result?  A lot of locals and expats have been using a VPN Egypt.

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No more hackers, snoopers, and surveillance

The reasons vary widely and numerously when it comes to: “why” are expats using VPN Egypt services. Somewhat to browse with an altered Egyptian IP address, others want to change from an Egypt IP address entirely. But the common ground is that all the users want to exercise their right to online privacy. In all forms, such as security and safety as well as anonymity. These are just some of the benefits that you’ll be able to find when using some of the best VPN for Egypt.

Hi, my name is Terry. Welcome to my website which is dedicated to helping expats from all over the world achieve internet freedom and security. I’m an expat myself and I’ve been to many different countries. I’ve seen how some countries hardly have any privacy, while others have no restrictions at all. This led me to create this website so expats and even non-expats like you can access the internet freely.

If you live in Egypt, then count yourself lucky to be able to reside in a country that cares about cybersecurity. You wouldn’t believe how some governments don’t give a single thought to it. Unfortunately, the Egyptian government cares a tad too much. They just signed a law to gain more control over websites that they perceive as a threat to national security or the economy. One bill even allows the authorities to closely supervise any social media accounts with more than 5,000 followers.

Many people are okay with this, but most of them think it’s too much. I’m a firm believer that anyone should be able to use the internet as they please, as long as it’s legal and safe. Your best bet against government surveillance is using a VPN. I will include a list of the best VPN for Egypt below so you’ll know which VPN services to check out.

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VPN Egypt: What is it and how does it work?

I’m pretty sure that a virtual private network, or VPN, isn’t a secret. It’s popular among people who want to fool their ISPs and rack up unlimited data use. But let me tell you, it can do so much more than that. VPNs were originally made to prevent data breaches and provide security to companies, but it has now evolved for commercial use with more features.

Whenever you browse the internet without any protection, your traffic goes from the website’s servers to your computer. Anybody with the right technical skills can intercept your traffic, steal your data, and use it to their advantage. However, a VPN Egypt creates an encrypted virtual tunnel where your data passes through from the VPN servers to your computer. This means that no one, not even the VPN service itself, can decrypt it to access your data. It keeps out hackers, snoops, spies, and surveillance.

Stay anonymous when you browse with Egyptian IP address

Like your home’s mailing address, an IP address is a string of numbers that is unique to each device and determines where your traffic will be sent. It shows your location and internet service provider too, so if you’re in Egypt, you’ll also have an Egypt IP address. The bad thing about this is that, obviously, you’ll be very easy to trace. Websites can also see what other pages you’re visiting, and isn’t that downright creepy and invasive?

If you use a VPN Egypt, you are able to surf the internet without anyone detecting your Egypt IP address. That is because you will not browse with an Egyptian IP address, but with another IP address that the VPN will temporarily assign to you. Connecting to a server in Canada (or any other location) will hide your Egypt IP address. What website cookies will see is an IP address located in Canada, so they won’t know that you’re really located in Egypt.

Aside from a VPN, a proxy server Egypt will also hide your IP address. Proxy servers act as middlemen so your computer won’t have to send a request to the web servers. Instead, the proxy server receives your request, then forwards it to the webserver as if they are the ones requesting. An Egypt IP proxy is like a human shield (computer shield? Hmm).

Access geo-restricted websites and apps

Due to the Egyptian government’s tighter law on cybersecurity, some websites and apps might be monitored or restricted from being accessed. Oftentimes, these apps aren’t really harmful because you only use them for work or entertainment. They might also block your access because you browse with Egyptian IP address. Does this mean that you’ll have to wait until you get out of Egypt’s borders so you can use those apps and access those websites? Absolutely not! This problem can be solved with a VPN Egypt.

One of the best tips that I myself have tried and I have given to others is using a VPN Egypt to access geo-restricted websites and apps. Websites won’t grant you access because you have an Egypt IP address? Use a VPN. Can’t use a messaging app to call a colleague from another country? Use a VPN. Basically, a VPN grants you internet freedom and lets you access any website and app you want. Similar to what I explained before, you can use a different IP instead of having to browse with Egyptian IP. As long as you’re not doing anything illegal, you’re good to go.

If you want to know which are the best VPN for Egypt, check out my recommendations below.

Protect yourself from unsecured networks

Because Egypt is a fast-paced country, almost every transaction has become digital. The need for having an internet connection outside the house has heightened, which was solved by placing public Wi-Fi. People can connect to public Wi-Fi in establishments like hotels, coffee shops, malls, parks, bars, and salons. Because it is not password-encrypted, anyone can join the network and see everybody else connected to it. It’s a perfect opportunity to get hacked.

To be able to enjoy public Wi-Fi hotspots safely, use a VPN Egpyt. The strong encryption, protocols, and firewall will ensure that nobody else can hack you. If you want to try out free Egypt VPN, my recommendations below include trial periods and money-back guarantees so you’ll be able to test them before committing. I want to warn you about VPN Egypt free of charge because they might not be reliable, so I suggest to go for the paid ones.

These are the best VPN for Egypt

Here are the best VPN for Egypt no matter what your needs are: protection from hackers, torrenting, bypassing geo-restrictions, or preventing bandwidth throttling. Name it, these VPN Egypt services can do it.

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