5 Best VPNs for Colombia 2024

Colombia is one of those countries that always look perfect and unproblematic on paper. However, once you get to know the situation, all the complexities and issues come crawling out of the dark, dirty hidden hole. The country has a 53% internet penetration. Unfortunately, the freedom of Internet is threatened by too many forces. The hypocrite government, local drug mafias and cartels, and international spy programs are successfully choking the internet freedom in Colombia.

The VPN Colombia is an only way to reclaim your right to online privacy here. Your choice of VPN for Colombia should be strong enough that it can dodge all the forces attacking a netizen while he simply surfs the internet. You need strong data encryption, ultra-fast internet speed, strict no logs policy and plenty of servers across the globe in your Colombia VPN. Since we understand the pain of Colombian netizens, we took it upon ourselves to find the best Colombia VPN service, providers.

Last update made on 11 July 2024

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6 Reasons Why Colombians Should Subscribe to a VPN Colombia Now

As said earlier, nothing is fishy in Colombian internet policies. Colombian government pretty much likes to mind its own business. However, that’s just what appears on the surface. Once you start pulling the layers, the situation is pretty complicated in Colombia and puts the Internet freedom at risk. The following information will guide you to understand the Colombian internet scenario better and surely convince you to get a VPN Colombia.

  • There are no laws that require the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to record any data. However, the ISPs are informally instructed to keep an eye on users’ online activity and report to the authorities in case they find anything suspicious. The bloggers and journalists community have suffered most due to this absurd unofficial agreement between the government and the ISPs.
  • The bloggers and journalists community also faces another threat from local drug cartels and mafia. These thugs are so powerful that they have successfully threatened, attacked and killed many responsible journalists and bloggers who dared to raise their voice against them. Due to such circumstances, most people are forced to follow the route of self-censorship. Even a simple post on social media can land you in serious trouble.
  • After reading about the cartels and mafia, the Colombian government might feel like an innocent party. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The government is known for slapping the libel offenders with strict fines and imprisonment. In 2014, Gonzalo Lopez was sentenced to 18 months in prison and $51,000 fine for publishing libel content online. In a similar case, Agustin Gonzalez was given 18 months jail-time by the court, but he was later acquitted. So the government can penalize any citizen with brutal punishment for an offense committed online.
  • Child pornography and hate speech are considered illegal in Colombia, and the government has officially maintained its stance to filter the content on the net based on these criteria.
  • Like every nation in the world, Colombia also suffers from geo-restriction. Services like Spotify, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go and others are not available in the country because of license issues and trade agreement.
  • Colombia stands at 134th position (out of 180 countries) in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index. According to Colombia Freedom on the Net 2015 report conducted by freedomhouse.org, the country is “partly free.” The OpenNet Initiative has said about Colombian government, “The government has passed laws addressing online privacy, electronic surveillance, and cybercrime, although Colombia’s national intelligence service has reportedly engaged in extrajudicial surveillance.”
  • Other issues in Colombia include blanket surveillance, international spy programs, cyber-crimes, and spyware and malware attacks.

Verdict – No VPN Colombia = Too Much Risk

Let’s suppose; you post a picture on any online forum anonymously that has some reference to drugs. It is a pretty harmless image, and you don’t think it can land you in any trouble. However, you start receiving anonymous threats on your Facebook account or maybe on your phone from some unknown sources. What you thought was harmless got you in serious trouble. This is the ground reality in Colombia right now. The fear of being watched is too real and intimate.

Only a VPN Colombia can extract you from that place and give you a genuine sense of online security. For a small sum of money, you are getting the infinite freedom online – it surely is not a bad choice. We have already told you the best Colombia VPNs, just subscribe to anyone.


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