The Best VPN for Discord in 2024: Unblock Discord

With the constant need for community updates and chat room access, having the best VPN for Discord is a mere formality. This article comes with all the crucial directives you need to pick out the top VPNs that work with Discord and how to use them.

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The article was last updated on 29 May 2024

The Best VPNs for Discord in 2024

To fast-track your process of finding a VPN for Discord, we’ve curated the top services that you can choose from. These are the top performers after a rigorous review process so rest assured that any selection you make is reliable.

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If you’re still uncertain about what choice to make, keep reading as we unravel the mysteries of VPN for Discord.

Choosing the Best VPN for Discord

Before we dive into what to consider when choosing a quality Discord VPN, let’s get familiar with the platform. Given how it operates, Discord is often described as a chat app. This might not be anything special considering that there are similar programs with the same function e.g. TeamSpeak, Skype, etc.

best vpn for discord

Discord however solves two problems that the others don’t; A platform for gamers to communicate with each other and organize gamers for collective events. It’s safe to say that it has not failed in fulfilling its promise to players with over 250 million registered users. With over 14 million of that number logging in every day, it’s not surprising to see that the majority of Discord users are PC gamers who require constant chatting.

The chat rooms on the platform are not the only reason users are eager to use VPN Discord to get access. Despite its numerous features, Discord is a free service that reduces how much has to be spent to use it. This ensures that the platform isn’t limited to just gamers but can function as a social media platform when necessary.

Using Discord To The Max

Knowing how to utilize this amazing platform before choosing your VPN on Discord is a necessary step. Luckily, we’re one step ahead and we’ve covered three ways you can make the most of the VPN Discord platform;

Finding a server: Arguably one of the first steps when signing up to the discord service. If you’re interested in a memorable experience after choosing the best VPN for Discord, it comes down to server selection. Discord thrives off its numerous servers which are basically chat rooms where users interact with one another.

When you’re using Discord with VPN and get invited to join a server, it gives you access to a special chat space. This is where the communication magic happens as you can either text or voice chat with other Discord members.

Additionally, you can set up your own servers using the best VPN for Discord and invite users with similar interests. Belonging to multiple servers on the Discord platform is also encouraged for Discord users with multiple hobbies.

Hook up your social networks: By connecting your social media networks to your Discord account, you can send and receive updates in real-time without having to leave the platform. It also allows you to manage contacts across various social channels.

vpn for discord

Build Lasting friendships: With the access you get using the best VPN for Discord, it won’t be hard to establish meaningful connections. All you need to do is create a friend list of users you are familiar with.

Once that’s done, you can proceed to meet your digital contacts physically and hit things off. You might be surprised what beautiful memories come from a positive attitude and a reliable discord VPN.

Go live with your content: If you’re a gamer just starting out with a VPN Discord, this is an activity you should jump on. The volume of online gaming content being streamed on Discord servers on a daily basis is phenomenal. With gaming content varieties ranging from Minecraft to Call of Duty, there’s a place for everyone including VPN for Discord users.

If you’re looking to make your mark, you can simply select the “Go Live” option to begin. It doesn’t pose any issues even if you’re using a Discord VPN and other streamers can join in at any point.

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Important Criteria for Choosing the Best VPN

Before you conclude that you’ve found the best VPN for Discord, here’s a little secret. We built a system to sift through numerous VPNs and choose only the top Discord VPN for our recommendation. Sharing this criteria list for your benefit will guarantee that you don’t run into substandard services;

Global Sever Coverage: Having multiple servers in different locations across the world is a must-have for the VPN for discord. With this increase in location choices, you have the privilege of choosing what sever works for you. You can also switch Discord VPN servers if the network in one area gets too bad.

Connection Speed: Experiencing slow connection speed when chatting on the Discord server can be frustrating. This is why the VPN Discord you end up with has to be one that guarantees incredible speeds. This will allow communication to run smoothly and reduce the chances of disconnection while using the VPN for discord.

vpn discord

Privacy: There’s no point in you proceeding with a Discord VPN if you’re uncertain of its security features. Not only is there a possibility of your private information being leaked, but your data can also be stolen and resold.

To avoid this horrid scenario, stick to a VPN Discord with a proven track record for privacy. This ensures both anonymity and a reliable safeguard for all your internet transactions.

Customer support: Available client support to answer all your Discord server needs? Can’t go wrong with that. This feature will save you hours of scouring the internet for solutions you might not find.

The best step to take is to find a VPN service that offers 24/7 customer support. It should also come with multiple channels for communication i.e. email, live chat, etc.

Price: If you’re undecided on the Discord VPN to go with, looking at the prices will give you a clearer picture. This lets you work with a price range and not go above the available budget. In the end, you might up choosing between the NordVPN discord or a better service like the one we’re about to recommend.

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Free VPNs? A no-go area

You might have made the acquisition of a century by finding a free VPN for Discord but consider the cost. Developers don’t pay enough attention when creating free VPNs and this leaves a lot of loopholes in their systems that can allow malware to come through.

Additionally, they come with limited internet speeds and restricted bandwidths which can make your browsing unbearable. Take a ride on the brighter side of life by using the ExpressVPN. Not only does it come with a trial that lasts for 30 days, the ExpressVPN Discord offers a money-back guarantee if you end up getting disappointed.

Benefits Of VPNs

If you’re curious about what VPNs can offer you, these should give you a clearer picture of what you’re getting;

  • Increased browsing security
  • Hidden IP addresses
  • Geo-restriction bypasses
  • Efficient privacy protection
  • Avoid censorship when abroad
  • Reduce support costs

How To Use A VPN With Discord

discord vpn

Getting started on Discord using a VPN service is a lot easier than you think. To prove this, we have created this guide to help you set up shop;

  1. Create an account with vpn service of your choice. It is important you put accurate information to avoid future login issues.
  2. Purchase a VPN subscription that works with your budget and how long you intend to use the service.
  3. Sign in to your VPN account to confirm the setup process is complete.
  4. Select the country or region of your choice. It’s important to choose a location with a good connection and internet speed.
  5. Ensure that the VPN is on and the location has changed. This guarantees that your digital footprint is now masked and your online interactions are protected.
  6. Proceed to Discord and begin chatting.

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Using the best VPN for Discord will not give you access to new gamers to chat with. You can also get region access allowing you to reach a wider audience like never before. This is easy to do with our top recommendation as the ExpressVPN lets you experience VPN services at their finest.

With quality encryption and a no-logging policy, you’re certain of privacy at all levels. Get started today and witness those geo-blocks crumbling in your way.


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