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Most of you will already know about VPNs and the benefits that they can provide users such as increased privacy when browsing and the ability to be able to get around geo-locked content in other countries. However, many of you will not realize that VPNs also have great benefits for gamers as well. You might think that a gaming VPN will slow down the speeds of your connection but while that will be correct in most cases, it is not just the speed that is important when gaming.

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What are the Benefits of the Best VPN for Gaming?

A gaming VPN or any VPN, in fact, will allow you to connect to dedicated servers in other countries and allow you to use their IP address on the internet. This will make it seem that you are connecting from that country rather than the country that you are currently based in. This brings plenty of benefits in terms of gaming and we will explain each of them below.

You Can Access Restricted Games

Depending on where you are situated you might not be able to play certain games due to geo-restrictions. A paid for or even the best VPN for gaming will allow you to connect from a country that is allowed to access the game and play it from there. We do recommend a paid VPN however as free gaming VPN will probably have limitations such as a reduced number of servers to choose from, bandwidth limitations and not as many features as the best-paid gaming VPNs.

You Save Money on Games

Did you know that games will be priced differently depending on which region in the world that you buy them from? Regional taxes, currency conversion costs, and pricing targeted due to the relative wealth of a countries citizens will all come into play. At the play stores online where you purchase games digitally, if you were to go there using a VPN from different regions you will notice differences in the price of games as much as $20+ in many cases.

A free gaming VPN will be enough for you to check out these prices before buying your new game from the country you can find that is selling it the cheapest.

Better Protection Against DDoS and Hackers

Online gaming is more competitive than it has ever been before – especially with the emergence of eSports. This has led to an increase in the sort of dirty tricks and tactics that some players will employ in order to win. DDoS attacks, in particular, have increased in the gaming industry massively. This is where lots of traffic can be sent to the IP address of a player that results in them losing connection from the game servers. A gaming VPN will be able to help prevent this from happening.

Having your account hacked is also a possibility these days with players trying to get their hands on your high-ranking accounts to use for themselves. VPNs will also be able to help combat this as well.

You Can Potentially Reduce Lag

While in most cases your connection speeds will be slower, even when using the very best VPN for gaming, in some instances they will be faster. Furthermore, sometimes speed is not everything when it comes to reducing lag as a more stable connection even when slower can help to improve your gameplay. Packet loss due to poor game servers in regions such as Asia is commonplace these days, so using a VPN to connect to a server in Europe of the US could actually give you a better gaming experience overall.

Our 5 Best VPNs for Gaming

While some of the best free VPN for gaming will potentially be able to offer all of the above, we do recommend that you use a paid VPN. This is mainly because a free VPN is not really free in the true sense of the word as you will have to put up with Ads or limitations with your VPN service.

A free gaming VPN might only give you a small amount of data/bandwidth that you can use monthly, only a small selection of server locations to choose from and reduced speeds.

Instead, we recommend getting a subscription with one of the best VPN for gaming below:

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So there you have it, our five suggestions for gaming VPNs that will easily provide a better gaming experience than even the very best free VPN for gaming. Check them out as we are sure you will not regret it.

ExpressVPN might be on the expensive side but it really is one of the best gaming VPN you will find if you can afford it. This VPN is easy to use, can be enjoyed on all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and is very fast.

It offers servers is more than 100 countries, can be paid for using as many as 23 different payment options (including Bitcoin) and even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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  1. Hi I’ve recently only begun to get into gaming and I’ve really been hooked on to a battle royale game that I usually play with my friends. A couple weeks into the game, I noticed that our phones always crash a few minutes into the game just when we’re finally starting to land some shots and come close to winning against an enemy team. We’ve heard that there’s been a lot of rumors around it recently, that there’s these hackers that somehow manipulate the game and intentionally make enemy players lose. Thanks to your article, I now know how that happens and now I just wanna know your personal opinion. I haven’t really used a VPN before and on top of that, I don’t really have the budget to splurge on one haha. So could you recommend a good gaming VPN that’s fast, safe, reliable and won’t break my teenager wallet? And what would you say is the fastest VPN for gaming? It seems kind of impossible now that I say it but yeah that’s just what I’m concerned about.

    • Hi Alice! Glad to know you learned something from that article! Playing against hackers is really aggravating for sure but you can’t let them get the better of you and just kick you out. You should hit them where it hurts, win the game fair and square. Now it’s not like you can just message them and ask them to not cheat their way into winning. The only way to play and win with no disruptions is to avoid getting hacked all together. As you already know, you can simply use a VPN to do this. I would be delighted to give you a few options on some providers. All the 3 VPNs recommended on the article are really good to begin with. They’re all reliable and completely safe. One provider that seems to meet all your conditions is CyberGhost VPN. It’s definitely fast and safe but it is also perfect for a teen like you because it is one of the most affordable options. And since you’re a newbie to the whole VPN situation, it’ll definitely be a good choice for you because its interface is very user-friendly. This means that anyone from experts to beginners can easily navigate around the app. And if you just wanna try it out for a while without committing, you can avail of their 30-day trial. But if you are really looking for the best of the best for gaming specifically, then ExpressVPN is the way to go. It’s definitely not as affordable as Cyber Ghost but it’s the fastest compared to the rest (which is exactly what you would want for gaming). They are renowned for their lengthy security protocols and features. This is probably why they lean toward the pricy side. If you do consider them, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their service. Either way, when it comes down to it, the decision is all yours to make. Hope this helped you in making a decision.

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