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The Best VPNs for PS4 in 2020

Sony’s PS4 has a reputation for high-quality HD video gaming for both single-player gameplay as well as multiplayer action with the latter achieved by connecting your PS4 to the internet. It must be said that since Sony PlayStation has released its new internet capable gaming console, multiplayer internet gaming has become far more appealing than single player mode gaming and has helped the PS4 become the best-selling games console today.

With internet connectivity a prerequisite to being able to play online versus or with other players from around the globe, Sony also introduced additional features to harness the additional benefits of having a gaming console that connects to the internet.

In effect, the PS4 is also a media center connecting the World Wide Web for email, streaming, and web surfing activities, which in turn has led to the current rising demand for PS4 VPN software. While you can download a free VPN for PS4, you are not always guaranteed complete protection or privacy.

As a result of this, we have put together a list of the very best VPN Playstation 4 software, so you can establish secure and encrypted VPN tunnel connections over the internet.

Why Use PS4 VPN software?

  1. Use your PS4’s Media Capabilities

Ever since the PS2, the world’s number one gaming console brand has been more than just a gaming console. Back then the PS2 doubled up as a games console as well as a DVD player. Next, the PS3 was released with BlueRay and High Definition capabilities further giving the PlayStation more appeal because of its addon media player capabilities. Adding to this was its ability to connect to the internet and stream movies.

With the release of the PS4, all DVD capabilities and high definition are still applicable, but there is also another noticeable improvement. That is the internet connectivity functionality of the PS4, which is far more superior to its predecessor the PS3. Now you can use your PlayStation to connect to NetFlix, stream movies, sports, TV shows and music.

Although these additional features make owning a PS4 a pleasure, having the additional internet capabilities also opens your PS4 up to threats online. To be able to secure your PS4 from these threats, you should ultimately be using a PS4 VPN for all your non-gaming activities.

With a VPN, all your data will stay securely encrypted within a VPN tunnel safe from hackers or those looking to collect information about your online activities.

  1. Gain Access to Geo-restricted content:

For the most part, PS4 games are not restricted by location, so when it comes to gameplay, very rarely will a VPN come into use. There are occasions where you may want to use a VPN to connect to a game server in another country and play with players from that country.

Other reasons VPNs can help with Geo-restricted content is when content downloads need to be the same as the region the game was bought or there are some software developers that will add geo-restrictions to their game for whatever reason.

PlayStation games are not usually location-restricted. But, on occasion, you may come across downloadable content that must match the region of the game, and the makers of the software do have the rights to add geo-restriction to their games. In this case, a VPN will get you around this block.

  1. Staying Safe and Secure:

As with any device that is connected to the internet, the PS4 will be turning over quite a lot of traffic, which makes it easy for hackers to steal your data or in some cases change your data. You really never know what could happen.

Just as recently as August 2017 there was a group of hackers that gained access to the PlayStation network. The hackers got away with valuable as well as very private user data. The PlayStation is not well-known for a being a secure system, and so the added protection of a VPN can help even if you are using a free VPN for PS4.

The Best VPN Playstation 4 Software in 2020

In this section, we have compiled a list of the best PS4 VPN software available right now. Our team of testers learned how to use VPN on PS4 gaming consoles and had a lot of fun in the process. From their tests, they tried both the free VPN for PS4 as well as the more secure and highly advanced paid versions.

All the VPN Playstation 4 software listed below help to keep your data secure and you will also have access to multiple country locations to bypass any geo-restrictions.

Learn How to Use VPN on PS4

Some gamers don’t use VPN Playstation 4 software because they believe it will endure lag when they are gaming. That is not always true and for the most part, only happens if when using some of the free VPN for PS4 software.

With paid versions, you have more bandwidth in some cases, but you will still have to sacrifice some speed for security due to the encryption. However, in many cases VPNs speed up gameplay because the VPN will prevent throttling.  More than anything, the VPN is not going to be used for gameplay and instead for streaming whereby the bandwidth required is not as much as what is required for playing games.

Just be certain to pick a VPN from a reputable company that offers the best speeds and security as an all-in-one package. You will also find learning how to use VPN on PS4 much easier with reputable VPN providers because these companies tend to put a lot more effort into giving their customers a seamless user experience.

Setting Up VPNs on Your Router

To make life much easier one of the best things you can do to learn how to use VPN on PS4 is figuring out how to install the VPN on your internet router.

Looking Deeper into Our Top 2 Rated PS4 VPNs


  • Super-fast VPN network speeds
  • Killswitch making sure no traffic travels outside of your VPN if it drops
  • Risk-free 30-day trial with a money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Services

Express VPN

  • Express VPN boasts ultra-fast servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Highly encrypted connections with tight security
  • You can install Express VPN directly in your router
  • Around the clock customer service team

We recommend that you try the free VPN for PS4 1-month trials to test the VPN and see how you get on. You will be fully protected while using your PS4 as a media center, and you will also be able to get around any geolocation restrictions just by connecting to the correct country via your VPN.



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