Avoid Internet Censorship with the Best VPN Saudi Arabia

Most Middle Eastern countries are known for their heavy internet censorship. This is due to plenty of reasons but the Arab countries always reiterated that they want to block ‘immoral’ websites.  A few years ago, Saudi Arabia was the first country to lead the practice of internet censorship in the Middle East. Blocked websites include those with pornographic content, LGBT support, Shia ideology, and criticism against the government. However, there are more apps and sites today not belonging in these categories that are still blocked. This is why expats are using VPN Saudi Arabia.

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Get around internet censorships in Saudi Arabia using a VPN

Using a VPN service can be as simple as simply changing your IP address. Whether that means that you would like to change from a Saudi Arabia IP address or to, it doesn’t matter. VPN and Saudi VPN services go much deeper than that to, as the best VPN in Saudi Arabia will invoke some of the better and more recent of VPN technology, helping you to both stay safe and anonymous whilst browsing online.

I’m Terry, a UK native and a certified expat. I have been around the world and have lived in countries with the strictest internet censorship. I’ve also been to countries where there were basically no restrictions. So trust me when I say that I know my way around countries with so many blocked websites. Welcome to my website, which is dedicated to helping both expats and non-expats achieve online freedom and security.

Being an expat in Saudi Arabia would be a difficult shift in what you’re used to. If you normally contact your friends and family through WhatsApp, then you’ll have to look for another messaging alternative. VoIP apps like Viber and WhatsApp are blocked in Saudi, while there are partial restrictions for Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and LINE. The punishment for using these blocked apps is jail time for up to five years.

Now you can see why a Saudi VPN is extremely important. It gives you plenty of benefits such as avoiding the Saudi Arabia internet censorship, bypassing geo-restrictions, protecting your privacy, preventing bandwidth throttling, and more. I will discuss how a VPN Saudi Arabia can help you below. You can also check out the list of the best VPN for Saudi that I am recommending.

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Encrypt your data with a Saudi VPN

A large fraction of the population of internet users is browsing the web unprotected. If you’re one of those people, then it’s time to be aware of the dangers of the internet. You’re very vulnerable to DDoS attacks, phishing scams, mass surveillance, and identity theft. But with a Saudi VPN, you’re basically creating an impenetrable fort around your computer so no one can harm you.

The way a VPN works is that it creates an encrypted virtual tunnel where all of your data passes through. Because it’s encrypted, nobody else can decrypt it to see your data. And I mean no one, not even the VPN service itself or you. Most, if not all, VPN Saudi Arabia uses 256-bit AES encryption, a military-grade technology that’s similar to what banks use. So if banks use this kind of encryption to guard their data, imagine what it can do for you too.

Want to know which is the best VPN in Saudi Arabia? Read and compare the brands in my list below.

Hide your Saudi Arabia IP address

Your IP address is like your computer’s mailing address. It helps networks determine where to send your data. It also identifies your location and your ISP. If you’re using the internet from Saudi Arabia and you want to access a website that does not allow a Saudi Arabia IP address, then sorry mate. You won’t have any luck in going to that website. However, a VPN Saudi Arabia will help you hide your Saudi Arabia IP address and stay anonymous.

Whenever you connect to a Saudi VPN, you have the freedom to choose the server that you want in any location around the world. Say, you’re in Saudi but you want to use WhatsApp. You can connect to a server located in the US or Canada (or wherever WhatsApp is not blocked). The VPN will temporarily assign you an IP address from that location. The result? You’ll appear to be located in a different country and you can access any website. No one will see your original Saudi Arabia IP address.

This is called geo-spoofing, and it’s one of the reasons why expats use a VPN Saudi Arabia. I have listed below the best VPN in Saudi Arabia to help you narrow down your options.

Prevent bandwidth throttling

Sometimes, ISPs can be our number one enemy against internet freedom. Have you ever tried live-streaming a video, only to be interrupted by a sudden change in the video’s quality and then buffering? That’s your ISP at work right there. Whenever they notice that your online activities have been using up too much data, they will intentionally slow down your internet connection. Evil, evil companies.

Luckily, the VPN is here again to save the day. Remember the encrypted tunnel where nobody can see your data? Your ISP can’t see your activities too whenever you connect to a VPN Saudi Arabia. So you can torrent and live stream to your heart’s content, and you’ll never be interrupted by your pesky ISP. Check out my list of the best VPN in Saudi Arabia to know which one is perfect for preventing bandwidth throttling.

Saudi VPN Free vs. Paid

At this point, you already know the numerous benefits of a VPN. And that’s just the surface. I haven’t even discussed the technical parts but I’ll sound like a total nerd and you probably wouldn’t want to know all of it. What’s important is you know what features will be the most useful to you. But before settling for a VPN brand, let’s discuss the difference between a free VPN for Saudi Arabia and a paid VPN.

It might sound so enticing — free Saudi VPN! Getting all those benefits without having to pay a single coin! Such a lifesaver! But remember, with a VPN Saudi Arabia free, you’ll be getting what you paid for. Which is nothing. I’m not saying that all free VPN services are scams. There are some best free VPN for Saudi Arabia that are actually reputable. But some of them will bombard you with ads, limit your data, or worse, collect your data and sell it to the highest bidder.

So I recommend that you choose to pay for a reliable VPN. At least you’re guaranteed that you’ll be protected at only an affordable monthly price.

Say goodbye to internet censorship with these VPN Saudi Arabia

These are the best VPN in Saudi Arabia that you can choose from to bypass censorship and protect your privacy.

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