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Make The Netflix Error Screens A Thing Of The Past

Netflix contains a heaven-sent vault of content offering more movies, TV series and documentaries that you could possibly dream of, but it can also turn into frustration with a capital ‘F’ for those struggling with Netflix error messages. You know the ones, the pesky m7111-5059, Netflix streaming error and Netflix proxy error messages.

Let’s delve into the reasons error Netflix annoyance occurs and then explain an ideal solution. One that will allow you what you really want; uninterrupted, quality viewing time.

Netflix at a glance:

The world’s biggest streaming provider has been around for 21 years now and in this time they have come a long, long way. Established as a DVD-by-mail company, it really does emphasize just how much the internet has grown in this time as well as our natural embracement of online viewing entertainment.

The company’s major market is by far the USA with over 50% of the 125 million or so subscribers out there, but in terms of increasing their market-share, Netflix is resting on no laurels. Aggressive global expansion plans have seen them make inroads into such countries as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

The content choice varies greatly:

By far the biggest content library is that available to American subscribers and held in that country. This is the reason those Netflix whoops something went wrong screens are an all too regular feature for anyone trying to access the US Netflix proxy server from outside of the USA.

The reason is all down to copyright and licensing laws. Huge media and entertainment studios are intent on squeezing every last cent out of their productions. This means that when agreements are signed with the likes of Netflix, contract clauses clearly stated which countries can view which content.

So, the frustrating result for users trying to access content which is not available in their country is the error Netflix message received.

What can you do about Netflix whoops something went wrong messages?

You may have run into a m7111-5059 Netflix streaming error (or sometimes it’s a Netflix proxy error). This may make you want to cry, pull your hair out, or bash the poor device in question even harder? No, don’t stress. I have the answer for you, and that is to use a reliable, well-respected VPN provider. Choosing one of the recommended VPN providers mentioned below will help solve your error Netflix message woes.

Important account information:

Every person that signs up for a Netflix subscription is given a global account. This makes sense because it means that wherever you happen to be in the world you can access Netflix available in that region, but only from the content catalog of the country you happen to be in.

Trying to access other Netflix regional content will result in the receipt of a Netflix error message.

This is obviously not what you want, but you can turn it to your advantage. If you are able to access the USA Netflix proxy via a tried, trusted and reliable Netflix VPN provider you will then have access to the full American catalog.

Why some VPNs will solve your problem, but many won’t:

VPNs are employed to give encrypted layers of security for online use. While this helps protect a user’s identity (IP address) and makes online activity far more secure, there is also another highly effective feature.

That is the lifting of geographical restrictions and this is what allows you to access the Netflix proxy. By connecting to a VPN provider that houses servers in the USA (and just about all do) your Netflix whoops something went wrong worries will be a thing of the past.

Or will they?  Netflix techies have invested huge sums in VPN access detection technology, so once a server connected to a Netflix proxy goes over set parameters, alarm bells ring and the VPN server in question is blocked from accessing the Netflix service. The only ‘reward’ you will receive is an error Netflix screen.

So, unless your VPN provider is fully committed to the proactive management of servers and IP address ranges things will very quickly go pear-shaped in respect of those annoying Netflix whoops something went wrong messages appearing again and again.

Careful selection of a VPN provider required:

The VPN sector is a healthy one with many providers out there. Some being effective no matter what use and access you need, others majoring in different disciplines and regions and others are, well… not very good at very much!

While all the VPN providers I have recommended below offer excellent service across many disciplines, they are particularly strong on their commitment to providing a Netflix service that is devoid of frustrating Netflix error messages which plague users.

I have tested a wide selection of VPN providers and the 5 below are the ones that allow bypass of that frustrating Netflix whoops something went wrong screen.

As a paying subscriber, I feel strongly that the full Netflix catalog should be available to every subscriber no matter where they are located. If you feel the same, please take a good look at the providers below.

NordVPN – Watch Netflix With No Limits

The header says it all! Nord VPN is right up there when it comes to best of breed VPN providers. Their commitment to evading those frustrating error Netflix issues is something the company is rightly proud of.

With 4,500 servers in 47 countries spanning 62 locations, NordVPN has 3,500 IP addresses. Couple this with military-grade encryption, excellent connection speeds, 6 simultaneous connections and their use of ‘SmartPlay’ technology and you can see you are on a winner.

Their VPN offering works on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, it comes in at a super-low price and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All of this and more makes them a thoroughly tried and trusted provider when it comes to preventing those Netflix error frustrations.

ExpressVPN – The Fastest VPN Out There For Watching Netflix

ExpressVPN offers Netflix speed of access that will blow you away. Not only do they offer super-fast connection speeds, excellent security, and encryption, but their service is ultra-secure and offers a simple, instant set up.

To add to their impressive portfolio the VPN Express has now introduced a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) which provides an extremely smooth Netflix streaming experience.

With over 2,000 VPN servers in 94 countries, a staggering 30,000 IP addresses, an allowance of 3 simultaneous connections, a service that works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux and Routers, 24/7 customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee this really is a comprehensive offering.

In terms of pricing, they are certainly not the cheapest provider out there, but premium quality deserves a slight premium in price.

CyberGhost – Your Access To Netflix Is Just One Click Away

CyberGhost’s bold claim is indeed true (after a very simple 3 step set up!). Simply subscribe to their service, download the software and select Netflix from their dedicated profile, sign in with your Netflix account and settle back to watch whatever takes your fancy.

This service will make m7111-5059 errors, Netflix streaming errors, Netflix proxy errors and Netflix whoops something went wrong screens a thing of the past.

The company has 2,200+ servers in 61 countries and a list in excess of 3,500 IP addresses. A very impressive offer of 7 simultaneous connections means you can have the extended family around for a viewing session!

While some of the server connections gave top speeds, I would put average connection speeds as the middle of the road, compared to the fastest out there. However, speeds are still far more than adequate for your Netflix viewing.

CyberGhost is in the process of beefing up customer support so expect improvements from that point of view and with a 30-day money-back guarantee you certainly have time to test their claims.

CyberGhost VPN

PrivateVPN – Unlock Anything, Protect Everything

PrivateVPN claim to be the fastest growing VPN out there and when tested, it must be said that their server connections were also extremely fast.

Military grade encryption and solid security measures are impressive. so online anonymity is yours. Streaming movies on Netflix worked when connected to some of their US servers, but not others.

Whether this was a temporary blip, or you need to try alternatives until connected remains to be seen, but the good news is that once connected successfully to the Netflix proxy, quality is excellent.

They currently have 100+ servers in 56 countries but are constantly adding to this tally. The service works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Customer service comes with a remote assistance option which is great for anyone new to VPN set up and there is a 30-day money back guarantee (although some users have claimed it is not as ‘no quibble free’ as it should be).

A one-policy subscription charge certainly makes choice far less complicated than other VPN subscribers pricing plans, and their price is amongst the lowest of my recommendations.

All-in-all PrivateVPN is a sound choice and highly recommended when it comes to keeping those annoying error Netflix notification away.

Hotspot Shield – A long established provider with a huge free customer base

Hotspot Shield has an enormous free customer VPN service, but that has issues surrounding private data use and it will not save you from those dreaded Netflix whoops something went wrong screens.

However, their premium VPN offering is extremely fast and therefore ideal for unblocking Netflix. This service cannot be classed as best of breed for privacy. If that is a minor issue for you the service truly does fit the bill for rapid streaming and Netflix error message avoidance.

Hotspot Shield works with apps for Windows, Mac OS X, MacOS, iOS, and Android. There are also additional browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

They have servers in 25 countries and allow up to 5 simultaneous connections with a 7-day free trial period. It must be said that customer service is not the best.

While the pricing options are extremely competitive for the premium plan it is important to remember that credit card details are taken and the service is on an automatic re-billing basis, so unless you cancel at the end of a contract period you will automatically be billed for the next period.

All things considered, the premium plan which will certainly negate error Netflix issues is a comprehensive service and best suited for those who have little concern about potential personal privacy issues.

Entertainment buffs need online quality assurances:

I will close in stating the obvious! If you are seriously into armchair entertainment, then you need a serious VPN provider to match your needs. The 5 mentioned above will succeed in that and ensure your nightmare Netflix streaming error and Netflix proxy error screens become a thing of the distant past. Hurray for no more m7111-5059 pop ups!

Happy online viewing, but do stay tuned for more articles on how to view smarter not harder!

‘Till Later!


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