How To Unblock PornHub in Utah in 2024

To protest a new age-verification law, Pornhub blocks access in Utah. This has made it difficult for various users to access their chosen websites. That said, we have written this article to teach you how to unblock Pornhub in Utah and watch all the content you want.

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The article was last updated on May 17, 2024

Understanding how Pornhub ban in Utah works

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the current restrictions on Pornhub, you can refer to the following section. However, if you prefer to proceed directly to the relevant information, feel free to skip ahead.

Reasons for blocking Pornhub in Utah

The company that owns Pornhub, MindGeek, shut off access to its content in Utah in opposition to a state regulation that calls for websites to confirm users’ ages using government-issued identification.

The Utah law is the most recent attempt by state legislators to control the type of content that minors are exposed to.

Traffic to Pornhub decreased after Louisiana approved a law requiring pornographic websites to confirm users’ ages.

Relevant Laws in Utah Regarding Pornhub

The blocking of Pornhub is subject to SB 287 which requests proof of age from anyone wishing to access an adult website that they are at least 18 years old.

How to unblock PornHub

Impact of internet censorship on Freedom of Access to Information

First off, internet censorship stifles free speech and reduces the variety of opinions.

People are unable to access information and opinions that may differ from the mainstream or officially sanctioned narratives when specific websites or platforms are restricted or censored.

This causes thoughts and opinions to become more constrained, which limits people’s capacity for critical thought and the ability to make well-informed decisions.

Second, censorship hinders innovation and the sharing of knowledge.

The internet has been a useful tool for promoting creativity and knowledge sharing.

Governments impede the interchange of ideas, scientific research, and technological developments by limiting access to specific websites.

This can limit societal innovation and growth potential and impair social and economic advancement.

Finally, internet censorship may have negative financial outcomes.

The Internet plays a significant role in the operations, communication, and trade of many organizations and industries.

Blocking or limiting access to internet platforms can interfere with corporate operations, hamper e-commerce, and restrict access to international markets.

This may have a negative effect on opportunities and economic growth, especially for startups and small firms.

How to Access Pornhub in Utah

To access Pornhub in Utah, you can make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which enables you to overcome geographical restrictions. A VPN achieves this by encrypting your internet traffic and directing it through a server located in a different region.

By doing so, your online activities are shielded and appear to originate from the chosen server’s location, granting you the ability to bypass any access limitations imposed in Utah.

Essentially, a VPN provides a secure and private pathway for your data, allowing you to access restricted websites such as Pornhub while preserving your anonymity and circumventing geographic barriers.

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How to Bypass the Pornhub ban with a VPN

If you are wondering how I unblock Pornhub, You can do it with the appropriate VPN at your disposal.

Here’s a place to start for you to unblock Pornhub:

  1. When you sign up for a VPN service such as ExpressVPN, be sure to provide your contact information.
  2. Find a server who works in a place where the Pornhub is accessible.
  3. Connect to that server to quickly change your IP address and start streaming.

Try ExpressVPN for free to access Pornhub

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A number of servers and a quick connection speed are features of the service.

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If you are unhappy, a money-back guarantee enables you to get a full refund.

Bypass PornHub

The best VPNs for watching Pornhub in Utah

Given the wide range of choices, it is easy to become confused about which VPN service to pick.

We exhaustively researched the best services on the market to solve that issue and came up with the final list.

If you utilize one of these sites, you can watch Pornhub videos in Utah on any network.

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Other benefits of VPNs

There are many advantages to using a VPN beyond using it to bypass Pornhub.

This includes:

It secures your data

VPN encrypts your online traffic, ensuring that your activities and accessed content remain private and inaccessible to anyone else. Leading VPN providers utilize advanced encryption algorithms, offering robust security measures and enhanced online privacy.

Change your IP address

When using a VPN, your data will be routed through a VPN server with a unique IP address.

The only IP address that websites you visit will be able to see is that of the VPN, not your own.

No bandwidth throttling

When users access certain websites or utilize particular services, some ISPs place a bandwidth cap on them.

This method is known as bandwidth throttling.

You can prevent the provider from limiting your traffic by encrypting your traffic and hiding your actions from them.

Better online gaming experience

Using a VPN can greatly improve your gaming experience.

It shields your networks from DDoS assaults and may also assist you in avoiding arbitrary IP bans.

It protects you while working remotely

Working remotely on a public or shared network puts your sensitive information at risk of exposure to hackers since someone on the same network with the correct credentials could access internal corporate systems.

Access to firm files by unauthorized third parties can also have catastrophic effects on an organization.

In order to ensure that all sensitive data is protected, it is crucial for businesses to move toward a safer remote work environment and implement VPN technology.

Unblock PronHub

Access your native websites

A VPN enables you to access local news sources, banking apps, and the rest of the internet while traveling by giving you a new IP address.

For instance, a VPN can be used to access numerous banking apps that require a native IP address.

Protection on all devices

You can configure a VPN on your router if you’re willing to take it a step further.

That would protect each and every device on your network. even on devices that don’t support or have VPN software.

Better Connection Speeds

Due to the additional encryption overhead, most of the time using a VPN can cause a slight slowdown in connection speeds.

However, it isn’t always the case.

The use of a VPN can increase your connection speeds if you reside in a nation or area where your internet speed is often monitored or throttled.

You can avoid local throttling and have a faster online experience by routing your traffic through a VPN server.

Safe use of public Wi-Fi networks

When frequently utilizing public Wi-Fi networks, it’s important to be aware that hackers often target such networks.

If there’s no alternative but to use them, we recommend taking steps to protect yourself, with the easiest and most effective method being the use of a VPN to encrypt all traffic on your device.

Enable P2P File Sharing

ISPs often block P2P connections to restrict users from downloading and sharing torrents, usually under pressure from copyright holders.

However, this can pose a significant inconvenience when you genuinely need to download files for legitimate purposes.

By utilizing a VPN, which routes and encrypts your traffic through a VPN server, ISPs are unable to detect or block your P2P connections.

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For the best viewing experience after you bypass pornhub, we provide the best solutions to the queries you may have:

How to unblock pornhub without VPN?

To unblock Pornhub, you have the option of using Tor.

Similar to a VPN, Tor is a free and reliable browser that encrypts your traffic and conceals your IP address.

However, it’s important to note that Tor is generally slower than VPNs, and its usage is restricted in certain countries due to associated suspicious activities.

Another alternative is to utilize a proxy server.

Proxies can effectively hide your IP address and assist in bypassing server-side geo-blocking.

However, it’s worth mentioning that proxy servers do not provide encryption for your traffic, and they may not guarantee a 100% success rate in unblocking Pornhub.

It’s essential to understand that both Tor and proxy servers can be challenging and time-consuming to set up, requiring a certain level of technical knowledge.


Despite having your access to pornhub blocked in Utah, you can access the website using a VPN.

In this regard, we recommend using the ExpressVPN to watch all the content you want from any location of your choosing, thanks to the free trial.

Additionally, you could use its money-back promise to get a complete refund if things don’t work out.


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