How to Watch Melbourne Cup Live Stream Anywhere 2024

Since the pandemic, the world has changed and sports were not left behind. Everyone became acclimatized with watching games from the comfort of their homes on the go. Now, as Australia beams up, racing fans can watch Melbourne Cup live stream from anywhere in the world. In this article, I will walk you through the various platforms to enjoy Melbourne Cup online streaming. Most of these platforms are 100% free to access but you’ll need to hack them. And that’s what this article is about to show you.

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Best paid platforms to watch Melbourne Cup live streaming online

For those in Australia, watching Melbourne Cup live streaming online is entirely free. However, for those abroad, even in New Zealand, you have to use a paid channel to enjoy Melbourne Cup online stream. These channels are the best options to choose from.

TAB Trackside

Coming back to New Zealand, TAB Trackside is the best available option to watch Melbourne Cup live online. To access this channel, you must have a cable TV subscription. So, this is not a very tech-savvy option for those that often prefer to catch up on games right on their smart devices.

Sky Sports

Fans in the UK and other regions of the world that have access to Sky Sports, the Melbourne Cup online streaming is brought closer to your smart devices. The Sky Sports Racing channel broadcasts the Australian grand racing events live.

The good thing, also, is that Sky Sports is mobile and web-friendly. So, you can just sign in to your Sky account, subscribe, and begin to watch Melbourne Cup race live stream wherever you are.

However, if you have a Sky Sports subscription but find yourself in a territory where your access is restricted, you can just power up your VPN, connect to a UK server, and to voila!

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Best free channels for Melbourne Cup live streaming online

where to watch melbourne cup live stream

If you’ve decided to watch Melbourne Cup live streaming online at no expense at all, you can consider jumping on these channels to do that.


Being an Aussie native sport, Australians have the privilege of jumping in to watch Melbourne Cup live stream free. One of the two channels to key in on this grant opportunity is 10Play. It is an Australian native sports channel and the primary channel for those looking for how to watch the Melbourne Cup online live.

This is the second channel available to Australians for Melbourne Cup live streaming online. It’s absolutely free to use and virtually anyone with an internet connection can jump in right where they are.

To use for Melbourne Cup online streaming, you simply have to create a free account on the website. Then, you can look for the video section and tune in to the events happening in real-time.

How to watch Melbourne Cup Live Stream in the US for free

If you’re not in Australia geographically, it may be a hard game for you to join these two platforms. That means you literally cannot practice Melbourne Cup online stream for free. However, that is not true. Not technically.

You can simply use a VPN to connect to an Australian server. Then, you would appear to be within the geographical perimeter of Australia. Boom! You can easily join the train of enthusiasts around the world enjoying Melbourne Cup live streaming online for absolutely free.

Nevertheless, we always recommend that you use the best VPNs to ensure that your identity and personal information remain safe and secure.

In my experience, ExpressVPN has been a saving grace when it comes to Melbourne Cup live streaming online. It doesn’t matter where I am. Here at home, in the United States; or at the other end of the world, in Thailand, eating well seasoned Thai rice.

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Why do you need a VPN for Melbourne Cup race live stream?

how to watch melbourne cup live stream

Well, the answer to this question is simple. However, not a lot of persons have given it a deep enough thought. Some of the paramount reasons to use a VPN whenever you want to watch the Melbourne Cup race live stream are explained below:

Enhanced security

When you jump on free platforms for Melbourne Cup stream online, you risk exposing your personal information to website trackers. In a nutshell, those free platforms are not entirely free. They get compensation for stealing your information and selling them off to advertisers for better ad targeting.

Remember, if you use any service on the web where you are not asked to pay for the product being used, you are most likely the product being sold.

Bypass geo-restriction

For copyright and policy reasons, platforms for Melbourne Cup race streaming are not available in many nations. This is because the event is geographically restricted to countries where they are supported and legal to access.

However, these policies shouldn’t handicap you. You can watch Melbourne Cup live streaming online from wherever when you have a reliable VPN. All you have to do is just connect to a server in an approved country and you are residing in there. Well, only technically though.


Connecting to an open server in another country is one thing. Doing so without being noticed is another. Getting noticed is risky. Law enforcement is paid to make sure that everyone behaves themselves. But you aren’t, are you?

Well, that’s the fun of it. But you don’t have to risk so much to have fun. A VPN masks your location and identity completely while you watch Melbourne Cup live streaming online. The best VPN offers up to 99.9% anonymity when you connect to their server.

So, both law enforcement and hackers can’t trace the origin of your connection. If you’re connected to an Aussie server, then you are nowhere but Australia. Your real location? Who cares?

The best VPN to Melbourne Cup race live streaming online

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the safest and most secure way to use VPN services is to choose a paid VPN subscription. After reviewing hundreds of service providers, these are the best available options in the market.

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You can use a 30-day free trial for premium VPN

watch melbourne cup live stream with vpn

Who pays for a VPN service outright? Well, quite a lot of people do. But why pay a full subscription for an event that would hold only on one November Tuesday?

Not to forget though, a lot of hackers are crossing their fingers to steal personal information on that day. So, using a free VPN to connect is not a very wise choice.

Nevertheless, you can use a premium VPN service to watch Melbourne Cup race live streaming online. Here’s how.

ExpressVPN offers a premium service with 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days. So, I often use this trick to enjoy premium service for free. You can do that too and here’s how to.

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  1. Go to ExpressVPN
  2. Create an account
  3. Choose a subscription plan. You can take a one-month plan since that’s all you’ll be needing.
  4. Process the payment. They will charge your card but don’t worry.
  5. Download the appropriate mobile or desktop app
  6. Sign in on the app
  7. Connect to an Australian server or a UK server if you have Sky Sports subscription
  8. When it’s time, join the Melbourne Cup race live stream using the platforms described above
  9. After the event, contact the ExpressVPN support team and request a full refund. They may ask a few questions to help them improve their services. It’s fine not to answer. Simply ask for your money back and they won’t bother you. Your money will be returned to your card within 7 working days.



The race that brings the nation to its feet. The Melbourne Cup online stream is a vital part of Australian heritage and the rest of the world should join them to celebrate it. You too ought to get on board. You have to join the Melbourne Cup online stream too. But, choosing to do so may be a bit herculean. And it doesn’t have to be. Just use a VPN to ease things off.


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