How to Watch Paris Masters Live Stream in 2024

The Paris Masters is an annual Tennis competition for male professionals. This year’s tournament features the most successful professionals in tennis.  There is a lot to pack from this year’s tournament. If you are looking to live stream Paris Masters online from your smartphone or PC, this guide contains everything you need to know about the Paris Masters 2024. It shows both the free and paid options available to you and reveals the best VPN you should be using for Paris Masters live stream wherever you are in the world.

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Last Update Made On: 23 May 2024

Best Channels for Paris Masters Live Stream Free

Several platforms and channels offer coverage of the Paris Masters live streaming online. So wherever you are, you can take advantage of the Rolex Paris Masters live streaming free and enjoy the matches with a good VPN. I have tested and listed both the US and Non-US platforms that offer free coverage.

paris masters live streaming

Paris Masters Live Stream Free in the US

  • WatchESPN: ESPN is renowned for its incredible offering to the world of sports. It is, therefore, not surprising that you can watch tons of tennis matches on its official website for free.
  • Reddit: Subreddit communities are focused on providing links to Paris Masters live streaming. You cannot miss them if you are a regular on the platform. For the Paris Masters, I expect free streaming links to start rolling in before the matches kick-off.

Paris Masters Live Stream Free Outside the US

  • Facebook Watch: I bet you never knew you could watch free matches in the US through Facebook Watch. While you can stream only a few sports here, I am confident Tennis is among them.
  • SportsRar.Tv: The channel gathers free streaming links from around the world. All you need to do is click on a link to start watching your Paris Masters live streaming free. But beware of adverts and obtrusive pop-up links.

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Best Paid Platforms to Watch Paris Masters Live stream

While there are free platforms, there are also paid ones. Below are some of the best-paid media to watch the Paris Masters live stream freely with a paid subscription in the US and abroad.

paris masters live stream free

Paid Paris Masters Live Stream in the US

  • Tennis TV: The platform boasts of being the official TV of the ATP Tour. You can watch loads of tennis videos online, and even Paris Masters live streaming for as low as $15.
  • ESPN: As a host to live tennis matches in the US, including the Paris Masters, you never miss a thing with ESPN. Subscribe to the channel for as low as $7 to get started.

Paid Paris Masters Live Stream Outside the US

  • Amazon Prime: Tennis lovers in the UK can stream live Paris Masters through Amazon Prime. The Tennis Paris Masters live stream is made possible by Amazon Prime subscriptions.
  • Sky Sports: Tennis sports on Sky Sports are available to everyone around the world on mobile devices. For as low as €6 a month, watch the Paris Masters live streaming wherever you are.

Issues with Watching Paris Masters on these Channels?

You have to agree that streaming services have taken over our tennis lives as there is an abundance of options to choose from, both free and paid. You can binge-watch the Paris Masters live streaming free from several platforms and enjoy the matches from the comfort of your home. But it’s not as fascinating as it seems as there are streaming challenges such as:

  1. Cost: Cost remains the most dominant issue in streaming live matches. Most tennis channels require you to part with money before you can access their premium content.
  2. Internet Throttling: Even after parting with your money, there is no guarantee of the stability of your internet to binge-watch Paris Masters live streaming. Most internet service providers slow down the speed of internet usage for network regulation.
  3. Region-based Content: Your subscription to premium tennis channels does not suggest that you can access all the Tennis content on the website. You can only access content based on your region unless you are using a VPN.
  4. Infringement: Some online channels infringe on your privacy. They share private information with advert companies to get you to buy goods. But with a good VPN, you can avoid infringement.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

It’s impossible to maximize your streaming satisfaction without using a VPN. Aside from the fact that VPNs help to solve some of the issues mentioned above about the channels for Paris Masters live streaming free, there are other reasons you should consider using a VPN. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Get to the Front Seats: With an excellent VPN, such as ExpressVPN, you can catch every moment of the Paris Masters live without bothering about internet throttling. You get Paris Masters live stream free delivered to you in HD formats with several broadcasting options.
  2. Maximize Subscriptions: VPNs allow you to access every content hosted on websites without borders or regional restrictions. That way, you can subscribe to Peacock TV, for instance, for only $4.99 in the US, whereas it’s pegged at €9.99 in the UK. VPNs ensure you are not only subscribing but also maximizing your subscription.
  3. Access Without Restrictions: How about you do not just watch Paris Masters live streaming free from a single device or a concentrated region? This benefit is what VPNs allow you to access. Through VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, you can stream as freely and democratically as you want.
  4. Worry Less About Privacy: What makes public Wi-Fi distasteful is the distribution of private information. But you don’t have to worry about that when you use a VPN. VPNs mask your details, including, but not limited to, location, log-in information, and other vital information.

The benefits of using a VPN to watch Paris Masters live stream free are immense. Provided below is a list of top-ranking VPNs for Paris Masters you should check out.

Best VPN for Paris Masters Live Stream in 2024

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ExpressVPN offers premium services for free. That means you enjoy paid and complete services by paying nothing at all. How can you do this? You subscribe to ExpressVPN premium and request a full refund within 30 days, thereby using the services for 30 days without paying a dime. Interesting, right? Here is how to watch Paris Masters live stream online with a premium VPN for free.

how to watch paris masters live

  1. The first step is to click the button above.
  2. On the website, you’ll find a “Get ExpressVPN button. Click on it to get to the subscription page, or you can click on the “Get Started” prompt.
  3. After locating the page, the next step is to choose a plan. I recommend going for the one-month trial plan, which is about $12.95.
  4. You’ll see a field where you can type in your email address. Following that field is another field where you can choose a payment method.
  5. Pay for your chosen plan (relax, I know I said it’s free. It really is.). After paying, set up your password, and download the app to your device.

Now, this is the sweetest part of the bargain. After enjoying ExpressVPN for a month to watch Paris Masters live stream free with premium services, you can request a full refund following the steps below.

  1. Go to the official ExpressVPN website again as you did for the subscription.
  2. On the website, you’ll see a “Need Help” prompt; click on the prompt.
  3. After locating the button, describe why you are unsatisfied with the VPN and send your refund request.
  4. Wait a moment for a customer agent or any of their representatives to reply to you.


The Paris Masters proves to be exciting. Even though you can stream the event live online on your phone or laptop, you still want to use a VPN for maximum performance. There are several VPNs you can use, but there is a trick to ExpressVPN that allows you to use its premium services for free, and this is why I recommend the VPN.


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