How to Watch Shanghai Masters Live Stream 2024

The Shanghai Masters, also known as Shanghai Rolex Masters, is a professional tennis competition that is held annually. It is part of the ATP Tour Masters 1000 event on the ATP tour that is held at Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena, China. The 2024 Shanghai Masters live stream is set to start as usual. And this year’s event boasts some of the big names in tennis. As a Tennis and ATP tour lover, you want to watch your favorite player in the competition. But you may be disturbed by the thought of not being able to make it to the venue. However, whether you are in China or anywhere else, there is a way you can live stream Shanghai Masters without visiting the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena.

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Last Update Made On: 12 June 2024

Best paid sites for Shanghai Masters live stream

Paid sites are a given on how to watch Shanghai Masters live streaming in the US. We have listed out some of the best-paid streaming platforms to enjoy the best streaming experience.

Tennis Channel

The Tennis Channel is the official broadcaster of all nine ATP Masters 1000 events including the Shanghai Masters in the United States. A one-year subscription to the Tennis channel will permit you to follow all the live actions from the Shanghai Masters.

Price: $109.99 per year with the option to cancel anytime.


You will get to watch the Tennis Channel live streaming without cable when you subscribe to any FuboTV plans. It features 4K streams that will enhance your streaming experience. Moreover, FuboTV also has many sports channels including ESPN that has the broadcasting rights to the Grand Slam.

Price: $64.99 per month with a 7-days free trial.

shanghai masters live stream


Sling TV, just like FuboTV, also has the Tennis Channel. You can subscribe to the SlingTV Orange package to enjoy the Shanghai master live streaming. In addition, it also includes ESPN in the list of its sports channels.

Price: $35 per month with a 3-days free trial.


AT&T TV also has the Tennis Channel. When you subscribe to the AT&T TV plan, you will have a chance to watch the tennis shanghai masters live streaming in 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD). However, there are also special features if you don’t intend to watch 4K UHD.

Price: $55 per month including a 7-days free trial.

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Best free sites for Shanghai Masters live streaming

Some websites will allow you to live stream Shanghai Master free. However, these types of websites are not reliable and not user-friendly options if you are considering how to watch Shanghai Masters live streaming. Moreover, it is illegal to live stream Shanghai Masters on such websites. So bear in mind that you may put yourself in trouble while visiting the free website. If you stick to the end of this article, I will explain how you can live stream Shanghai Masters on a free site without any issue.

Joker Streaming

Visit the Joker Streaming site to watch the live streaming Shanghai Masters. However, this website allows third-party to post streaming links to their website. Most links that are posted on the sites are illegal links from European broadcasters. Moreover, you risk losing your vital information while streaming on this website.

watch shanghai masters live stream

Sports Bay

Sports Bay is a pirate streaming website that posts illegal streams of top sporting events including tennis. You can live stream Shanghai master on the website without paying a dim. However, you can put yourself in trouble if caught. So it is advised to use an anonymous network or a VPN to hide your identity while streaming on the website. It offers a 1080p streaming experience and a better user-friendly website than the Joker Streaming site.

Betting Sites

Some European betting websites offer a legal option for how to watch shanghai masters live online free. However, it is not free. When you open an account with most of the bookie, you will need to fund the minimum amount (in most cases $5) before you can watch live events. You can withdraw your money later after watching the event. However, some streams are blocked due to the region.

Important advice on how to watch Shanghai Masters live streaming

To answer the question of how to watch Shanghai Masters live streaming, we have listed some important websites where you can access the game from anywhere. From paid to free, high-quality to low-quality streams.

You may encounter issues which in most cases will be Geo-blocking. A situation where streams are restricted to a particular region. For instance, you cannot access streaming sites like FuboTV, AT&T TV outside the United States.

In addition, steaming from illegal websites can put you at risk of losing vital information.

Furthermore, the ATP broadcasting right owner can easily spy on your activity and get your info while you are watching the live stream. And they can take legal charges on you for watching its exclusive content via an illegal website.

To avoid these issues, I advise you to subscribe to a VPN service.

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Why do you need a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, VPN, is a service that can hide your address and encrypt your data. Hence, allowing you to browse the internet securely, safely, and anonymously.

But do you really need to use a VPN to live stream Shanghai Masters competition? Yes, you should use it and this is why.


Geo-blocking is a feature of most broadcasting sites to restrict streams to a particular region due to license agreements. All paid streaming platforms mentioned in this post can only broadcast to the United States. If you try to access them from outside the US, what you will get is a blocked site. However, a VPN will allow you to bypass the geo-blocking restrictions and let you watch the live stream from anywhere around the world.

watch shanghai masters live stream with vpn

Security and Privacy

If you intend to use a free website, you must worry about security and privacy. The risk of identity theft is very high when using a free streaming platform. Moreover, you should worry about illegal streaming services as you can be fined for doing so if you are caught. In this case, you need a good VPN to hide your IP address and make you anonymous on the internet.

It is important to know that picking the right VPN is vital when streaming illegal matches online. Some VPNs may leak your IP address due to disconnection. So if you must watch any live stream free online, you must make sure to use a strong VPN.

You can download a Good VPN for free. Try ExpressVPN free for 30-days.

Best VPN for Shanghai Master Live Streaming

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Additional Information on the benefit of a VPN

Apart from streaming your favorite sporting events, here are some other benefits of using a VPN.

Access a Business Network While Traveling

You can use a VPN when you travel abroad to access your business network and other local network resources.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Some countries like China censor some activities over the internet. In this case, you can use a VPN to bypass internet censorship.

To download Illegal files

If you intend to download illegal free resources online, then you can use a VPN for this purpose.

Conclusion (how to watch Shanghai masters live stream in the US)

Not many sports channels cover the tennis live stream Shanghai masters. And the channels that cover the match are often not available in many regions or via a local cable. If you have carefully read this guide, you must have understood how to watch tennis Shanghai live stream without a cable. And most importantly the importance of using a VPN.

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