How to Watch the Summer Olympics Live Stream 2021

In this era, the Summer Olympics live stream is one of the most anticipated sporting events for 2021. Part of the excitement is the fact that the event comes around only once every four years. Hence, fans and sports enthusiasts need to wait for a long time to watch their favorite athletes perform. In addition, it features a wide array of sporting activities.

In this article, we show you how to watch the Olympics live streaming. This discussion will reveal both the best paid platforms and unpaid sites for streaming Olympics. Finally, we will circle back to VPNs as the best solution if you’re looking for how to watch the Olympics freely from anywhere.

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Due to the popularity of the event, broadcasting stations often pay huge sums to have exclusive streaming rights of the games. For instance, in the United States, NBC (i.e. National Broadcasting Commission) has a trusted license and is an excellent option on how to watch the Olympics. However, this means that users are unable to engage in the Summer Olympics live streaming without having to pay. This can be disheartening, especially for folks unable to pay the cable subscription fees necessary to watch the games.

Best Paid Streaming Sites for Watching Summer Olympics

summer olympics live stream

Some people often ask: where can I watch the Olympics? Well, in this section, we have you covered. When it comes to streaming your favorite sporting event, you have two options. You could either go with paid streaming sites for your Olympics streaming or go with the unpaid ones. There are benefits and disadvantages to each one. Specifically, you may experience serious challenges with the free streaming sites. Below, we will start with the paid streaming sites and then also discuss the unpaid ones.

NBC Live Stream

As already highlighted, NBC Universal has the right to broadcast the Summer Olympics in the United States. You would need a subsisting Cable subscription to access it, though. If you have challenges accessing the live stream, you may want to contact customer care personnel to guide you properly.


SlingTV is a streaming service with which you can watch the Summer Olympics live streaming. It has a number of subscription offers, one of which is the Blue Package. When you subscribe and pay for this offer, you would have access to the NBC and NBCSN stations, amongst others.


HuluTV is another paid streaming platform to access the Summer Olympics live streaming.

Best Free Streaming Sites

When it comes to how to watch the Olympics, you can also do so on free streaming sites. Here are some of the ones you can consider:


This is one of the best routes to streaming Olympics live free. You will find loads of other sporting events on the platform. Thus, apart from streaming Olympics, you can watch other games when the season is over. Stream2Watch is compatible with most device types.


Cricfree is also another free streaming site to consider. It is dedicated to streaming cricket matches. However, you can also do your Summer Olympics live streaming on that platform.


This is also another platform you could find free live streaming of sporting events. If you are looking for how to watch the Olympics live, this is a great option to explore. However, you would most likely be disturbed by ads while you are using the platform.


Redstream has great content, and it is a good option for streaming Olympics games.

Challenges You May Experience with Streaming Sites

watch summer olympics live stream

Beyond looking for where and how to watch Olympics, you could experience challenges when you eventually settle on some options. The first challenge is that some of these sites may be unavailable in your location. This is because these streaming sites employ a phenomenon known as geo-blocks. Geo-blocks prevent users from specific locations from accessing content outside their region. For instance, the NBC Summer Olympics live streaming is inaccessible to users outside the United States.

One other very important challenge you find with these sites for streaming Olympics is security issues. Some of the sites, especially the free sites that offer the summer Olympics live streaming, are illegal. Thus, going along with any of them could put you into trouble. Similarly, these sites may not have strong enough security features to protect you from hackers and cyber snoops. In fact, some of the ads you find on these platforms may be infested with malware. This then means that you allow the malware into your device when you click on them while streaming Olympics.

Finally, these sites are where to watch the Olympics, but they could expose you to danger deliberately. Some of these providers gather the data of their users. They sell such to third parties who would do with the data as they wish. The level of exposure you have here is unprecedented.

Thus, in looking for how to watch the Olympics live, you should also be concerned about how to keep safe while at it. One of such sure ways is through protecting yourself with a VPN while streaming Olympics. We will discuss the specifics below.

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Why a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an app primarily concerned with improving your security. When you use it, it encrypts your network. Hence, every data proceeding from your device and to your device is protected.

Specifically, regarding how to watch the Olympics with it, a VPN solves the problems of geo-blocks. Basically, a VPN provides servers located in various countries globally. If you are trying to access content from a censored location, you just connect to a server in a compatible location to get around the block. For instance, if you want to connect to the Summer Olympics live stream via NBC’s station, but you are outside the United States, what do you do? You simply download a VPN, connect to a server in the United States and start streaming. The VPN spoofs your location, making it seem like you are physically in that location even when you aren’t. In the next section, we will discuss other features and perks you get with a VPN.

How to Get a Premium VPN for Free

how to watch summer olympics live stream

VPNs are a dime a dozen in the market. Most of them claim to be excellent for streaming Olympics regardless of where you are located. However, when it comes to how to watch the Olympics without any hassles, you’d need a tested and trusted VPN provider. ExpressVPN is that provider. With more than 3000 servers in multiple locations globally, ExpressVPN is a pacesetter when it comes to the provision of VPN services. It also has a slew of security features that make sure your security is tightly protected when you do your summer Olympics live streaming.

Unfortunately, to use ExpressVPN, you need to get on a subscription. However, you must be excited to learn that there is a way to use the VPN at no cost. You can get on with streaming Olympics without paying a dime. We’ll discuss the steps below:

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  1. Click the button above to download and install the VPN application.
  2. Install the app by following the prompts as they come on.
  3. Select a subscription offer and pay for it.
  4. Run the app. Connect to a server in your preferred location.
  5. Head on to the streaming site and start your Summer Olympics live streaming.
  6. Request a refund within 30 days.

ExpressVPN opens a 30-day money-back guarantee window. You can stream the Summer Olympics live after paying the initial subscription fee but request a refund before the window elapses.

Best VPN for Summer Olympics Live Streaming

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Additional Benefits of a VPN

Apart from helping with your Olympics online stream, a VPN can also be useful in other instances. We will itemize them below:

  1. A VPN provides a tunnel for sending and receiving files.
  2. A VPN provides anonymity for users involved in high-risk operations
  3. You can bump up your Summer Olympics live stream speed with a VPN


As the Olympics season approach, you are no doubt on the lookout for the best ways to stream Olympics online. This article has you covered. We discuss the best sites to suit your streaming needs, as well as how to use a VPN for enhanced security.


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