Where And How To Watch Tony Awards 2024 Live Stream

Named after the actress-producer Antoinette Perry, the Tony Awards were established to recognize excellence in Broadway plays and musicals. It is the perfect opportunity to witness the best stage performers get appreciated. If you want to know how to live stream Tony Awards from anywhere, this article will teach you the best tools to use.

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The article was last updated on June 14, 2024

The best streaming sites for the event

To watch Tony’s live in the United States, you can use any of these sites:

Prime Video

Prime Video is a streaming service offered by Amazon. While it is provided as part of Amazon Prime plans, you can also get it as a stand-alone subscription for streaming purposes. If you buy the complete Prime membership package, you will also get free shipping on most Amazon purchases. This includes access to Amazon’s music streaming app.

In addition to its streaming capabilities to watch Tony Awards live, Amazon Prime has an impressive line of content. This includes fan-favorite movies and TV shows like Silence of the Lambs and Scrubs. You can also get Amazon originals like Reacher and The Boys.

To start using Prime Video, a standard plan costs $9/per month. You can also access the streamer service with a basic Amazon Prime subscription with two plans. First, the monthly Amazon Prime subscription will cost you $15/ per month. You can also get a yearly subscription for an annual fee of $139.


Formerly known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ is Paramount Global’s offer to the streaming world. It provides a range of Paramount-owned properties such as CBS, BET, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central.

Paramount+ is well-priced among other on-demand streaming services. Not only does it offer a robust entertainment content library, but it also comes with a range of live sports content. If you want to live stream Tony Awards, you can start with the ad-supported Essential plan, which is available at $5/month. Alternatively, you can get the Premium plan with no ads for $10/month.

If you want a long-term deal, you can get an annual subscription for each plan. This will save you about 25% of the usual cost. You can get the annual Essential plan for $50/year, while the annual Premium plan will cost you $100/year.

Hulu + Live TV

If you are interested in how to watch Tony Awards, Hulu + Live TV is an excellent streaming option. Once you sign up, it gives you access to its entire content catalog. While it might be one of the more expensive streaming services, it provides 85+ popular channels with a wide range of deals and discounts.

Hulu + Live TV also includes the so-hot-now Hulu Bundle. This comes with ESPN+ and Disney+ and unlimited cloud DVR storage space for recording your favorite shows. To start using the service to watch tonys live, you can pay $7.99/month for the ad-supported version. You can get the ad-free version for $9.99/month if you do not want ads. This does not ruin your steaming experience; both services come with ESPN+ and Disney+.

Where to watch Tony Awards

The best free streaming sites

If you do not have the funds to afford a service for the stream Tony Awards, you can use any of these services:

fubo TV

If you are looking for a reliable streaming service, fubo TV is a good place to start. Once you set up, you can watch TV shows, news, sports, and more from many of the TV’s most popular networks.

Given that it started as a service for streaming international soccer games, fubo has an extensive channel of local and regional sports. The streaming service offers three standard plans: the Pro, Elite, and Premier. The Pro/Base plan costs $74.99/month and offers 120+ channels. The Elite plan is $84.99/month and comes with over 170 channels. Finally, the Premier plan is $94.99/month for 180+ channels.

To live stream the Tony Awards at no cost, you can get the fubo TV 7-day free trial. If you want something longer, the service offers a 30-day free trial when you subscribe to fubo TV pro.


Vudu offers a lot of value to customers working on a tight budget. You do not need to pay subscription fees or worry about signing long-term agreements. In exchange for watching commercials that usually last for 30 seconds, Vudu offers access to an extensive catalog of free films and TV shows.

As a viewer, you can also rent and purchase close to 200,000 titles. This includes new releases, and you can watch them all commercial-free. The service is completely free, and you do not have to worry about making payments when you watch Tony Awards online.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV has one of the largest channel lineups in live TV streaming, with one of the easiest interfaces to use. The service also comes with features and performance, which can give you a memorable experience when you enjoy Tony Awards live stream.

The biggest advantage of Youtube TV over rival streaming services is its familiarity. It shares the same Interface as Youtube, which you have used for years. However, it comes with some new twists and popular channels.

Youtube TV also comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage, so you can store all your favorite shows and watch them later. If you want to Tony Awards live stream free, you will need to sign up for the service and use the 14-day free trial. The trial period will also give you access to the show’s premium features to decide if it is good enough to continue using a paid plan.

Despite all these streaming services, you can only live stream Tony Awards if you are in the designated area.

Streaming Tony Awards outside of the availability zone

When you want access to watch Tony Awards, you must be in the same area as the content provider. If this is not the case, the content provider will block you out by erecting geo-blocks that scan your IP address.

live stream Tony Awards

That said, you can still access the event with the help of technology. All you need is a VPN.

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How to watch Tony Awards streaming with a VPN

You can access multiple shows on the internet once you have the right VPN at your disposal. Here is a guide to get you started:

  • Sign up for the ExpressVPN service and fill in your contact details.
  • Find a server in a location with access to the Tony Awards.
  • Connect to that server to change your IP address and start streaming with ease.

Try ExpressVPN for free to watch Tony Awards.

If you are wondering how to watch Tony Awards from any location, ExpressVPN is all you need. The service has multiple servers and a connection speed that is hard to match. You can sign up today and use the 30-day free trial to familiarize yourself with the service. If you are unsatisfied, a money-back guarantee lets you get a full refund.

The best VPNs to live stream Tony Awards

There are many VPN services, and it is easy to get confused about which one to use. To solve that issue, we researched the best services you can use and came up with the ultimate list. With any of these services, you are bound to stay connected to any network with the Tony Awards live stream.

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The benefits of VPNs besides watching Tony Awards

There are many perks to having a VPN, including the following:

  • Protect your privacy while you browse online.
  • Access blocked content from websites and countries with browsing restrictions.
  • Secure and encrypted connection to keep out hackers and third parties.
  • Avoid data throttling from your Internet Service Provider.
  • Improve your online gaming experience.

Tony Awards live stream


If you want to get the best experience while you live stream Tony Awards, we have provided the best answers to your questions:

Will the Tonys be on-demand?

You can stream the Tony Awards live and on-demand on Paramount+ and the CBS app.

How to watch The Tony Awards today?

If you want to know where to watch Tony Awards, you can get all the action on Paramount+.

How can I watch the Tony Awards for free?

If you are curious about where to watch Tony Awards, the vudu streaming channel is a solid option. Once you visit the website, you can access the content without signing up. The Tonys live stream is also available via free trials from fubo TV and Youtube TV trials.


The Tony Awards honor the best performers, and you deserve to be part of the celebration. If you are based in the United States, you can get the Tony Awards live stream on Prime Video, Paramount+, and Hulu+Live TV. If you want cost-friendly options, you can stream the event on Vudu or use the free trials from fubo TV and Youtube TV.

If you are in a content-blocked area, you can access the event using ExpressVPN. The service has multiple servers to which you can connect and watch the Tonys livestream. You can use the free trial to get familiar with the service and watch all the free content you want. If things do not work out, you can use its money-back guarantee to get a full refund.

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