Watch Beijing Winter Olympics 2024 Live Stream

The Beijing Winter Olympics 2024 is fast approaching, and fans are getting ready for the well-celebrated sports fiesta. Some passionate fans can’t help but search “Beijing Winter Olympics live stream” on search engines as they hope to get an excellent live streaming platform ahead of time.

Other factions of the 2024 Beijing Winter Olympics followers are presently helpless because their efforts to subscribe to watch Beijing 2024 Winter Olympics live haven’t produced any positive results. Well, don’t feel bad if you belong to the latter category because this article will tell you how to watch the 2024 Beijing Winter Olympic games without stepping out of your doorsteps.

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Last Updated On: 15 May 2024

Where to watch Winter Olympics in the USA for Free

While searching for the channels and where to watch the Beijing Winter Olympics live stream free, you should consider the location, subscription fee, payment mode, and how to access them. Below is the comprehensive list of where to watch live Beijing 2024 Winter Olympics games for free:

beijing winter olympics live streaming online

NBC Universal Channels

Channels on NBC are arguably the most accessible platforms to watch the Winter Olympics live streaming online from anywhere in the world without any added fee. NBC owns exclusive broadcasting rights of the Winter Olympics, which means you can watch every Olympic action on various NBC channels without paying an extra dime.

However, all you need in trying to know how to watch Winter Olympics online is to subscribe to cable, satellite on other streaming services. For instance, you can watch the Winter Olympics Beijing 2024 on NBC Sports, NBC News, or any other NBC universal channels without the extra fee if subscribed to DSTV.

NBC Website

You can watch the Beijing Winter Olympics live streaming online via the NBC live streaming portal at However, you must create an account with the portal before exploring this platform—login to your newly-created account using your registered email address and password. Then, search for the “Winter Olympics” and click on the result to watch the high-quality video.

Facebook Watch

Facebook isn’t just for chats, pictures, or advertisements; you can watch live videos through the social media giant. It recently obtained the right to stream live videos, including sport and athletics, thereby giving users an unrivaled opportunity to enjoy the free live video.

Visit Facebook and log into your account. Click on the search video and type ‘Winter Olympic games’ toggle the live auction to see the current Winter Olympics live streaming online actions; however, the image quality might not be as good as expected because the videos are provided by other Facebook users who might know nothing about video bandwidth.

Free Live Streaming Websites

Stream2watch, sportrar.TV, Bosscat, and carefree are examples of websites that provide free live sports streaming services. The most exciting part of these sites involves the easy-to-use and mobile-friendly interface. Visit one of them, search for ” Winter Olympics live streaming online,” and you are good to go. However, a low-standard quality and ads’ interruption remains their most significant shortcomings.

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Where to watch Beijing Winter Olympics in the USA (Best Paid Channels)

how to watch the beijing winter olympics

YouTube TV

If you are looking for how to watch Winter Olympics, then YouTube TV is a popular internet TV that supports live streaming. It offers a 14-day free trial mode which allows you to watch live Winter Olympics days without any restriction.

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to benefit from the YouTube Tv’s free mode to enjoy live Winter Olympics live streaming online.

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘try it free’ to continue
  • Provide your Gmail address and click on the ‘sign-in’ option.
  • The next stage requires you to click on “start the free trial” followed by “add on” to proceed
  • Finally, click “check out” to complete the registration process.

Meanwhile, add your credit card info and details if you intend to continue using the paid version of the service to watch the Winter Olympics live streaming online. YouTube premium monthly subscription costs at least $11.99, featuring over six channels such as NBC Sports, ESPN, ABC, Hulu+, Amazon Prime, etc.

Hulu Live TV

Like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV is another internet TV that guarantees a smooth Winter Olympics live streaming online in the US and other countries. However, you must subscribe to a membership plan to explore the TV.

Hulu TV’s monthly subscription ranges from $6.99 to $64.99, depending on the number of channels you add to your plan.

Step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Hulu TV

  1. Visit Hulu TV sign up the portal by clicking here
  2. Click on the “start your free trial” icon
  3. Choose a plan from the available options displayed on the screen.
  4. Provide your email address, password, and other required details.
  5. Choose your preferred payment option and provide your billing information, including credit/debit card.
  6. Click “submit” to complete the signup phase.
  7. Finally, personalize the list of channels you desire to watch, and you are good to go. Meanwhile, don’t forget to add any of the NBC sports channels to the list so you can enjoy uninterrupted Winter Olympics live streaming online.

Fubo TV

You can watch ABC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and CBS on Fubo TV, meaning you have the opportunity to watch Winter Olympics live streaming online at the comfort of your house.

Fubo TV, just like every other internet TV on our list, offers a paid streaming platform to all users. It permits you to enjoy a free trial mode for a few days before upgrading to a paid FuboTV Family plan which costs at least $64.99 per month.

Though FuboTV monthly subscription is on the high side, you can connect it to three TVs simultaneously and access 113 channels. Meanwhile, it shares almost the same signup procedures as YouTube and Hulu TV. Other notable mentions include Sling TV and Peacock which are very reliable to watch the Winter Olympics live streaming online.

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Issues With Watching The Beijing Winter Olympics On Live Streaming Channels?

beijing winter olympics live stream

Denied Access:

Another issue related to live streaming Winter Olympics involves geo-restriction. Some of the streaming sites listed above and internet TVs denied some countries access to their services. Hence, it is safe to say that viewing the Winter Olympics on a live streaming platform might be impossible if you reside in restricted countries.

Long and Frustrating Buffering:

You must have come across “buffering” while watching a live video. Well, that’s another issue you would possibly face while trying to know how to watch Winter Olympics. Your TV will keep buffering for over 16 minutes, especially when there are no strong internet connections.

Slow Speed

Video speed is another issue you might encounter while watching the Olympics game. Fluctuating network signals, low bandwidth, low mobile devices memory can result in low speed.

Low Image Quality

This is one of the issues you might face when looking for how to watch Winter Olympics on any live streaming platform mentioned above. Poor internet network, insufficient network bandwidth, insufficient ROM and RAM can affect your streaming session and make it one to forget sooner rather than later.

Ad’s Interruption

You can experience these setbacks when your device or browser doesn’t feature an in-built ad-blocker. Diverse ads will display on your screen while watching the live Winter Olympics, which can be frustrating.

Luckily, you can avoid all the hiccups if you’re wondering how to watch Winter Olympics. You can do so with a VPN. But what’s a VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. VPNs provide a smooth live streaming experience and top-notch security. They help you create an anonymous status on the internet, thereby making it hard for anyone to trace your location, device IP address, and your activities.

Why You Should Watch The Beijing Winter Olympics Using VPN

  • Top Security: With a tested-and-trusted VPN provider like ExpressVPN, you are guaranteed top anonymous and unshakeable security.
  • Seamless Internet Connection: Part of the thing to know when looking for how to watch the Beijing Winter Olympics 2024 is that you can easily connect to the internet by exploring a guaranteed VPN connection.

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Best VPN for Beijing 2024 Winter Olympics Live Stream in the US

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Live stream Winter Olympics using a VPN connection isn’t optional if you have a memorable experience. Hence, you should subscribe to ExpressVPN premium to enjoy undeniable access to numerous Beijing 2024 Winter Olympics lives streaming platforms during the well-watched sports fiesta.


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