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How to Watch NHL Live Stream Free Online?

The National Hockey League, commonly abbreviated to NHL to those out there who are not French Canadians, French Citizens or French speakers. If you are one of the latter Ice Hockey fanatics then it is the LNH; Ligue Nationale de Hockey, but who am I to split hairs when really what every Hockey lover wants is a reliable, robust, anonymous NHL live stream free online!

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NHL live stream, for those who need a reminder:

While dyed-in-the-wool Ice Hockey aficionados will know the facts off pat, (or should that be.. off Patrice?) and can in all likelihood repeat them in their sleep, it is only fair to give a quick overview for those new to the game, or those who have seen interest diluted due to their frustrating inability in accessing free hockey live stream links. Hopefully this lists helps you find a free NHL live stream service that will assist in you watching your NHL live stream free online.

The inaugural season of the NHL was 1917-18 and over the last century, things have developed tremendously. Considered by many to be the most influential Ice Hockey league in the world it currently comprises of 31 teams. 24 of these from the United States and 7 from Canada.

In case you are wondering, the ‘National’ in its title is a throw-back to the league’s original formation which consisted of 4 Canadian teams only.

While the current champions are Washington Capitals, who at season’s end secured the title for the first time in their history, the honor of most titles belongs to the famous Montreal Canadiens.

In terms of the player’s nationalities, as would be expected the majority of NHL players are ‘home grown’. Canadians lead the way, followed by team members born in the US, but there is a fair concentration of players from other parts of the world, namely: Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic, and Russia.

For armchair fanatics, watching Ice Hockey live is among the top 4 viewed sports in the USA and number 1 in Canada.

It would be remiss not to mention the Stanley Cup. This is competed for in a league playoff at each season’s end and stands proudly as North America’s oldest professional sports trophy. Cup games run from April to June each season when NHL live stream programs grow in demand as the competition progresses.

How can you watch hockey live stream games free?

This is a question many who cannot afford the official packages ask. It is also extremely relevant to those Ice Hockey fans living outside of North America and for the paid-up subscribers who travel abroad but wish (and deserve!) unrestricted NHL streams.

The answer to this questions is through the use of a VPN provider offering a fully anonymous online access service. To achieve and constantly deliver a 1st class service these providers need extensive VPN servers placed in North America.

If you are tempted to go with a company offering free VPN services please think long and hard before committing.

The reason for saying this is that by their very nature they will not provide exactly what you require in terms of:

  • Totally anonymous browsing
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Speed
  • An ample number of servers across North America, and indeed, other world regions
  • A strictly enforced and applied ‘No Logging’ policy
  • Potential DNS leaks

The above are just 7 reasons why I do not recommend NHL live stream content access via such providers.

On the other hand, the VPN providers I have recommended in this piece offer the complete raft of protection and superior access.

Such quality services will allow you to watch hockey live streams, and any other content you require wherever in globally originates or is placed, and wherever in the world you happen to be.

Why a VPN gives free, unrestricted NHL streams:

For those wondering how hockey live stream content can be viewed unhindered via a VPN for a free NHL live stream, here are the reasons:

The increasing popularity of VPNs is down to their effectiveness in terms of offering privacy and data encryption. Add to this the supreme features that allow these networks to circumvent geographical content restrictions and you have the answer.

The example for our purpose in this piece relates to the unrestricted viewing of ALL hockey live games that NHL teams play.

VPNs are so effective because they work to change, and thus hide your original IP address through VPN server re-route techniques.

This means that if you are currently in a country outside of North America and you wish to watch an NHL live stream the set-up and connection is quick and easy. This is because the VPN connection you establish with your chosen VPN provider connects to your preferred hockey live stream ‘in-country’.

It does this via one of its servers located in the North American region, the content provider assumes you are ‘local’ and therefore gives full, quality access to the NHL live stream you want to watch.

What devices can I watch NHL streams on?

The choice of device you can use to view hockey live is as broad as it is long. Consider popular devices to be de-facto. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones employing both iOS and Android operating systems
  • Tablets
  • AND, something that is increasing in popularity, ‘streaming boxes’. This medium allows you to watch hockey live on your large, flat screen TV.

By choosing a VPN provider renowned for quality, consistency and speed, the nature of watching live NHL streams will certainly enhance your viewing experience.

The quality of picture and any surround-sound speaker system you have in place can often make it feel like you are actually in the stadium watching Ice Hockey live!

What is the set-up process?

The set-up of a VPN on any of your devices to watch NHL streams, or any other geo-restricted content for that matter, really could not be more straightforward.

Here’s how:

  1. Decide and subscribe to a VPN that ticks all of your boxes. This is a must for unimpeded and uninterrupted access to hockey live stream content.
  2. Server selection – Go for one of the numerous servers your VPN provider offers access to in the North American region. They should all offer acceptable, high-speed access to hockey live programs but if the one you initially connect to seems sluggish simply try another.
  3. Go to your preferred free NHL live stream feed and watch all the action, listen to the commentary and pre/post-match debate and get fully involved through this very real hockey live stream.

Online activity through anonymity:

The huge benefits of subscribing to the best VPN services available make the subscription costs to such a service an absolute steal.

Weighing up the added layer of security to protect and preserve your personal information gives peace of mind.

The ability to surf anonymously across any website you please, whether that is viewing hockey live or any other event, movie or TV program that takes your fancy gives excellent viewing enjoyment. All of this is eminently achievable with minimal technical knowledge.

Your personal information is your personal right:

It is important to understand that snoopers out there include country administrations and agencies, ISPs and hackers. It is your exclusive right to give personal details to whoever you desire. It is not the right of others to snoop, monitor and even steal such information.

The way to achieve this and secure peace of mind as well top quality NHL streams is to do so via the constant use of a robust, admired and highly effective VPN.

I name names!

I have not been afraid to name names in terms of the VPN providers I personally recommend for hockey live stream content access. The providers mentioned below have been tried, tested and reviewed at length to ensure that their services live up to their promises.

You will find that services offered from those companies touting free VPN services do not cut the cloth in all of the relevant areas. Please acquaint yourself with such short-comings before ever committing to such a service.

Make sure there is no small print stating that they are at liberty to log your activity, or that they have the right to use your personal data as they wish; usually by selling it on to third parties who will then bombard you with unsolicited offers.

Just as importantly, do check their security and safety measures in terms of hiding your real IP identity. Make sure their ‘no-logging’ policy lives up to what is required, get assurances that you will not suffer from IP leakage, and DO check the number of servers they have located across the globe. It is a sure-fire bet that such companies will be lacking in some way.

Quality viewing = Quality service:

While my eyes are not quite as sharp as they were, they are sharp enough to see that puck skimming across the rink while I view my real-time NHL live stream. I have no hesitation in putting such viewing enjoyment down to my 1st class, ultra-reliable VPN provider.

Lots more to come!

I hope this piece about free NHL live stream services was of interest to you. Please keep your eyes peeled for regular articles on the best VPN providers whether that be to watch and listen to NHL live stream content, other sporting events, live TV or the latest music videos. Thanks!


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