How to Watch the NHL Live Stream in 2023

Are you an NHL fan? Are you asking where you can watch the NHL live stream free online? You will find the best answers to watch NHL live for free in this article. The 2023 NHL tournament has exceptional teams in it battling for the title. Fans are asking questions on how to watch NHL online. This article will show you ways you can watch NHL live stream. Of course, many fans are looking for NHL live stream online free options. This article will help satisfy that urge and give you a clear-cut way to watch your favorite sport without any hassle. All for free. All you have to do is read till the end to get all the hacks and answers to some of the FAQs. 

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Last Update Made On: 23 January 2023

Best Free Channel for NHL live Streaming

There are ways you can watch the NHL live stream online free. All the games will be shown on NBCSN or USA Network. But some of these stations will need you to sign up for a plan to access it. But there is a list of free channels where you can watch.

In the USA

1. Fubo TV

Fubo TV passes as one of the best NHL streaming sites. It gives you access to all NHL games on NBC, NBCSN, and USA Network. Fubo has a monthly subscription, but the way you can get the benefit of free streaming is by using the 7-days free trial.

During this trial, you have access to NHL live stream online free without any commitment. You also have the feature of recording any game that you want to watch later. The free trial allows you to access 100 other channels, including AMC, Bravo, and Showtime, to show the watch NHL live for free.

2. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu has gotten lots of traction for access to different channels that show sports. Using Hulu will give you unlimited streaming access to 60 plus channel on live TV. You can get access to NHL live stream online free with its 7-days free trial with no commitment.

In other Countries

Unfortunately, there are no regular stations that will show the NHL in the UK. But Viaplay will show the NHL live stream online. To use the streaming services of Viaplay for free, you will have to activate the free trial.

watch nhl live for free

In Australia, you will have to subscribe to the league NHL.TV to watch the NHL live streaming free online. Kayo TV, on the other hand, offers streaming of the NHL matches alongside covering other sports.

The best news with Kayo is that it offers a free 14-day trial; you can use this to access the NHL live stream online free.

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Best Paid Platforms for NHL Live streaming

In the US

Fubo and Hulu + Live TV are both paid channels you can use to watch the NHL. Fubo comes with a subscription fee of $64.99, and this includes more than 100 channels. With the subscription, you get to log into three screens simultaneously.

Hulu + Live TV subscription costs $54.99 monthly. The subscription comes with unlimited streaming of Hulu’s content and also access to more than 60 channels. Although you can’t watch NHL live for free, you can still get good access with its trial period.

watch nhl live for free

In other countries

Peacock is a non-US channel. Although you can’t watch NHL live for free, it comes with a reasonably cheap subscription fee which goes for about $4.99 monthly.

Issues with watching the NHL on those channels?

Watching the NHL live streaming free online from these channels comes with different challenges. They usually have costly add-ons and packages, and you will not have access to your subscription when you leave a particular location. To access NHL live stream online free, you will need to unlock the location where it is aired free.


Apart from Peacock, the rest of the channels listed above are not universal. And if you can’t access them except you are in the location where you initially subscribed for them. Also, the free channels may not be available in your country. Accessing them will be difficult, except you have access to a VPN which can give you NHL streams unblocked.


You need good internet to stream live matches. Using a poor internet connection can reduce the quality of your experience. Sometimes, Internet Service Providers throttle your internet speed especially when you are trying to access some sensitive websites and streaming services. All you need to do is get a good VPN that can help you stay connected to your live NHL live stream online free.

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Use a VPN to live stream NHL for maximum experience?

Sometimes, it looks impossible to get access to streaming sites. Using a Virtual Private Network is the best way to watch the NHL live streaming free online. VPN providers give sports fans the ability to watch their favorite team from anywhere in the world.

watch nhl live for free

VPNs are masters of unblocking geo-restrictions, irrespective of the type of content you want to access. It does this by bypassing the restrictions set by these channels to enable you to have your NHL live streaming online. VPN uses the IP address of a location where the channel is not restricted to give you access.

The localized addresses give region-based content to users, using the VPN routes data through the different VPN locations so you can watch the NHL live streaming free online.

Best VPN for NHL Live Streaming

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch the NHL live streaming free online?

You can watch NHL live streaming free online via Hulu + Live and Fubo TV. These two channels offer a 7-days free trial where you get access to live streams of NHL matches.

Will VPN Improve my Streaming experience?

Yes. ExpressVPN will improve your streaming experience as it comes with premium features that bypass any restriction that comes with your location.

Can I watch NHL live for free on Amazon Prime?

No, you can’t watch NHL live for free on Amazon Prime. Although most regional sports networks will show the NHL, Amazon Prime won’t air any of its matches.

Is NHL Live app free?

No NHL Live app is not free. To get access to the NHL Live app, you have to download it from your app store to access all the games and replays.

Where can I watch the NHL Live for free?

All of these channels will offer free live streaming services so you can start streaming to watch your favorite team; Fubo, Sling, Hulu + Live, and Peacock.


VPN will protect your user privacy and ensure your data is secured while you are online. Hence, it is better to get access to NHL live stream online free. It is advisable to watch NHL live for free with a VPN than without one to prevent your data from being stolen.

Streaming the NHL live streaming free online can be difficult if we do not know the channels that will offer the services. Using a VPN is a must, especially if you are a sports fan. Apart from this fact, ExpressVPN gives a premium service to watch NHL live for free

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