So you Want to Know What the Best Reddit VPN Is?

When looking for the best VPN Reddit is not a bad place to start your research. Reddit has a huge global community who offer their thoughts and experiences on every topic imaginable. With over 500 million monthly visitors it is clearly a place people go when they need some information. The VPN reviews Reddit users produce can be extremely varied. But they do cover a large selection of VPN companies. And with so many companies to consider it is certainly recommended to do your homework first. So with this in mind, Reddit is a great place to begin your search. The best VPN service Reddit users review may change over time but happily, the Reddit VPN community is always up to date with the most relevant and recent information.

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What is the best VPN service Reddit users comment on?

A quick online search will uncover a range of VPN review websites. But it would appear that many of these are biased and possibly even untrustworthy. It is believed that some VPN companies are even writing fake reviews to convince people to use their software.

Reddit users, on the other hand, are just like you or me.

VPN’s are used for a wide variety of reasons from:

  • Hide virtual identities
  • Make public hotspots safer to use
  • Netflix customers hoping to use the service when away from home
  • High-speed torrenting service and more…

So now let’s take a look at the VPN reviews Reddit users are posting. Below are some of the most talked-about options:

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Trust user reviews

What we have to remember is that Reddit users are just like you and I. They have a need for a certain service and they have searched the web for solutions. They have then tried and tested these services and whether good or bad, they are sharing their views. Each VPN review Reddit users give helps us to collate an idea of which VPN will best serve our individual needs.

So although there may not be one stand-out performer anyone reading this article should have a better understanding of what is available, and which service better suits their needs.

Ranked as one of the best for accessing Netflix by Reddit VPN reviews ExpressVPN clearly has the speed needed for streaming services. It is also well known and a more respected VPN of the aforementioned list. It is on the other hand on the more expensive side of the range. But some users also complained that they used fake reviews and could not be trusted!

The benefits of paying for a VPN service

As mentioned above it is not necessary, but certainly recommended. Below you will find a number of reasons why we would suggest you try the 30-day trails, to fully understand the benefits of a paid service.

  • If you are not happy you can get your money back!
  • They offer high-speed connections sometimes lacking for cheaper alternatives
  • You will be able to select an IP address from a specific country.
  • Encryption options of paid services, in general, are of a higher and safer level
  • You will be able to rely on the customer support of a paid service over a free service


ExpressVPN is one of the more talked about VPNs on Reddit. Users are claiming that the service is not bad at all, leaving many positive reviews. It’s been around for a long time and their secure interface that can be configured to suit specific requirements. And it works not only with most streaming platforms but also for torrenting. What most reviewers noted is that the provider showed they do in fact take their customers’ privacy very seriously!

Having a 30-day free trial with a full money-back guarantee means you can use their full services without paying a dollar. Although many readers may be opting for a completely free VPN, which is possible, I would caution you and say for the affordable costs to unlock the full potential of the best VPN Reddit users boast how the list of possibilities makes it worth your while.

For those of you who have been searching through all the VPN reviews left by Reddit users, I hope this article is a handy round-up of what you need to know.


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