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How to Watch Champions League Live Online

Phew! We have only just got our breath back from the fantastic World Cup held in Russia. As we all know, the French triumphed over Croatia in one of the best finals for many a tournament, but hold on to your hats, scarves and banners football fans. It will soon be time to watch the European Champions League live.

What’s the score?

Now in its 64th season, and surprisingly (to me anyway!) it has been known as the UEFA Champions League for the last 27 seasons. It just goes to show how time flies when you are watching a good thing!

The competition proper begins on 18 September with the 32 best teams from Europe’s top leagues commencing the Group Stage. It culminates on 1st June 2019 with the final being held in the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium, Madrid.

For those wondering, this has been the new home of Atletico Madrid since last season and with just short of a 68,000 all-seated capacity, it is a fitting finale in which to watch the Champions League live.

For those who can’t afford travel, time and tickets for matches I will describe the ultimate way to secure the best quality Champions League live stream. This will ensure you can watch some of the best action on Planet Football regardless of geographical restrictions.

Will Real Madrid remain the REAL deal?

If you were one of the millions viewing the Final of the Champions League live last season you will have witnessed history. Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Liverpool made the Spanish suprema’s the first club to win the competition 3 years on the trot.

Many feel a short journey across the city for this year’s final could be on the cards, but with Zinedine Zidane’s surprise decision to step down as head coach, Ronaldo’s move to Italian giants Juventus, who will certainly have a say in the competition, and speculation over where Gareth Bale will be playing his football this season many of you are sure to disagree.

Discussions and banter such as this mean you simply must have a quality Champions League stream. This is to ensure you not only have access to watch all of the games live, but to keep up with the news, reviews, and pre/post-match punditry.

As for English Premier League teams, we have 4 who are raring to go: Man City, Man Utd, Spurs, and Liverpool.

So, how to watch Champions League live?


If you are in the UK then a subscription to BT Sports is the way to go. The company has just paid 1.2 Billion Pounds Sterling (No, it’s not a typo 1.2 Billion!) to secure Champions League live stream coverage (the deal also includes live coverage of the Europa League competition) until 2021.

Britain’s biggest broadband and mobile operator have been offering live Champions League stream coverage since 2015 and a BT Sports subscription is a great option to watch Champions League live action, but only as long as you are in the UK.

The deal between BT Sports and UEFA (the Champions League governing body) is for the UK viewing only.

This means that anyone traveling, those on a well-deserved holiday or enforced business trip need to take special measures in order to ensure they do not miss a ball kicked.

The way to ensure you get Champions League Live stream content is to take advantage of a VPN service from one of the well-established VPN providers out there.

How will a VPN deliver the Champions League stream I want?


With the tournaments new ‘double-header’ format; Match day’s during the Group Stage will have one live game quickly followed by another the same evening.

This makes it more important than ever that you are able to watch Champions League live action via a reliable, well-respected VPN provider when outside of the UK.

I need to say here that I strongly recommend the use of a tried and trusted VPN provider each and every time you connect any of your devices to the internet. This is regardless of whether you are readying yourself for a Champions League live stream programme or simply surfing the net.

Find out here, the VPN meaning. VPN software not only provides a secure, encrypted connection and allows anonymous surfing, it also has the ability to circumvent those annoying geo-restrictions you all too often come up against.

As with many content providers across the globe, BT Sports are subject to TV viewing right restrictions. This means for Champions League Stream content they base your ability to connect to their service on the IP address of the device you intend to connect with.

Put simply, if your IP address shows you are outside of the UK then you will be unable to watch Champions League live games even if you have a paid-up subscription for the BT Sports package.

By using a reliable VPN provider you will benefit from a service which emulates your location. This is ‘doable’ from wherever you happen to be in the world just as long as the VPN provider in question offers a VPN server in the country you are trying to access content. In terms of a Champions League Stream, the VPN server needs to be located in the UK.

The vast majority of VPN providers will have servers in the UK, but it will do no harm to check numbers and locations of servers across the globe offered by these providers. This should be done before making a final choice on the VPN service you will subscribe to.

My selection of the best VPN providers below has already taken into account server proliferation as well as the speed of access, security and other important requirements and assurances you need before choosing a VPN provider. So please do check out these reviews.

Free VPN offers are NOT the way to go:

One very important point about the choice of VPN provider. Please do not dream of thinking that any company offering you a free VPN will meet your requirements.

Security issues will be to the fore, slow connection and constant buffering will frustrate, server placement will be patchy at best, and there is a strong possibility that your personal data will be sold to third-parties.

The very nature of establishing and setting up a reliable VPN service involves time, money and significant investment. Those companies offering free services simply cannot offer what you really need.

I’m not tech-savvy, will a VPN set-up be beyond me?

Please believe me when I say that the setting up and connection to a VPN provider’s service could not be more straightforward.

While each provider will have a slightly different set-up procedure they really do not vary that much. Below I give a quick guide to the 6 steps required. Following these will allow you to watch Champions League live action from wherever you happen to be based at kick-off:

  1. After checking out the list of VPN providers mentioned click on the link to the service that appeals most.
  2. Create your account and subscribe to the service.
  3. You will be asked to Download and install the software on the device you are using. Once completed, launch the software.
  4. This step is key in order for you to watch unrestricted Champions League stream content – While in the VPN client select a UK located server.
  5. Click the “Connect” icon.
  6. Return to the BT Sports website or app and log in as you would normally.

That is it! By completing these steps you are ready to take the best seat in the house (or hotel or beach bar!) to prepare yourself for uninterrupted Champions League live action.

Optional extras: A cold beer or drink of your choice, a football shirt if your favorite team is playing, and a football rattle to cheer them on with…. On second thoughts, ditch the last extra!

On a more serious note, please do bear in mind that if you do run into problems opting for one of the recommended VPN providers from my list prompt customer service and support will be yours.

The reason for saying this is that such service and support levels were another strong consideration when I was preparing this list of best VPNs for Champions League live stream use.

World-class action deserves a world-class Champions League live stream:

While watching this seasons Champions League live you will be entertained by world class players who are at the top of their game.

I could give many an example, but here’s one to finish with that should set those football juices flowing:

Of the 45 players that made up the French and Croatian squads for the recent World Cup Final, almost 2/3rds of them (28 players in total) are signed to clubs who have qualified for the Group Stage of the Champions League.

Oh! And just in case you are wondering about my math (45 players divided by 2 squads!) – The French squad had their full complement of 23 players, Croatia was reduced to 22 players when their striker Nikola Kalinic was sent home for disciplinary reasons.

As an aside, he currently plays for A.C. Milan. They have just been banned from this seasons Europa League due to breaches of Financial Fair Play and licensing regulations, but that is another story altogether!

That’s all for now, but I promise you there is much more to come:

I hope this piece on how to watch Champions League live and uninterrupted has been of interest.

Football, along with a long list of other sports is a major passion of mine. To this end, there are plenty more articles to come on how to watch your favorite sport(s) live, uninterrupted, securely and in complete comfort: Formula 1 live, NBA live stream free, NHL live stream, etc.

‘Till later!


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