Watch UEFA Champions League Live Stream in 2023

The Champions League is back! As the best footballers in the world slug it out against each other in the biggest competition in Europe, I thought it would be best to show you where to watch Champions League live for free. The processes for UEFA live stream aren’t so difficult although you’d expressly need a VPN to pull some stunt from the US or anywhere in the world where the UCL isn’t easily accessible.

So, let’s dive straight in!

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Last Update Made On: 24 January 2023

Where to watch Champions League in USA for Free

The ball, the song, the team, and the dream — the UEFA Champions League isn’t perfect but remind me of something we almost lost to the European Super League.

Thanks to the spirit of the game, the Champions League survived the proposal, and the nerve-cracking matches are back, attracting millions of fans.

uefa live stream

As Tuesdays and Wednesdays become sacred again, some fans still have no idea where to watch Champions League. Below is a list of channels that offer UEFA live stream free.

Where to watch Champions League Non-US

  1. TotalSportek: The site is perfect for me as it provides Premier League matches alongside Champions League matches for free.
  2. Mobdro: I watch UEFA live stream matches free by downloading the Mobdro app. The app offers live UEFA streams and other significant matches.
  3. Hesgoal: Provides live Champions League streams as well as trendy sports news. I can also make use of the app for increased flexibility and accessibility.

Where to watch Champions League USA

  1. Facebook Live: I bet many football lovers don’t know they can watch UEFA streams on Facebook Live. The tech giant recently secured a deal to stream Champions League matches live.
  2. Torrent Sites: There are torrent sites across the US that provide free UEFA live streams. I never miss torrent links to free UEFA streams on Twitter especially.
  3. Free Apps: Free live football apps are on Google PlayStore. The good thing is that they do not freeze while providing UEFA Champions League live streaming free online.

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Where to watch Champions League in USA (Best Paid Channels)

If you’re in the US and have some money to spare, you can get premium UEFA live stream matches on Paramount Plus for only $4.99 a month. Alternatively, you can try the platform’s free 7-day trial.

Some UEFA live stream matches are also shown on CBS from $5.99 to $9.99 per month. You can also tune into the Spanish version of the CL matches through TUDN.

Soccer fans take advantage of FuboTV and the benefits it presents. FuboTV is an excellent package that includes CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Pricing begins at $64.99 per month.

ESPN also proves to be a great alternative. Although it’s paid, the platform covers UEFA streams for Champions League matches. Pricing goes for only $7 a month.

Issues with watching the UEFA Champions League on these channels.

As a football fan, I’ve realized that when it comes to UEFA live streams, the question is not where to watch Champions League matches but how to watch Champions League matches. I’m often confronted with streaming issues such as:

  1. Bandwidth: Bandwidth throttling happens when the local internet providers slow down the speed of my internet to decongest bandwidth traffic. This issue persists when watching UEFA streams.
  2. Streaming quality: Most free UEFA stream channels have poor quality. The videos are of poor quality and the commentaries lag. Most times, I’m discouraged from continuing to stream.
  3. Geo-blocking: I stream CL matches on the web or mobile devices. So, I’m always restricted to regional content, no thanks to geoblocks. This way, I never maximize my streaming experience.
  4. Reduced channels: Not all promised channels ever work as some channels are intentionally blocked. Whenever I subscribe to, say, 150 channels, I’m surprised to find out that only 100 channels work.
  5. Unavailable channels: Due to geo-blocks, not all channels are made accessible. I’m often restricted to watch UEFA streams via the only available channels in my country, which makes for fewer thrills.

However, as one smart football fan pointed out, there is a solution to these UEFA stream issues if football lovers can…

Use a VPN anywhere to watch the UEFA Champions League for maximum experience

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and what it does is to mask my local internet network by hiding my IP address and redirecting me to a server miles away. This has been the operation since the reelection of President Bill Clinton.

So, when UEFA streams become unavailable in my country and I don’t know where to watch Champions League matches, a VPN lets me take advantage of another country’s server and live stream.

how to watch uefa live stream

Aside from that, VPNs provide me with several server options, unlike my local internet server. This means I can avoid data and bandwidth throttling by selecting the best servers from the range.

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to protect your information while streaming, a VPN allows users to do that. I can watch UEFA live streams anonymously with full knowledge that my private information is hidden.

Quite the thrill, right? If so, check out the list of top-ranking VPNs for UEFA Champions League matches below.

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Best VPN for Live Streaming UEFA Champions League

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2 Private Internet Access Review 2023
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3 CyberGhost VPN
4 IPVanish Review 2023
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I’ve explored every possible VPN option, but ExpressVPN remains unmatched with its free premium services. The VPN literally allows me to use its premium features by paying nothing for them.

Wondering how that is possible? I subscribe to ExpressVPN for a fee. Then, I use the premium services for a month. Afterward, I request a full refund to get back my money, thereby using the premium services for free.

Yes, I know it’s fascinating. No doubt, it’s like a hack. So, if you’ve ever wanted to do something like that — I mean, enjoy a premium VPN without paying a dime for it — here are steps to follow:

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  3. Subscribe to a one-month plan, enter your email address, pay, and download the app.
  4. Use the VPN to watch UEFA live streams for one month.
  5. Go back to the official website and locate the help page.
  6. Feign dissatisfaction and request a full refund.

Additional benefits of using a VPN

There are exotic additional benefits of using a VPN. A premium VPN such as ExpressVPN secures my network connection. I never worry about frustrating network issues common to free VPNs.

how to watch uefa live stream with vpn

Besides, ExpressVPN allows me to maximize streaming satisfaction. Rather than be restricted to regional content, I can stream matches across digital borders without limitations.

Furthermore, I can scale my network capability beyond limits. I can also tap into different servers and explore internet options without restraints while watching UEFA champions league streams.

Finally, VPN reduces my streaming costs. Since I can watch UEFA live streams anywhere, I can leverage that to choose the cheapest streaming cost in any available country.

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Where to watch Champions League matches on VPN?

You can watch Champions League matches using a VPN on several US and non-US channels. Some of these channels are free while others are paid.

Where to watch Champions League matches without VPN?

You can watch Champions League matches without using a VPN across several sports channels. But you’ll have to bear with data throttling.

Is it illegal to use VPN for Champions League matches?

It is not illegal to use VPN for Champions League matches. It is only illegal if your country has deemed it so and only a few ruled out VPNs.

Will sports channels ban me from using VPN?

Sports channels can ban you from using VPN if the VPN has been added to their blocklists. This is why ExpressVPN is recommended as it defies geo-blocks.

Does my internet provider know what channels I visit if I use VPN?

Your local internet provider does not know what sports channels you visit if you use VPN. It can only see how encrypted data travels to other servers.


The Champions League is the greatest club competition in the world. Its return means the streets are no longer empty as fans gather to argue about teams, form, and glory.

While everyone might not have a cable to watch, the matches can be streamed online. However, streaming comes with complications only a few VPNs have been able to solve.

If you ever want a VPN that allows you to watch UEFA live streams without issues, I recommend ExpressVPN. It’s incredible how the VPN offers premium services for free.

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