How to Watch French TV Shows Online From Anywhere In 2024

There could be many reasons to watch French TV overseas. You might be an expat living in a foreign land and craving to hear your language and see your people. You can be a curious person deeply intrigued by the French culture and want to know about the language and French people. You can be a tourist out in the world but want to stay in touch with home. The possibilities are unlimited but the more pressing question is can you watch French TV outside the country.

You would be glad to know that there are tons of French TV channels live streaming easily accessible worldwide. We have compiled a list of those channels here;

The article was last updated on July 13, 2024

Your Ultimate Source To Watch French TV Online

1- FilmOn

FilmOn has plenty of French channels like BFM TV, France2, France4, Air TV, BFM Business, RTS Un, RTS Deux, and France3 Alpes. FilmOn has a free account but it is full of ads. You can get a paid account and watch French television shows without advertisements.

2- Arte

Arte is available in two languages i.e. French and German. It is a good platform to enjoy French television shows and if you don’t understand French then you always have the option of German.

3- LCP

If you are into politics then LCP is your perfect French outlet. It broadcasts important events and occasions from the National Assembly and Senate of France.

4- France24

France24 is available in different languages like French, English, and Arabic. France24 presents a French point of view on world news and events. It is a French TV channel specifically created for French people living outside the country.


BFM TV has the honor of being the most watched French news channel. The best thing is you can watch this French TV online for free. BFM TV can fulfill your appetite for French news and weather forecast.


RTBF is not exactly your typical French TV. It is leaning towards the Belgian side more. Basically, RTBF is a large Belgian company that owns multiple TV channels. If you visit their website, you can find a variety of TV programs in different languages.

7- TV5 Monde

TV5 Monde is a large TV network in French language and it is available in most regions of the world. You might have seen it as TV5 Canada, TV5 Monde Pacifique, or TV5 Monde Europe. Also, they let you watch the live transmission on its official website.

8- Euronews

Euronews is not exactly a French TV channel. It is basically a European TV channel where you can watch programs on news, tech, culture etc. The reason we mentioned it here is that each video online comes with a transcript that can be downloaded in French. So it is a good resource for people who want to learn the language.

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What About French TV Channels That Aren’t Free?

We acknowledge the fact that above mentioned French TV channels are basic and serve other purposes than pure entertainment. Let’s just say the cream of French TV is available elsewhere. Well, we are the solution finder. We not only know the best French TV channels but also have an idea to access them anywhere in the world.

First, we want to talk about the best French TV channels (probably the ones you want to watch);

9- Eurosport

Eurosport is a sports channel available in 20 different languages in 50 countries. So it will definitely help in making sure you don’t miss your favorite game anywhere.

10- Pluzz

Pluzz is a platform that serves you by broadcasting French public TV channels. You can catch the live shows or watch them later. Pluzz has all kinds of French television shows.

11- M6

M6 is a very popular French TV channel and has rights for amazing French series Kaamelott. It also broadcasts news, TV series and other shows.

12- Gulli

Gulli is a French TV channel for kids. They have cartoons for children. You can also see a few international shows like Adventure Time. You can catch up all the programs of Gulli on Play TV and official website.

13- Play TV

Play TV is basically an online streaming platform. It has a collection of multiple French TV channels like TF1, France1, France2, France3, France4, France5, Canal+, LCI, and Gulli.

14- France Ô

France Ô is a TV channel dedicated to overseas departments like Guadeloupe and Martinique. It is available online as well but only in France.

15- France4

France4 is a French TV channel that is particularly for younger people. It has programs and shows that appeal to young people.

16- France5

France5 is all about documentaries and educational programs. The purpose of this particular French TV channel is to share knowledge among the audience.

17- France2

France2 is the largest public TV channel in France. It has a variety of TV shows, talk shows, news, sports, and movies. It is a single channel that can reveal a lot about French culture and language.

18- TF1

TF1 is actually a French TV channel but it has a combination of French and American TV shows. Popular TV series like Arrow, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Mentalist are broadcasted on TF1.

19- France3

France3 is more focused on producing cultural programs that showcase the true essence of the country and its people. Also, it is a regional TV channel and the content of the channel depends on the region.

20- i-Télé

i-Télé is purely a news channel. This French TV channel has a reputation of breaking news before any other news channel. So if you are looking to get most up-to-date news about France, i-Télé is surely the one.

The reason we chose to mention these French TV channels separately is that they are the best ones and unfortunately, geo-restricted. In simple words, you cannot watch these French TV channels outside the country. Well, that’s the official version. On the other hand, there is a simple trick which makes all the French TV channels available in the world.

Best VPNs To Watch French TV Live

The rule is very clear; you have to be in France to watch the French TV shows. Well, you can use a VPN to disguise your location as France and enjoy the type of entertainment you wish to consume. Now, we are not into naming names here because the VPN market is really competitive and has a bazillion service providers fighting to please the customers. However, we would love to mention our favorite ones here;

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • HideMyAss
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Readers’ Choice: Common Concerns About Watching French TV

We are going to reveal a small secret here. Most of the blogs written by our team are based on the queries we receive from our readers, general vibe on different forums, and social listening. Our intentions are always to cover each and every concern of the readers. That’s why we decided to answer the most received questions about watching French TV live. Here we go;

How To Watch French TV In USA

You can watch all the mentioned French TV channels in the USA without any trouble. However, some of them are geo-restricted. You will require a VPN with multiple servers in France. This way you can change your location to France and access French TV channels easily. We have given our top names for a VPN to watch French TV live, you can find another as well.

How To Watch French TV On Kodi

There are many Kodi add-ons that let you watch your favorite French TV on Kodi. For instance, you can install an add-on for Play TV and get access to multiple French TV channels like TF1, France1, France2, France3, France4, France5, Canal+, LCI, and Gulli. But here again, you need to jump the barriers of geo-restriction by subscribing to a quality VPN service provider.

How To Watch French TV Shows Online

Most of the French TV channels have official websites where you can watch the live streaming or videos of particular shows. You may be required to sign in and purchase an account. However, most offer free content. The drill is same, most of these websites are not accessible outside France. So a VPN that can connect you to French servers is a must.

How To Watch French TV From UK

The process to watch French TV from UK is pretty similar to that of USA. First of all, you must connect to a French server via a VPN and change your virtual location to France. Now, visit the websites of any French TV channel you want to watch, it will be easily accessible. This way, you can enjoy French TV channels live streaming in the UK.

Watch French TV Online All You Want

We promised to reveal a simple trick to watch French TV online anywhere. And we believe we have kept our word by advising you to use a VPN. You can still enjoy the French TV shows without a VPN but the options are too limited and not-so-tempting. With a paid VPN subscription, you open doors to the best French television shows and French tv channels live streaming without geo-restriction. So what’s holding you now? Pick a VPN to watch French TV online as soon as possible.


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