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How to Seamlessly Watch NBA Online

The NBA simply bounces with frantic, frenetic action that is a huge treat for Basketball fans everywhere. For those looking to watch NBA live stream free and anonymously there is a solution which is sure to please.

Before this is explained let’s understand a little about the NBA and its global appeal.

Overview of the NBA:

The Basketball Association America (BAA) was initially founded in 1946, but it was another 3 years before a merger with the then competing National Basketball League (NBL) formed the NBA that we all know and love today.

The current set-up involves 30 teams. 29 from the US and 1 from Canada. The NBA has for many years been seen as the world’s premier basketball league. It is recognized as one of the 4 major professional sports leagues in America and Canada and certainly has some clout.

Proof required? It is reputed that by average, per player annual salary makes NBA players the best-paid athletes on the globe!

Global interest equates to global viewing:

As each new season approaches, anticipation around the world intensifies as does the fans to watch NBA live.

There are a variety of sites that claim to offer NBA live stream free services, but attempting to access NBA streaming via these is definitely not something I would recommend.

This is because far more often than not this type of service will only result in frustration, anger, and disappointment.

Why? Because trying to watch NBA live via these mediums offers sub-standard picture quality, constant buffering and adverts of no interest. This regular monotony and the very real threat of contracting a virus on your precious device clearly shows why such offers should be avoided.

If these NBA live stream free sites call such poor quality viewing as acceptable then it is time for us all to pack up and go home.

UK subscription allows NBA live stream. Free from restriction, but….

Basketball fanatics who are either based in the UK or are long-term/regular visitors can ensure extensive coverage and watch NBA live and at leisure through a BT Sports subscription.

By subscribing, you will receive excellent coverage of the regular season, those nail-biting playoffs and of course the finals, but their NBA streaming service CANNOT be used outside of the UK shores.

This means that those who regularly travel outside of the UK or go abroad due to business or holiday commitments are unable to watch NBA online via ANY device they take with them.

Why? Because of television rights issues. The content agreement signed between BT Sports and the Basketball authorities only allows subscribers to watch NBA online within the UK.

This means the terms of your subscription prevent you watching NBA live stream free and unrestricted whenever you happen to be outside of the UK.

Never fear, we have ways around this:

As with other content providers around the world, BT Sports geographical restrictions are based upon the IP address of the device trying to connect with their service. This can be a PC, your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

By using a respected VPN provider you can get around geo-restrictions because a VPN works by changing your IP address to appear as if you are ‘in-country’. If you’re wondering: Is VPN illegal? No, it’s not. This tool is used widely by professionals and individuals.

This is not just for access to UK based content such as BT’s NBA streaming. A VPN will emulate your location no matter where in the world you happen to be and allow ‘in-country’ content to be accessed wherever it is placed.

The only caveat here is that the VPN provider in question has servers located in the content region you are trying to access.

A well-established, secure VPN provider will offer an extensive choice of regional VPN servers. Such a provider will certainly have servers in the UK. By connecting to one of these you will achieve an NBA live stream free from any restrictions whatsoever.

Sorry, but it must be repeated. Anyone tempted by ads or unsolicited emails from companies claiming to offer free VPN for Windows, Mac or mobile really does need to think twice. The service will not live up to the promise in terms of important requirements such as:

  • Viewing Quality
  • Server Access
  • Connection Speed
  • Personal Online Security
  • Anonymity While Surfing

If you want an NBA live stream free of interruptions and without security concerns then choosing a respected VPN provider is the only way to go.

How does a VPN achieve this?

Without getting too technical (see VPN meaning for that), think of the VPN server in the geographical region you connect to as an intermediary between your chosen device and that of BT Sports website or application.

In our case, this will be a UK VPN server and all of your traffic while connected will pass through this server.

This mimicry and the VPN servers UK IP address means that BT Sports ‘accepts’ that you are in a UK location, no matter where you are currently situated in the world. So, it really is home, sweet home for your NBA streaming needs.

An NBA League Pass is another good choice, but beware of Blackouts:

The purchase of an NBA League pass is another very sound choice for those basketball fans who want to watch NBA online and savor the quick-fire action.

This dedicated service really does offer excellent content. It gives NBA streaming live and in HD. Pass holders have the ability to watch NBA live through pre-season, the regular season, playoff matches and the NBA finals. There is also the ability to view games from previous seasons using the on-demand feature.

Added pluses are the fact that you get access to the season’s special events such as Global Games and the highly entertaining NBA All-Star game.

Sounds the perfect solution, right?

While on the face of it the NBA League Pass ‘does what it says on the tin’ and allows those wishing to watch NBA live with a variety of options from a 1-off game purchase, or weekly, monthly and annual passes there is a potential problem.

It is an issue that is the source of immense frustration for those fans who quite rightly want to watch NBA live stream free content whenever they desire.

This annoyance is in the form of game blackouts. Once again this is down to TV rights. It is caused because the basketball powers that be have assigned (contracted for generous sums of revenue!) a regional broadcaster the sole rights to broadcast the game on their TV channel, but they cannot broadcast it online.

So, even with a paid-up NBA League pass, if you are out of that region you will be unable to watch NBA online.

For League Pass holders in the US please go to the NBA website and enter your ZIP code in the section that relates to which teams and games you will be unable to watch.

I’m not sure about you, but that seems extremely unfair to me!

Secure a League Pass, avoid the blackout!

Thankfully, you already have the solution to ensure NBA streaming of all the games you desire. That solution is to take the League Pass and use it in conjunction with a reliable VPN subscription to bypass such blackouts.

Just to make clear, you will achieve your NBA live stream free from blackouts by connecting to a country that does not offer the League Pass, Mexico is an excellent example in our case.

By connecting to a VPN server in that country you are in effect changing your IP address and by doing so will be able to watch NBA online to your heart’s content.

It cannot be stressed strongly enough how important it is to go with a respected VPN provider and that those companies touting free VPN services really are not the way to go.

Folks, we ain’t finished with that ANNUAL League Pass yet!

As I have mentioned, the League Pass offers a mix of subscription opportunities. This goes from a one-off game to an Annual Pass. Those going for the annual pass need to listen up!

There is no doubt that this yearly passport to basketball heaven offers a wide and varied content package allowing you to watch NBA online programmes at your leisure.

There is also no denying that the pricing of this annual pass varies significantly and is dependent upon which country you subscribe from.

Just 3 examples taken from the 2016/17 season:

  • Sign-up Country: UK – Annual subscription: $239.99
  • Sign-up Country: Hong Kong – Annual subscription: $209.99
  • Sign-up Country: India – Annual subscription: $109.99

Use your VPN provider to secure the best cost International NBA League Pass:

Before I explain the simple process of how to save BIG Bucks on your League Pass I need to alert you of another huge advantage the International NBA pass offers over the American pass.

When taking the International Pass the blackout policy does NOT apply. This means that all games are broadcast live. Yes, let it sink in slowly, NBA live stream free and unrestricted for every single game regardless of regional TV deals that have been struck.

Save while you rave!

By taking note of the VPN providers I recommend below you will be content in your ability to:

  • Cheer your favorite players on thanks to the VPN service allowing NBA live stream free from restrictions.
  • Saving money big time

And this is how you will save on an NBA annual League Pass:

  1. Take out a subscription with one of the VPN providers I recommend below.
  2. Download the app on whichever device(s) you intend to watch NBA live games
  3. Use your VPN service to connect to one of their servers located in India
  4. Click on the NBA League Pass subscription page
  5. Register and pay the lowest possible price.

Which VPN allows quality NBA streaming?

After an in-depth investigation, extensive comparisons and trialing of providers offering VPN services I list below my recommendations of the companies offering the most robust, secure services.

Choosing any of these providers will allow you to watch NBA live and unrestricted wherever you are in the world.

It also goes without saying that other live sporting events (like NHL streams or Champions League stream), live TV and music channels can be viewed in whichever region this content is stored – and the VPN provider has servers.

Sports fans standby!

I hope you Basketball fanatics enjoyed this piece. NBA live stream, free from restriction has to be the way to go and I am already there but I am not finished yet.

Sport is a particular passion of mine so stand by for lots more articles on how to get the best live sports coverage; no matter what your poison is!


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