How to watch Vudu Outside US in 2024

Do you think if everyone knew how to watch Vudu outside US, the world would be a better place? We might never know but there’s definitely a chance that having access to this video streaming service will do you a world of good. We’ll let you know how to watch Vudu online in this article.

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The article was last updated on 12 June 2024


There’s currently no limit to what the world of entertainment has to offer. Given the rate of content consumption, there’s a need to supply viewers with content that’s captivating. This has resulted in the rise of online networks that are perfect for watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

watch vudu outside us

Over time, the focus shifted to easy access which is where our streaming service for the day shone. Vudu has made a name for itself by being a network that supplies great content and also assures users of easy access. With a content library that’s loaded with TV series and movies in the thousands, the streaming platform is at the top of its game.

Source of pain? Vudu restrictions

Despite the huge benefits of Vudu live streaming, it is unfortunately not everywhere. Financial regulations could be a reason but in the end, the system in place takes the most blame. Essentially, it has become impossible to watch Vudu online if the service provider isn’t in your area.

This is because the Vudu movie streaming rights are only given to one network provider per area. This provides uniformity and control for the venture but unfairly cuts out other viewers. The only way to know your Vudu outside US has been geo-restricted is an error message.

On the part of the content providers of watch Vudu outside US, their reasons are understandable. The geo-restrictions are in place to regulate other business aspects of the streaming service. This includes advertising, localization of shows, and of course, pricing. Additionally, the regulation method for this content involves the scanning of IP addresses trying to get access to watch Vudu online.

The scanning system for Vudu outside US might be tedious but does Vudu work outside the US? Absolutely. You just need a VPN.

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How To Get Access

When wondering how to watch Vudu outside US, you can’t go wrong with a VPN. Before we get into what VPN is perfect for you, We need to understand what it actually does to your digital information.

how to watch vudu outside us

A VPN is a piece of software that allows you to route your online data through its servers. This way, the browsing information to watch Vudu outside us is supplied by the VPN and not your regular internet service provider. The data gets encrypted on its way to get the necessary and on the way back. It will only be decrypted when the search results are sent back to you.

To guarantee your privacy, the VPN hides your IP address when trying to get access to Vudu outside US. This protects your online identity and ensures anonymity at all levels.

Features Your VPN Choice Must Have

At this point, you need to get familiar with the features that your VPN offers. Safe to say that if the service of your choice doesn’t have the following, not knowing how to watch Vudu outside US will be the least of your worries.

Privacy: This is arguably the base requirement when it comes to using a VPN to watch Vudu online. Whether you’re surfing the net or trying to break through a tough firewall, you need a VPN that can guarantee your interactions are kept anonymous.

Digital Security: There is no shortage of hackers on the internet with a shared objective of getting access to your browsing data. As such, ensure you get a service that comes with a high level of security that can keep unlicensed parties at bay.

vudu outside us

Cross-platform compatibility: There’s really no point in it being a solution for access to Vudu outside US if it can’t work on all your devices. When selecting a VPN to go with, choose one that can alternate between smartphones and computer systems with ease.

Speed: Not saying it has to be a literal bolt of lightning but high levels of speed will do you a world of good. This is because using a VPN already means the connection travels across long distances resulting in slow internet speed. To balance this out, choose a service that has a little negative impact on your internet speed when trying to watch Vudu outside us.

Simultaneous connections: Before proceeding with your VPN choice, it is vital that the selection is one that hookup to multiple devices at once. This allows you to carry out different tasks at the same time. For instance, you can learn how to watch Vudu outside US and still catch up on the latest news updates.

Customer support: When things get tough, we all need help to push through. Having a VPN service that can provide you with top-notch customer service is a huge asset. Only get a service that comes with round-the-clock client support for all your browsing issues.

How To Use A VPN

At this point, you know what to look for but not how to watch Vudu outside using a VPN. To get started, you can follow this simple guide;

Select a VPN: To reiterate what we’ve spoken about, choose a VPN service that meets all your requirements. The feature list above comes with all the necessary requirements to tick off. We also have a special recommendation for you so keep reading.

Set up the VPN: To kick off the process, download the app and install it on the device of your choice. After that, register an account on the streaming service.

Choose a server: Know a location that has access to watch Vudu outside US? Excellent. Use the VPN to connect to that location and start you can begin viewing your favorite shows.

watch vudu online

How To Connect From Abroad

If you’ve asked the question “Can I use Vudu outside the US?”, this solution is perfect for you. Just connect your VPN to a server in the United States and you can watch Vudu online directly from its website.

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Best VPNs for Streaming

With all we’ve told you about VPNs, you are no doubt ready to begin scouring the internet for a top pick. This is however a tedious exercise and will only cause you to waste time. To speed up the process and let you watch Vudu online a lot faster, we’ve put together a list of quality streaming services you can use:

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Free VPNs? Don’t Do It

Despite the promises made by free VPNs and solutions similar to how to watch Vudu outside US, they, unfortunately, can’t be trusted. To begin with, free VPNs have never been known to guarantee customers of data privacy. This is because they rely on the sale of user data as a means of making a profit.

There are also cases where such VPNs have assured users that they have no logging policy but this was false. UFO VPN is a prime example of the deceitful agenda being pushed by free VPNs. During the course of its operation, it had over 20 million users and gave them the assurance of a no-logging database. Security researchers however proved that this wasn’t accurate and exposed a database that was already open to public access.

watch vudu outside us

On the whole of it, logging policies are not your only concerns when using free VPNs. There’s the possibility of your bandwidth getting resold and malware getting access to your files. Additionally, there’s a high chance of your IP address getting banned and internet speed slowing to a crawl. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you need a quality streaming service to allow you to watch Vudu outside US with no issues.

ExpressVPN is that streaming service that answers the question; how to watch Vudu outside US. A user favorite across the globe, this service can give you all the required access to watch vudu online. It comes with a 30-day trial to get used to the service and money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service in the end.

Benefits of A VPN

The perks of having a VPN at your disposal are phenomenal and we’ve listed a few for your reading pleasure;

  • All-round data protection
  • Connection to multiple devices
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Browsing convenience
  • Constant and fast internet speed
  • Access to multiple servers across the globe

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Finding a VPN service that is perfect for letting you watch Vudu online is a lot easier with this article. You can also use the ExpressVPN service we have recommended to get started on your browsing journey and bypass restrictions with ease and no hassles.


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