When, Why and Where Do You Need a VPN? The Real Story

Online Privacy didn’t have much meaning in the earlier days of the Internet. Gone are the days when the Internet was considered as a safe digital neighborhood, things have changed since then, there are many entities waiting to get their hands on your data.

It’s no coincidence that Google remembers your search queries and shows similar ads and website suggestions. Your online activities are constantly being monitored and in some cases even logged. That “Incognito” mode you have switched your browser isn’t helping anybody, and your data can still be snooped in.

As Edward Snowden revealed, NSA, and other governmental agencies log your online activities, your email, and even your text messages. While all this is done in the name of being vigilant against the threats, we can’t help but feel violated at this invasion of our privacy. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want what I do online to end up in a government log someplace.

The article was last updated on July 12, 2024

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is that you are as vulnerable as a House of Cards on the internet. Your privacy is as fragile as it comes. Every minute you are online, your online security and privacy is at the risk of getting attacked. Let’s just say being on the internet unprotected is like living in a glass house where whatever you do is presented clearly for everyone to see. We understand the truth is a little terrifying, but there is no need to go offline and plug off the internet. We have for you the ultimate solution!

The Ultimate Solution

There is one solution to all these security and privacy concerns which is a Virtual Private Connection. What a VPN does is it safeguards your right to online privacy by giving you anonymity. We see instances of hacking, data collection, identity theft, data snooping every day on the global news and the only way to secure yourself from all these scares is a VPN.

Why Do I Need a VPN?

As our lives are digitally intertwined with our gadgets these days, and we have established how this digital space is not as safe as we’d like to think it is, its high time that you protect your digital interactions with a VPN connection.

why do i need a vpn

When do I Need a VPN?

Maybe all the above led you to believe that you don’t need a VPN, you got nothing to hide. It’s a very rare possibility that the Government would be interested in what episode of Jessica Jones you are currently watching but you need to stop and think that while you are a law abiding netizen as clean as a whistle, not everybody is as nice as you. There are many cyber criminals just lurking in the background waiting to get their hands on your information, and while you think your information is of no use to anybody, it can be gold in the hands of people who know how to use it.

Below we have mentioned a few instances when you need a VPN:

1 – When you’re a Researcher

Whenever you visit a site, your IP address gets logged, and that’s the last thing you’d want if you are in the research business. Tipping off your competitors that you are on their website collecting data is any researcher’s worst nightmare so fire up that VPN and become anonymous with an IP that can never be traced back to you.

2 – Tired of Search Engine Logging

As a privacy enthusiast, I can’t help but get annoyed at Google for storing my every search. Not denying the fact that Google is a complete Lifesaver but I am not a fan of the fact that Google already knows what I want to search based on my previous searches. With a VPN, your future searches will no longer be logged.

3 – You want to Video Call

Many countries don’t allow Video calling and in some countries, there are strict surveillance laws on video calls if not restrictions. When you have that VPN, you can change your location to be from any part of the world and Skype as much as you’d like.

4 – You Just Want to See Your Favorite Program

You need a VPN when your favorite TV is on air, and the only thing that’s standing you between you and your favorite show is a stubborn notification that says “Not available in your Country”. You are desperate to find out what happened after that nasty cliffhanger that the show makers threw at you the last season. Well, fret not, fire up that VPN and get access to the geo-restricted websites. You would never know Jon Snow was still alive if it wasn’t for that VPN, so we highly recommend getting one.

5 – When you’re a Downloader

You’d be lying if you’d say you haven’t downloaded movies via torrents. Everybody downloads softwares and other things for their day-to-day use. Legal or not, you want to avoid all sorts of trouble because there are some serious laws in place regarding this and VPN is the only surefire way to stay safe. Everything else is just a false sense of security.

6 – When You Love Free Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi; I’ll answer that, nobody! Everybody loves free Wi-Fi but what I don’t love is knowing that my private data and online activities are available to everybody on a silver platter when I am connected to these public networks. The only way to keep freeloading your Wi-Fi while ensuring complete security and privacy is a VPN.

7 – When You Love Your Privacy

Privacy is very dear to everybody. Nobody wants people breathing down their necks keeping an eye on their every move and keeping tabs on their online whereabouts. Online Freedom is what every netizen seeks, and you shall have it with a good VPN connection.

Where Do You Find a Perfect VPN:

An ideal VPN is the one that offers a solid balance of features, network locations, connection speeds and security protocols. Here is a precise checklist for you to gauge which VPN is the best for you:

  • Encryption Protocols: Check what encryption protocols your VPN provider offers.
  • Mobile Access: All major VPN’s are now accessible on smartphones as well with dedicated mobile apps.
  • Security Protocols: Ensure that your VPN provider supports the major security protocols such as L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, etc.
  • Bandwidth: Also check the bandwidth your VPN provider offers.
  • Connection Speeds: A reliable VPN offers fast connection speeds regardless of the location.
  • Customer Support: It is important that your VPN provider provides round the clock customer support should you have any query.
  • Data Logging: If your online activities are logged then it sort of defeats the entire purpose of having a VPN so be sure to check your VPN provider’s logging policy.
  • Number of Servers: A large number of servers scattered globally means more locations for users to choose from.

This above checklist should help you find out the perfect VPN; you can view our list of best VPN’s right here.

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