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ZPN is located in the United Arab Emirates and is a part of Vostok Soft FZC. Since the Middle East especially Saudi, UAE, and Egypt has strong digital privacy rules, it amazes us how a VPN company is operating from such a country. Using VPN is banned in the UAE, and there is strict punishment if found using one. It is intriguing to see how a free VPN service is being operated from UAE under the nose of authorities.

Before we head towards the review of this VPN, let’s shed some light on its features in a nutshell. ZPN is mainly popular as a “Free VPN,” but it does have a paid version up its sleeves. The paid version offers more features and expands the limits set by the free version.

Feature Value
No logs? Yes, this provider has a no-log policy
Can use it for Torrenting? Yes, it works fine with torrents
What kind of Netflix does it work with? US, UK, FR, CA, AU, DE
Simultaneous connections 5
What countries does it cover? 20
What Operating Systems does it support? Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs
Money-back guarantee policy 7
What protocols does it offer? OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec
Does it offer unlimited traffic data? Yes, it does
Cipher Most secure encryption: Military AES 256 bits
Number of IP Addresses
Number of Servers? 926

ZPN Pricing Plans – How Much Does a Free VPN Charge?

ZPN offers three pricing plans; each is defined in detail below.

Monthly Quarterly Yearly
Free $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Mobile (only for a single device) $2.99 $2.49/month $1.99/Months = $23.88 (per year)
Premium $9.99 $7.99/Month $5.99 = $71.88 (per year)

To subscribe, you’d first have to register yourself and then sign in to your account. This is baseless as compared to other paid VPNs since no one like a hassle to go through a lengthy registration process. It is recommended first to check their services via free version and then decide to go with the paid version.

ZPN Servers – Are They Enough To Surf Anonymously?

The free of cost version gives access to five different locations which is pretty ordinary. Let’s hope that the paid version will give at least 200 server location.
We are not so pleased to announce that the paid version of this VPN only has 20+ locations that are a pinch of salt in the paid market. At this point where Expressvpn and NordVPN are offering server locations in hundreds, it’s a shame to see such a popular name like ZPN only offering 20 while charging like the premium VPN service providers.
Although this free-paid VPN has more than 8 million users across the globe that doesn’t mean all of them are using the paid service. ZPN’s paid version is nothing but a waste of money since it badly fails in the most-point scoring domain of a VPN.
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Which Protocols is supported by ZPN?

When it comes to free VPNs, ZPN wins the deal with OpenVPN encrypted by AES256-bit encryption. It is commendable that ZPN is offering market best encryption and protocols. This has a direct impact on its speed since this VPN has merely 20 server locations and 8 million users; the amount of density on each server is too much. Users must have complaining about slow speeds.

Analyzing Privacy and Security of ZPN

As mentioned earlier, ZPN is registered in UAE which has strict laws over use of VPN. Upon digging more about the company and its origin, we were left out with no clue whatsoever. There is almost no information about its business on the internet. A quick search reveals that it is owned by a company named Vostok Soft FZC. Vostok is a Russian name for “east,” this means that the company has Russian or Slovakian roots. This might not interest you but this will, “their social media accounts are inactive since 2015.”
The company’s terms of service and privacy policy are quite contradictory; the VPN provider boasts that it does not store any log, however;
The VPN clearly states that it does not monitor any activity of its users, however, will be obliged to if asked by the law enforcers.
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Cross-Platform Compatibility and ZPN

ZPN VPN provides free services for only three platforms that include;

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android

However, you can enjoy its services on popular platforms with a paid subscription.

  • ZPN VPN for Windows

It comes with a variety of configurations, it is compatible with;

  • Windows 8 (L2TP and OpenVPN protocol)
  • Windows 7 (L2TP and OpenVPN protocol)
  • Windows Vista (L2TP and OpenVPN protocol)
  • Windows XP (L2TP and OpenVPN protocol)
  • ZPN VPN for Apple

The free version of this VPN was only compatible on iOS, but the paid version supports Mac OS X as well. That too with both OpenVPN and L2TP VPN Protocol.

  • ZPN VPN for Android

Android is blessed to be supported by both plans (free and paid). ZPN offers both
OpenVPN and L2TP tunneling protocol for its Android users.

ZPN Blogs are not updated since Years

Blogs are a vital element to your website. A company keeps its users/clients updated with write-ups that are related to the product. These blogs can also be tutorials to help set up the product (VPN) or can be guided to use the maximum potential of the product.
ZPN does have a blog section in its navigation bar, but we were disappointed by their lack of interest in this section. The last blog that was published on this section was back in 2016; yes you read that right, three years ago. Here a snapshot just in case;
Being a free VPN and having millions of clients doesn’t mean that you’d overlook your tutorial-support. This carelessness is condemnable since blogs have their very important in building a great VPN.

Torrenting – Limited for Paid Users Only?

This age of the internet is making things easy for the public by giving almost everything on the tip of their fingers. Torrenting being one of the best leisure activities for many have been under the radar of intelligence agency since it violates the piracy of the content.
Yes, P2P is only allowed on a paid plan, the free users cannot enjoy the liberty of torrenting but they can by merely spending $2.99/month.
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Concluding this ZPN review, we’d say that ZPN is a good choice for freebies and freebies only. If you are thinking to buy its paid subscription, then please do not, it is not worth it.
ZPN comes at a premium price which is too much to ask for a product like this. Instead, you can consider subscribing for ExpressVPN and NordVPN at similar prices but 100 times better features and reliability.

6.5 Total Score
Reliable, Fast and Free VPN for everyone

  • Comes with a 10GB Free Monthly Data
  • Supports anonymous payments
  • Cheaper for single device use
  • Slow connection speed
  • No Card payment option available
  • Poor client support
  • Blogs are not updated in years

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