Best Free VPN For Chrome That Really Do The Job

-If your preferred browser is Google Chrome, then join the gang! It is the most popular browser out there. But what actions are you taking when going online to protect your safety and security? If the answer is nothing, then it’s time to ramp things up and that is just where a free VPN Chrome service is an ideal start.

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A defensive duo

Pairing Google Chrome with one of the best free VPN for Chrome subscription makes good sense. Simply using the browser without one of the best services out there or downloading a free VPN Chrome extension means that potentially you are leaving personal data ripe for the picking from government agencies, ISPs, and hackers.

This scenario is particularly the case if you are a regular user of free Wi-Fi sites. You do not need me to tell you how common and convenient such networks are.

These free sites are so easy to connect to. It means many do so without a second question as to the security and real intended purpose.

In case you are wondering, the first (and probably the only) question asked when within range of free Wi-Fi is: “What is the password!”

You need to be 110% aware that these free services are a hacker’s playground and many of these individuals play very hard.

For those who do access free Wi-Fi when out and about something has to be done about safety and security. By combining one of the best free VPN for Chrome services available with your browser is the first step to safe and secure online access.

Having said that this defensive duo is good, but it is certainly not the best way to go

Good start but there is better!

By its very nature, ‘free’ in the case of a free VPN Chrome service for your desktop or laptop, or a free VPN Chrome extension that many use for their smartphones means there is no financial cost for using it.

But, you will pay in other ways. The technology, expertise and employee costs of running a VPN are significant. Providers are not charities. It is therefore only reasonable for them to levy period subscription fees in return for such a solid internet tool.

By doing so they maintain high-quality global links, servers in many different countries and regions and have a business plan to make a profit at the end of it.

This means that you do get what you pay for in terms of VPN Chrome services. As already stated, the implementation of a free VPN Chrome extension is certainly a step in the right direction but these services will cost in other ways, even the best free VPNs for Chrome.

What to be aware of about free VPN Chrome extension offers

The speed, quality, security and customer service given by even the best free VPN for Chrome providers will not tie the bootlaces of what is offered from a premium VPN Chrome provider.

The likelihood is that you will have a service where security protocols are undoubtedly secure (think PPTP protocol), but nowhere near as robust as L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP or SSH offered by top-tier VPN Chrome providers.

Speed will generally be below expectations, the service is likely riddled with ads (they have to get revenue in any way they can), there is a possibility that your data will be sold to the highest bidding advertising agencies (repeat: they have to get revenue in any way they can!) and in the worst scenario, they could be stealing your connection and using your bandwidth for other users!

Having said all of that, the recommended free VPN Chrome providers mentioned below offer a solid if restricted service that is a positive way to go for those who are simply testing the water with VPN technology.

Although, if this is your intention it should be noted that all premium VPN Chrome providers offer free trial periods with ‘no quibble’ money-back guarantees).

The 5 best free VPN for Chrome services:

There are a host of free providers out there and I have weeded out many in the hope it will save you precious comparison time.

Each of the best free VPN for Chrome providers below has built a solid reputation in an overcrowded sector.

Just to confirm, free VPN Chrome extension and best free VPNs for Chrome downloads are the norms, when opting for such services.


1. ExpressVPN – The best free VPN chrome extension

ExpressVPN is not really a free VPN per se. But it offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. And you can ask for a refund with no questions asked. So, if you create a new account each month, it’s actually free!

Their free VPN Chrome extension can be directly downloaded from the Chrome Store. While it allows you to protect your web traffic, we recommend using the client to secure all your traffic. Indeed, it’s the only way to protect you if you download torrent files, for example.


  • Thousands of servers in about 100 countries
  • Unblocks everything
  • Free service is very fast
  • Sign up and install is very straightforward
  • Helpful, proactive customer service
  • Does not keep logs


  • The extension encrypts browsing data only
  • Need to renew the subscription every 30 days

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Private Internet Access

2. Private Internet Access (PIA) – Ability to skirt Netflix Geo-Restrictions

As you can see in my review, this service offers a full, free VPN Chrome version with a service that is both reliable and secure. Included in the service is a free VPN Chrome extension. Set up is extremely straightforward.

Key benefits include:

  • Very strong encryption protocols
  • A Proxy gateway
  • Secure Hotspot offering – We touched on it earlier but those who use public Wi-Fi must employ some security measures
  • Ability to overcome Netflix blocking tactics – Note: Being able to gain unrestricted access to Netflix is a moving target due to the streaming giants blocking laws, but AtlasVPN currently achieves this.
  • Free VPN Chrome extension can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Store.


  • Only 10 GB worth of data each month
  • Restrictions on service – Free users do not get access to the full range of ‘paid for’ services offered
  • Aggressive ad blocker stance


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cyberghost vpn

3. CyberGhost VPN – Completely Free – Completely Upfront

CyberGhost is a completely free service. But, as should be expected the chargeable premium service offers far more. The company claims millions of users but has come under recent scrutiny relating to its free service, not its premium service.


  • Completely free service
  • Protects online privacy
  • Allows access to geo-restricted content


  • Free service is fairly basic
  • When using the free service, access is only permitted to a few servers
  • Premium service is far superior to the free service
  • Free service gives slow connections

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IPvanish VPN

4. IPVanish VPN – Sound choice for anyone new to the VPN world

For those just starting on the VPN trail, IPVanish is an excellent entry point. While it is not as fully customized as other VPN Chrome services out there it is most definitely a reliable and secure service.


  • Employs AES 256-Bit encryption protocol as a default
  • Servers located in 20 countries (Please note ‘server’ comments in limitations below)
  • Efficient customer support. This can be a real help for those just starting out
  • Bandwidth increase in return for a monthly tweet
  • Very upfront about their partial logging policy. This means you know what is being logged while connected to the service


  • Not as customizable as other VPN Chrome services
  • Servers: Although IPVanish has servers in 20 countries the number of total servers is limited

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5. NordVPN – Top quality online protection

NordVPN divides opinion, but I include them due to the excellent online protection and the ability for users to access a good selection of geographically restricted sites. Having said that, if a minimal logging policy is what you are after they will not be your first choice in terms of best free VPN for Chrome providers.

User experience is highly divided. Those that love NordVPN do so with gusto, those against feel ad and logging policies are too intrusive.


  • Excellent protection while you surf your way around the ‘Net’
  • If streaming is your thing then you will find access to a good selection of geographically restricted streaming sites with this free VPN Chrome provider


  • Overly complex installation
  • No torrenting support
  • Free VPN Chrome version includes ads. Some users complain about their placement tactics
  • Logging practices have recently raised eyebrows

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You get what you pay for

I have touched on the fact throughout the piece that you get what you pay for in the VPN world. It is clear that choosing one of the best free VPN for Chrome providers out there is far better than nothing. And that, depending on your internet intentions, they may well fit the bill. ExpressVPN is our recommendation.

You can also go to the Chrome Store and check out the number of free VPN Chrome extension downloads available. But do remember you will be paying in other ways, usually by data mining and selling information to advertisers. If this is not a concern then please do check out the security offered from any free VPN Chrome service you plump for.

And if you’re serious about protecting, you should maybe get a VPN for Mac or a VPN for Windows to protect all your traffic, and not only your web traffic.

That’s it for now, hopefully, this piece will have given an insight into Free VPN Chrome services, and exactly why they are free!

Please keep an eye out for further articles regarding the best free VPNs for Chrome. I’ve loads of interesting stuff to make your online experience that much better!

‘Till Later!


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