Best TikTok VPNs of 2024: Unblock Your Favorite Videos Anywhere

TikTok is taking the world by storm as one of the most popular social media platforms, and for good reason. Users can watch, create, and share a wide variety of short videos. However, access to the platform and certain videos are restricted in certain countries like India. To overcome this limitation, a TikTok VPN is necessary.

But not all VPNs are created equal. Some may offer better network speeds or have access to more countries. To ensure the best TikTok experience, it’s essential to use a VPN that offers a stable connection and easily bypasses geographical blocks. In this article, we will explore the top VPNs for TikTok and how to choose the best one for you.

Let’s begin.

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The article was last updated on May 24, 2024

Best VPN for TikTok

To make your search for the best VPN for TikTok easier, we reviewed various tools and only chose those that can give you access with no restrictions. These services also have multiple features that improve your browsing experience. Select any of these services now and you can get easy VPN TikTok access.

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Choosing the Best VPN for TikTok

If you’re wondering how to get TikTok from other countries, it’s all about selecting the best VPN service. To do that, we used the following criteria:

No-logs policies

One key reason why many people use VPN for TikTok is to prevent their digital behavior from being tracked and monitored. Using a VPN stops your internet service provider and third parties from seeing what you do online.

That said, the VPN provider still has access to this information. This means third parties can still see what you’re doing on TikTok with VPN. It’s a situation you’re bound to face if you’re using a VPN provider that’s based in a 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance country. These services are legally required to turn over your data for government surveillance.

To avoid this issue when you combine VPN and TikTok, it’s vital to find a VPN service that has a strict no-logs policy. This ensures the VPN provider doesn’t store any information at all. Your data won’t be compromised even if there’s a security breach or government information request.

Server and countries

It goes without saying that the more servers and server locations a VPN have in its network, the faster speeds you’ll enjoy and the more chances of getting VPN TikTok. For example, ExpressVPN has over 3.000 servers in 94 countries.

A large number of servers around can also be used to bypass blacklisting. The anti-VPN software used by certain streaming sites will automatically blacklist IP addresses that are connected to VPN servers. In some cases, this includes blacklisting complete server farms associated with VPN use.

If you’re using a small network for VPN TikTok, all its servers could get blacklisted quickly. This means you’ll end up losing access to your geo-restricted content. On the other hand, VPNs with large global networks can avoid blacklisting by constantly adding new servers. They can also switch you to a working server if the current one gets deleted.

VPN TikTok


Since you’re looking for a VPN TikTok, you’ll need to choose a VPN that supports streaming. This ensures you always have access to live shows on the platform. With this type of software, you get fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth which helps you avoid buffering and interruptions.

That said, you won’t be able to access your favorite shows if your VPN doesn’t have servers in the right locations. For instance, you’ll need a VPN with servers in the US if you want to access TikTok channels for US-based creators.

It’s also vital to remember that most streaming platforms now use strong anti-VPN software to restrict viewers from accessing content in locations that have been geo-blocked. For your benefit, we’ve tested a variety of services and found the best VPN for TikTok. This software is guaranteed to give you streaming access to live shows on Tiktok.


Another good reason for getting VPN for TikTok is to get past censorship in your home country or while traveling. Many countries restrict parts of the internet for different reasons. This ranges from blocking content that opposes the government’s political and moral standpoints to restricting private communication through encrypted social media and messaging apps.

It really doesn’t matter if you live in a highly-censored country or traveling to one. You’ll need to use a TikTok VPN to get access since the service might be considered undesirable. That said, it’s never that easy because government firewalls have a track record of being difficult to break. A good example is the Great Firewall of China, with only the most powerful TikTok VPN able to bypass it.

To make your access easier to get, the best VPN for TikTok is one that bypasses censorship in countries with high restrictions. These include China, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia.

If you want to choose other VPNs besides the ones we suggest, that’s fine. However, we advise you to keep these criteria in mind:

Compatibility with Tiktok

There’s no point in calling a software the “best VPN for TikTok” if you can’t use it on any device you choose. Before downloading, it’s important to confirm that the VPN can work for all your devices and platforms.

Additionally, you’ll need to get a VPN TikTok that connects to multiple devices at the same time. This doubles as a money saver and protection for all your devices without paying for multiple licenses.


A TikTok VPN operates by rerouting your traffic through its own private servers. This means your internet connection speed can get worse if you select the wrong service. The best VPN for TikTok can solve this issue by having a vast network of servers spread out across the world.

With more servers in a VPN’s network, users end up being efficiently distributed. As a result, each user gets a faster connection speed.


This is arguably one of the most important VPN features. Your TikTok VPN should be able to protect your information with military-grade encryption. With this in play, a hacker won’t be able to decrypt your traffic even if they intercept it.

VPN for TikTok


You don’t always have to “break the bank” to get a quality VPN. Instead, do your research on a service with the best features that fit into your budget.

Customer support

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use a VPN. In most cases, the VPN TikTok is fairly easy to download, install and set up. However, trying to navigate through the numerous settings and configurations can be tricky.

That’s why you need a VPN TikTok with quality customer support. This ensures you have quick response times if things don’t go as planned. It’s also unlikely that your VPN will be in the same country as you so you need 24/7 support.

Ease of use

As a TikTok user, you don’t want a service that doesn’t waste time in giving you access to the streaming platform. If you’re wondering which VPN is best for TikTok, it should be one that’s easy to navigate and use. This is a necessity especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

Extra features

When you use a free VPN for TikTok, you need to look beyond bypassing geo-blocks. Certain VPN types have extra features including ad-blocking and malware protection. It’s best if you choose one of these software types to give you a better TikTok experience.

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Which free VPN is best for TikTok?

Among the best TikTok VPNs around, you really can’t do better than ExpressVPN. The service has multiple servers in different countries and locations. You also get a 30-day free trial as a first-time user which can be used to access any TikTok you want.

What if things don’t work out the way you want? ExpressVPN has that covered, You get a money-back guarantee which ensures you get a full refund. However, this only works if you apply within the valid time frame.

Best VPN for Tiktok


As a first-time TikTok VPN user, you might be confused about how the service works. To help you out, we’ve looked into the most commonly asked questions and provided the best solutions:

Which country VPN is best for TikTok?

When choosing a software for Tiktok access, you can never go wrong with ExpressVPN. It helps you bypass restrictions from multiple locations combined with fast network speed.

Can I play TikTok using VPN?

Absolutely. You can use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks and watch TikTok in countries that have strict regulations.

How do I change my location on TikTok?

Thanks to VPNs, location changes are easy to do. Once you download and set up the VPN, choose a location where the content or VPN server is located. This will let you switch your IP address to another of your choosing.

Why TikTok not working with VPN?

If your TikTik is not working with VPN, it might be that the location you’re trying to access has blocked some of the app’s functions. You can bypass this by using a proxy or connecting to a server outside China.

How do I change my VPN to TikTok?

After downloading and setting up, select a location in a country where Tiktok isn’t blocked. After that, open Tiktok and use it as normal.

The Benefits of VPNs

Using VPNs offers a lot of advantages including the following:

  • Ability to securely share files
  • Keep IP addresses, locations and password data safe
  • Get access to geo-blocked services
  • Network scalability
  • Reduce support costs


TikTok is a must-have platform for top-notch entertainment. However, accessing it can be a challenge in certain countries. A reliable VPN is the key to overcoming these restrictions and fully enjoying the platform. Choosing the right VPN can be a daunting task, but by considering factors such as compatibility, security, speed, cost, customer support, and ease of use, you can make an informed decision.

To ensure the best performance when using TikTok, it’s crucial to select a VPN with servers in your region. To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 recommended VPNs for TikTok:

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice that offers unrestricted access to the best TikTok content. Try it out with a free trial and see for yourself. Don’t miss out on the fun, subscribe now. With these VPNs, you can be sure you have the best TikTok experience!


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