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Best USA VPN Services in 2020

News from the USA relating to user online privacy is a wake-up call for all. It clearly shows why a restriction-free USA VPN must be considered mandatory for anyone living or visiting the country.

Are you aware that thanks to a ruling from the powers that be across the pond, American ISPs are now allowed to sell user data? And it does not get any better! Future plans are afoot from an administration that intends to know as much about you as you do about yourself and these initiatives are being aggressively pursued.

This is the reason you must prepare all internet-connected devices before visiting ‘The Land of the Free’.

How to achieve this is the question? Thankfully, there is a solution that will protect your online privacy; the use of a USA VPN.

Here is why, and a review of the best USA VPN options for anyone visiting the United States.

The very real threat to your US online privacy

The hard-fought 2016 victory that those in favor of ‘open internet’ access achieved was sadly short-lived. This was because the US administration passed a mandate in March 2017 which decreed that all American ISPs had the right to sell user data without your consent!

It needs to be understood that this decree is only the beginning. It looks blatantly obvious that those responsible are now intent on negating user’s internet rights. Their next highly controversial target is Net neutrality. I think it’s time to get ourselves a VPN USA free.

The PATRIOT Act gives ’legal’ rights to ALL US agencies in terms of mass surveillance

Just days after the abhorrent 9/11 atrocities of 2001 President G.W. Bush, in the name of National Security put his signature to the USA PATRIOT Act. The result? This act gave the National Security Agency (NSA) unprecedented and unchallenged authority to spy on everyone, everywhere. This is why you need VPN USA free. To stop the act of USA VPN free from becoming a reality.


It took over a decade before Edward Snowden revealed what many internet users worldwide had suspected since the act’s inception: The NSA and their allies were not just spying on their own citizens but doing so as they pleased across the globe.

Understandably, this exposure caused uproar, controversy, and consternation throughout the world’s online community, yet despite this exposure and the fact that the original PATRIOT Act expired in 2015, it was rapidly renewed under the name of the USA Freedom Act.

Minor changes made with the introduction of this new act failed to convince anyone that the NSA power to indiscriminately investigate any individual they wished had been reduced.

An example of this is that the NSA had to cease their program relating to the collection of mass telephone data, but laws enforced on telephone companies mean they are obliged to retain such data. Failure to do so leads to prosecution. To this day the NSA can request and obtain this data on any individual they choose once permission has been granted by a federal court. If they could, I’m sure that they’d opt to make USA, VPN free!

American technology companies MUST also oblige

The NSA has also ensured that American technology companies collaborate. A government mandate requires them to provide ‘backdoor’ access to all of their data. This draconian measure has the potential to compromise a user’s software encryption as well as compromising your privacy.

What does this mean to you?

As an absolute minimum, you should accept that the moment you set foot on American soil you will be under surveillance. Indeed, the chances are that this is the case even before you enter the country.

Forget the term “Innocent before proven guilty”. Even though the vast majority of us are law-abiding citizens the NSA gives no consideration to such thoughts. They are at liberty to investigate any individual they please through such things as:

  • Tracking your phone usage
  • Tracking your communications via E-mail
  • Monitoring your internet usage
  • And even… Collecting Bank Account records

What does this mean you should do?

If you feel this infringement of personal privacy is acceptable, do nothing and allow the authorities to spy on you as they please!

But if, like 99.99% of the world’s population you feel the need to take action to protect this very personal and individual privacy something must be done.

This can be achieved by subscribing to an American VPN which can be used on ALL of your internet connected devices.

Think Phone, Tablet, Laptop. This solution offers rapid registration, ease of set-up and protection of your privacy which is surely yours to decide.

Torrent users and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

It would be very unwise to underestimate how seriously the USA government take copyright issues. Way back in 1998 concerted lobbying by powerful media conglomerations forced President B. Clinton’s hand to bring into being a law that extended copyright reach.

The upshot of this pressure ensured the DMCA was signed and stringent copyright legislation came into being.


There are far too many clauses to explain in detail, but one that should hit home is the fact that the DMCA allows the tracking of internet users who they feel are infringing their copyright. This is carried out by automated trackers of increasing sophistication.

If any of these private companies feel their copyright is being infringed they are at liberty to send notices to the user concerned alerting them of copyright infringement. These companies can take things a huge step further by serving notice and prosecuting the user in a US court of law.

For those of us who quite rightly use P2P protocol for torrent downloads, and there are millions of us out there, this makes a careful selection of your USA VPN provider all the more important.

It is clear that some American VPN providers are only torrent friendly on selected servers. When choosing a restriction-free VPN US service, you must make sure this is a torrent VPN.

Anyone who is concerned that understanding and finding such restriction-free VPN US access that is 100% torrent friendly can set such worries aside immediately.

This is because I have carried out extensive research on USA VPN providers which I will share with you below.

Complete privacy protection whilst in the US can be achieved

It is understandable that some internet users believe the way to surf anonymously is via the use of private browsing. Sadly, this is a misconception. This form of surfing does not encrypt or hide your traffic timeline.

Perhaps you are tempted to use a free USA VPN or any other American VPN provider for that matter. Again, this is not the best solution. Whenever the company you are using logs your activity they are obliged by law to share this data with authorities on an ‘as and when requested basis’.

So, Step 1 in your American VPN selection process is to go for a provider who clearly states and enforces a strict policy of non-logging.

The importance of ALWAYS using a VPN

It is important to understand that you should always use a VPN. Any user who thinks they are safe by simply taking advantage of a free USA VPN while visiting that country is mistaken.


The reason for saying this is that whenever a standard internet connection from any connected device is used you are vulnerable to snooping. Your phone and laptop leave a trail indicating exact activity of where you have been and what you have been searching for.

This makes the job of US agencies and their allies in terms of piecing together your activity relatively easy. It allows them to procure information giving such personal information as your identity and location.

Why are restriction free USA VPN services so important in this respect?

Because while visiting the country and taking advantage of a service provider that affords USA VPN free usage means that access via such a provider gives encryption to your connection. It protects your data from snoopers such as ISPs who log data, government agencies who are extremely active, and hackers who are ready to pounce on the vulnerabilities non-VPN connections present them.

A hidden IP address

Those users who are not using a VPN provider offering access to anonymous American VPN services are revealing their IP address. This is akin to freely providing your full address with postcode.

When using the services of a company providing secure, free USA VPN access the furthest anyone trying to establish the identity of this IP address will get is that of the VPN server you are using.

In essence, this means that snoopers can see any online requests you make, but they are unaware of who you are because they do not have the ability to link these searches to your real IP address.

Geographical restrictions overcome

How many times have you tried to watch a live sporting event, or to access content from your own country while traveling only to be denied with a message along the lines of “This content is not available in your region”.

Two stark examples: Without the use of secure, restriction-free USA VPN access while in the States you will be unable to watch programmes using the BBC iPlayer or movies using your Netflix UK subscription.

You need to be fully aware that the key to complete freedom of net usage is the ability a VPN has to unblock geo-restricted content across the globe. This will happen as long as your VPN provider has a server for that country.

The huge advantage of a VPN is its ability to emulate your location anywhere on the globe. This means that any site you visit considers your IP address to be that of your regional VPN server and therefore allows access.

It goes without saying that the best restriction-free VPN USA providers have servers across all continents in order to allow connection and content access wherever such content is placed.

But how to decide on the right USA VPN service?

Make no mistake, there are many providers out there that offer free VPN USA access. To be quite honest this makes selecting the best one for your needs a task many will be daunted by, as the best USA VPN may vary from person to person. I certainly was before deciding to spend long hours assessing, evaluating and comparing the raft of services provided by those offering restriction-free VPN US access.

The upshot of my in-depth research majors on the crucial aspect of your privacy protection as well as extensive access to English streaming site while in the US.

Here is my pick of the best. Before traveling select and register with the one you feel is most suited to your needs when selecting VPN USA free.

By doing so you are buying into the peace of mind in terms of privacy and the freedom to access whichever sites you want when you want.

The icing on the cake with these selections is that the majority offer free trial periods as well as guarantees in terms of money back if the service does not live up to your expectations.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Please read my reviews below for the complete choice of restriction-free USA VPN services which provide something that is your undeniable right: Personal Privacy. Don’t let the USA become a VPN USA free zone. Now let’s try and find you a VPN USA, free of charge (almost).


Originally an online manager, I live out my passion on this website. Most of my hobbies revolve around the internet. As part of this exciting adventure, I write detailed articles on all the relevant topics of the website. I put a special focus on security and privacy in my articles. Because I’m always concerned for our readers, and for myself. My wish is that everyone can browse the internet safely.

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