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  1. I just recently got a Kodi box for myself and I was already able to successfully connect it to my Android TV. After reading your article, I see that you always brought up the safety and technicalities of the whole controversy behind using Kodi. But the thing is, I have been using Kodi for quite a while now and I haven’t even used a single VPN app… do I need a VPN for Kodi? I mean is it really necessary for me to download and pay for one when I haven’t encountered any issues with it yet? Just curious as to how important a VPN would be in my case. Would appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks.

    • I’d love to help you out on this matter Hank. Thanks for reaching out to us. While it is certainly great news that you haven’t gotten into any trouble with your Kodi device, it can’t be guaranteed that you won’t run into any in the future. Like what you said earlier about what was written in the article, a lot of technicalities ride on the whole Kodi controversy. It’s just that some of the content that they offer are only available because of third-party add ons. It’s these add ons that could put you in real hot water. It doesn’t seem very pleasant to get in trouble just because you wanted to simply watch the basketball game so, the solution you would need is to download a VPN alongside your Kodi box. Since a Kodi box is Android TV friendly, you should be able to access the Google Play Store and pick out any VPN provider you would like. And just to give you a little nudge as to how a VPN would be of important use to you, I’ll explain a little behind how a VPN works to protect you. First of all, availing of its service basically hides you from online snoopers. How you ask? It hides your real IP address by making it look like you’re somewhere else. So even if you did get in trouble, you’d still be safe because you aren’t even where they think you are! They also make sure to encrypt your data. This essentially means that whatever data you send out to your Kodi and whatever content you accessed will be virtually non-existent because nobody will know what you’re doing but you. Now it’s time to get down to business. Knowing what VPNs can do for you, you might still be wondering which VPN should you use. My top 1 recommendation is GhostVPN. This is mainly because I see that you are a first-time user and it would probably be better if you subscribed to a more beginner-friendly service. Not only is Ghost one of the biggest and most popular providers on the market, its also the best in terms of safety, functionality and speed. Its straight forward interface makes it super easy to navigate for newcomers like you.

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