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Hey there. Welcome, you made it. You found the site you need, probably searched online to find out what is the best VPN for New Zealand or Dave from 3rd floor accounting sent you a link. You owe him a beer now, by the way. He just saved you a lot of hassle as you’re about to find out which are some of the best VPN for New Zealand.

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What is the Best VPN for New Zealand?

So, you’re here looking for VPNs. Maybe you would like to gain access to a New Zealand IP address (aka NZ IP address). Or maybe you want to change and alter your New Zealand IP address into another, or you might simply would like to just mask your NZ IP address for whatever reason. That reason is probably along the lines of online safety and online privacy, to which I largely agree with your reasons! I too value online safety and privacy and using a New Zealand VPN in order to help change and mask my New Zealand IP address is something I gladly do.

This is my personal little corner dedicated to free internet. Using internet in New Zealand seems straightforward enough, until you hit a site your ISP (Internet Service Provider) does not want you to see or use. There are many of them in New Zealand, but most are being serviced by the same two providers and their bandwidth simply resold to smaller ones. The point I’m trying to make is that you can’t really use internet in New Zealand without being subject to their privacy practices. Or rather lack of them.

If you searched which barbecue sauce is considered the best, your ISP will know about it for years to come. Quite literally, in fact. They are bound my statutes and self-imposed regulations to hold YOUR personal data for 2 years minimum. Now think back, has there been anything on your web browser in the last two years that you would probably prefer to keep private? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Feeling ready to use a New Zealand VPN for your New Zealand IP address yet? Continue on with this article to find out which are some of the best VPN for New Zealand, as well as my opinion on New Zealand VPN Free services.

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Virtual Private Network to the rescue!

What does a VPN do, really? How would it help you stay anonymous, protected from intrusions and curb potential identity fraud? To put it simple, it makes sure you are no longer in the country. As far as your ISP and any other data gathering service is concerned.

Ever been freaked out by seeing ads for baby seats when yours broke down a few days ago? Google magic at its finest! They have been keeping tabs on you ever since you made that gmail account more than a decade ago. Some will say it’s convenient. I say its borderline creepy and a rather disturbing breach of your privacy.

New Zealand VPN, free of issues and shortcomings is not that easy to find, however. For one, those suckers are not made the same. To find best VPN for New Zealand you need to think about what must be its strongest feature.

Choose your champion

Encryption, to keep your activities online private? Perhaps New Zealand VPN server availability to access locations in more countries, thus unlocking their local content? Perhaps speed, to enable tunneling that could improve your connection speeds while gaming or streaming high definition content, like Netflix for example. Finding a service with a good New Zealand VPN server for fast, yet anonymous online work is no easy task.

Price, to get the most bang from your buck?

There are many options in New Zealand VPN, free of charge, but if there is something I have learned in my expat VPN experience, is that free proxies and VPN tunneling services simply swap many watchdogs for one watchdog that stands to profit the most out of your data. This is why anything that advertises New Zealand VPN free services is something I typically avoid. The best VPN for New Zealand never advertise a New Zealand VPN Free service.

Been getting unsolicited calls after using free software? Wonder why…

Free internet, the way it was intended

Stop feeding corporations like Google and Facebook with your personal data. Access your Netflix account and all its content no matter where you are. Don’t let online stores throw personalized ads in your face every time you want to check your e-mail.

Take back your online identity with a VPN that keeps you safe, anonymous, free and just works. Remember to take care of your New Zealand IP address and stay away from those New Zealand VPN free services.

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