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Best VPN Australia – Discover What our Experts Think

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are used for a number of reasons but ultimately VPNs prove so popular because they give their users the opportunity to use the internet privately, anonymously and without any Geo-blocking restrictions from countries where popular content might be available.

We will look at VPN Australia options as well as VPN speeds Australia has to offer, but first, we will look into the reasons you might be searching for the best cheap VPN Australia has to offer.

2018 has been a great year for Australian TV.  With the likes of Safe Harbour, Panic at Hanging Rock, and Home Coming Queens there is a lot of great content around. If you find that you will be living outside of Australia while your favorite episodes of Neighbors, or the award-winning – A Place Called Home are both playing then you may find that your access to Australian TV is blocked. With streaming sites such as Stan also available a VPN with Australian servers will be a must.

VPN Australia

The VPN speeds Australia can offer really depends on the number of servers worldwide that a particular VPN may have. Other factors such as download speeds and file size limits are also important.

What is the best cheap VPN Australia can offer visitors?

While visiting Australia you may feel like some downtime, or you simply do not want to miss any of your favorite TV.  Whether it’s played on Netflix or BBC iPlayer you will find that while in Australia your access is blocked. The Australian government also highly taxes luxury items such as computer games and software while blocking online access to cheaper alternatives. Australia is currently pushing hard at attacking P2P platforms and has started a number of initiatives:

  • Blocking over 65 pirate sites
  • Blocked over 300 domains

As the Australian government tries to clamp down you will find your access to top content restricted whether you are visiting Australia, or you are an Australian national living abroad. This article will look at the best cheap VPN Australia can offer its citizens and tourists whilst also considering the platforms travelers may be using we will also consider the best VPN for iPad Australia can offer people on the go.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that VPNs are so popular because of the secure and private connections they offer their members. Australia has some of the strictest online rules in the Western world and is constantly looking for ways to limit P2P file sharing and take away a person’s online freedom. There are currently no laws in place to protect your online freedom and it can be expected that the Geo-blocking will get tougher and tougher, while more sites are blocked from the Australian people. This is why a professional VPN is so important as it allows its members to bypass all the restrictions allowing you open access to all the media you want. Below is our carefully selected list of VPNs that have servers in Australia. They also don’t collect user data or keep logs on you. 

Our Top 5 List with VPN Australia Server Access

Why You Need a Professional VPN

Listed above is just a small selection of the many VPN options available online and should be used as a guide only. Each person will have their own specific needs so it is advised that you also do your own research. Some of the terms below will help you with your search:

  • VPN Australia
  • VPN speeds Australia
  • Best cheap VPN Australia
  • Best VPN for iPad Australia
  • Best VPN for Android Australia

As mentioned earlier Australia has some of the strictest online laws which can be a major privacy concern if you don’t want the government snooping and monitoring on your daily online activity. To keep your personal lives private a VPN is a must-have a piece of affordable software. VPNs allow its members to go online anonymously. They produce a unique IP address for you so anybody monitoring does not know where you are or who you are. Also as most VPNs don’t keep logs you can stay anonymous while using their services. As Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are encouraged to slow down internet speeds of P2P software you will certainly want VPN speeds Australia isn’t tampering with. Other advantages of VPNs are as followed:

  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Military grade encryption
  • Keeps your IP address private
  • Protects your computers from vicious spying software

The Australian Government opened encryption backdoor

In July 2018, there have been reports that the Australian government was introducing encryption backdoor to access its citizens’ private communications. More and more countries are now showing little to no concern about online security nowadays.


The Australian government has been slowly forcing tech companies that are operating in their country to open their encrypted communications. In response, tech companies have written an open letter expressing their disagreement with this action. However, the government says that this move is to improve public order and counter-terrorism capabilities. Specifically, the bill states:

Implement measures to address the impact of encrypted communications and devices on national security and law enforcement investigations. The bill provides a framework for agencies to work with the private sector so that law enforcement can adapt to the increasingly complex online environment. The bill requires both domestic and foreign companies supplying services to Australia to provide greater assistance to agencies.

Although this reason is somewhat valid, the people whose data will be harvested don’t seem to agree. Having an encryption backdoor poses plenty of concerns that could compromise the security of individuals, companies, and organizations. If tech companies comply with Australia’s encryption backdoor, then messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Wickr will have to turn over their users’ decrypted conversations to the government. Despite being encrypted so that no one, not even the company itself, can read the messages, this mandate will disregard all privacy policies.

This circumstance poses another threat: cybercriminals with the technical knowledge can benefit from the backdoor system. Hackers could easily open the encryption backdoor as well and use it fraudulently. So what was supposed to be an extremely secure connection could now become a welcoming door for criminals to walk in and exploit.

Greens senator Jordon Steel-John also acknowledges this potential risk. He says,

Once the government has a backdoor into encrypted devices and platforms, everybody has a backdoor into encrypted devices and platforms. So I certainly wouldn’t be trusting them to do something as serious as this.

It’s not enough for the Australian government that telecommunication companies are already helping them by supplying information such as metadata and lawful interception. They still want to break encryptions, and digital rights organizations aren’t having it. According to Access Now, this bill will have “potential consequences seen in increases in online criminal activity and unauthorized access to personal and proprietary data.”

So what should you do if you live in Australia and could be affected by this encryption backdoor bill? One solution is to get a VPN service that is not based in Australia so it’s not subject to the country’s laws. Choose one with a military-grade encryption that’s impossible to decrypt, preferably those with 256-bit AES.

We have plenty of VPN reviews here in our site to help you choose the right service that suits your needs. There are also deals and discounts included so be sure to check them out.  Whether you live in Australia or not, safeguarding your data is a must and you have a right to your privacy.


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