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A VPN Linux combo is seen by many technical experts as the way to go for those who really do value their personal security, privacy, and freedom of access to content no matter where it is located on the Globe.

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Why the terms Linux and VPN do not gel for many individuals

Many of you will be aware that a VPN is a tool that provides a safe, secure, encrypted tunnel for online protection and anonymity, but finding the best VPN for Linux is not the easiest of tasks.

But don’t let that get you down. I am here to help you find the best Linux and VPN combo (aka Linux VPN client), but before we get into the why’s and wherefores, I do have to state that anyone looking for the best free VPN for Linux would be best served by looking elsewhere, as the best Linux VPN isn’t typically free. But it’s more than possible to find yourself a great Linux VPN client for an affordable price.

The reason for saying this is that by the very nature of the investment, management and running costs, the best Linux VPN providers need in-depth investment, in-depth technical expertise, and in-depth customer service qualities.

It should be fairly obvious that companies claiming to offer the best free VPN for Linux services are not charities and therefore, as well as providing a sub-standard service from many aspects, they will also take something from you. We will touch on that shortly, but let’s get on with the really interesting stuff first.

Linux and VPN combos really can gel!

As I hope you have gathered by now, Linux is the perfect option for those who rate privacy as a priority. And those who want to know how to delete Facebook. This is largely due to its open-source and fully transparent nature, but to be ultra-secure you can, and in my opinion, should take things even further by implementing the best VPN for Linux offerings out there.

The use of Linux and VPN (Linux VPN client) adds a whole new dimension and additional security layer to ensure your internet and online activity is not only safe, but it is also completely anonymous.

When you add these advantages to those a reputable VPN provider offers you will also benefit from such things as skirting geo-restrictions.

This is because a robust, well-constructed VPN Linux service will allow you to access content in whichever country it is placed no matter which region of the world you happen to be. The only caveat here is that your VPN Linux provider has servers in that region.

The final piece of good news is that there is now a fair selection of native apps offered by the best VPN for Linux providers meaning you really are good to go.

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Which Linux and VPN providers live up to their name?

Anyone who has delved into the murky, yet relatively easy set-up world of snooping, will be fully aware that there are people out there who make it their business to know your business. This includes government agencies, ISPs and the very real threat that hackers bring to the table.

For those with such valid concerns, we will take a look at the best VPN for Linux, and sorry, it needs to be made crystal clear from the start of this piece that this will not include any reference to those companies who claim to offer the best free VPN for Linux and Linux VPN client.

We will touch on why as we progress through the piece, but suffice to say that such companies will want something in return and that something is not what you want to give.

Let’s park that one for the moment and take a look at each of the parts that go together to make a cool Linux and VPN combo and find out what is the best Linux VPN.

Due to my personal interest, I have invested a good deal of time and effort to establish which providers really are in the best VPN for Linux category.

I have listed my pick of VPN Linux providers below and I will state that those who take the time to understand and follow my recommendations will save themselves many hours of research.

Here are some of the key facts I base my finding on:

  • The number of servers the provider has
  • The regional/country location spread of these servers
  • The number of IP addresses they have available
  • Speed of connectivity
  • Anonymity – This relates to such things as the implementation and strict adherence to a ‘No Logging’ policy and commitment to ensure no DNS leakage
  • Number of user devices supported per individual contract
  • Cost of the service along with any free trial periods, money-back guarantees and discounts for a long-term commitment
  • Customer service – pre/post-registration
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No company offering the best free VPN for Linux services can match the high standards required for inclusion in this recommended list.

Why you should avoid free Linux VPNs

As mentioned, please avoid the temptation of going with a company that touts the best free VPN for Linux offering. These companies will not provide the flexibility of access you require, they will offer sub-standard speeds and the reasoning behind such an offer is that there will be a contract clause allowing them to sell your personal data to the highest bidder.

By implementing such a ‘best free VPN for Linux’ offering you are defeating the object of maintaining your privacy and surfing with anonymity.

On the other hand, using a tried, trusted and reliable VPN Linux provider will reap rewards for a secure ‘belt and braces’ approach each and every time you go online.

Linux and VPN should not be classed as an afterthought combination!

It does have to be stated that there are VPN providers, and then there are VPN Linux providers. The latter employ Linux experts who have their finger on the pulse in terms of what you as a Linux OS user need from a Linux and VPN combination.

Topping this list includes major issues such as safety, security, and total online anonymity whenever you please and from wherever you happen to be on the globe.

As a given, you will have the ability to skirt geo-restricted content and censorship hurdles through a reliable VPN Linux subscription. This is because when online it will not be your real IP address that is revealed, but that of the VPN server you are connected to.

This means that Linux and VPN use should be a carefully combine forethought rather than a ‘maybe’, ‘perhaps’ afterthought!

Linux – active in more places than you would imagine!

While everyone out there will be familiar with operating systems (OS) such as Windows XP, other Windows versions (7 and 8) as well as Mac OS X, there will be a good proportion of you who are unaware of exactly what Linux is and the fact that it touches your everyday life with alarming regularity (Another reason why you should be looking into the best Linux VPN).

Linux is actually an operating system, but an OS with a difference, it is designed and developed by users for users.

It is also an operating system that has an extensive global reach and the ever-expanding Linux footprint now covers continents as well as a huge range of industries.

The automobile industry relies on it during vehicle production, mobile phone manufacturers use it for their smartphones, supercomputers rely on it to run the internet and without it, the world’s stock exchanges would struggle to function.

Although it is now seen as a preferred platform for managing embedded systems throughout the world, company servers and desktops, there is something that should not be forgotten.

Linux is still a highly reliable, exceptionally secure operating system for individuals who place personal privacy high on their agenda.

Just to confirm what an operating system actually does, its function is to manage the communication between the hardware you use and the software installed. Put plainly, without an OS the software installed in a device would not function.

Developed by the people for the people!

As an individual, you may be wondering why on earth you would want to ‘learn’ a new OS when the device you have comes pre-shipped with one of the popular OS versions mentioned above.

The truth is, if you are looking for a highly stable, highly secure OS free from acute virus potential, regular malware issues, crashes and reboots which are now part of your expected experience with said pre-loaded OS versions then Linux should be your choice.

And, if you wish to take it one step further for worry-free, secure and anonymous online activity a tried and trusted VPN Linux combination is by far the most effective way to go.

It is also important to understand that Linux is free to use and is distributed under an open-source license. Here are the key philosophies of open source:

  • Freedom to run the program for any purpose
  • Freedom to study how the program works with the freedom to change it to do what you wish
  • Freedom to redistribute copies to help others using the software
  • Freedom to distribute your modified version to whoever you please

Such ‘Freedom’ puts other OS companies to shame. This really is freedom of choice. Hurray for those competing to be the best VPN Linux.

Just in case the Penguin has you perplexed….

I thought it wise to keep the best until last…. Whenever you see anything related to Linux you will see the Penguin Logo.

While this has nothing whatsoever to do with the best VPN for Linux, it has everything to do with ‘Tux’ the Penguin character you will see in various guises anytime Linux is mentioned.

The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds has a long-held fascination with these flightless birds and even though once bitten, he is not shy of them! Suffice to say that the concept of Tux came into being in 1996 and has grown in stature ever since.

That’s it for now!

I hope you enjoyed this VPN Linux piece and it has shed a little light as to why the two make a very safe and secure combination.

Please keep an eye out for further articles that will enhance your online experience.

‘Till Later!


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