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10 Great Alternatives to ExtraTorrents that Actually Work in 2020

Every month it seems that a new torrent site has been shut down due to the authorities managing to catch them in a corner with nowhere to go. We all know that these sites are pretty much illegal and depending on how you look at them, morally questionable too, but who are we to judge or give an opinion on that? Some people like to download movies, games and other files for free and if ExtraTorrents was ever to go down, we know you will want a list of alternatives you could use.

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We all know that Extratorrents has had a rough ride over the years in much the same way as other torrent sites but it is still going strong. It has had to keep moving around over the years and has been shut down a number of times but extratorrents unblock this by simply moving to another address. It might not be using the Extratorrent.com address or the .cc address anymore but it can be found alive and well at Extratorrents.si.

The PirateBay.org

Anyone that knows about torrents and what used to be extratorrent.com will certainly know about the Piratebay as well. In fact, Piratebay is far more famous than that of Extratorrents due to it being one of the very first and most popular torrent sites of all time. It has also had a similar ride having been shut down, cloned numerous times with those being shut down eventually as well.

It can be found in all its glory at PirateBay.org where it will be able to give you all the torrents that you need. Whether you go here as a sort of extratorrents unblock or alternative or you are just looking to try out a new torrent site, this is one that will not let you down.


Famous for the movie torrents that he creates, Yify can be found on torrent sites all over the internet. He is known for the high quality and virus-free torrents that he provides for people but after seeing various sites such as PirateBay and Extra Torrents being shut down, he decided to also set up his own website where his fans could download his torrents.

It should be noted that you will only find movies here which is great if that is what you are looking for but if you need any other kind of torrent, you should probably stick to Extratorrent.com or one of the other torrent sites on this list.


Another torrent site with bags of history is IsoHunt (now known as IsoHunts), one of the very first torrent sites around and one of the first to be shut down by authorities. This was always regarded as one of the best and those of us that were using torrents at the time will remember all too well the sad day that it had to close its doors.

Still, the legend fights on under a different guise and if you ever have the need to find a new torrent site due to not being able to succeed with an extratorrents unblock, this is the site you should be using.


Torrents does not buck the trend when it comes to having a troubled time online as this was also shut down a good few years ago. However, like any good torrent site, it is hard to keep down as it is now known as Torrentz2.eu. Like Extratorrents, here you will be able to find a good selection of movies, music and any other kind of torrent file that you might be looking for.


A current trend with a number of these torrent sites, Extra Torrents included, is that they like to claim that they are nothing other than search engines. Technically, you could say they are as they are just allowing users to search for torrents rather than creating the torrents themselves. Still, it is quite a bold claim from the likes of Kickass, another famous torrent site, to say that they are just another Google.


1337x.to is one of the newer breeds of torrent sites and it has gained a huge amount of popularity already. It also has a good reputation among users for having a strict stance on the cleanliness of any torrent that is uploaded. Torrent sites such as Piratebay and Extratorrents try to do the same as well but there will always be the possibility of finding a torrent with a virus embedded in it.


Like 1337x.to above, RARBG.to is another more modern torrent site that has emerged in recent years. It might not have the history that Extra Torrents has but it can certainly match it for the sheer size of its catalogue of torrents. You will be able to find anything you are looking for here while you can also expect the torrents to be of a good quality in general.


While Extratorrent.com and the many other torrent sites allow you to download the torrents directly from the website, TorrentHounds has done it a different way. They ask you to download their binary client before logging into it and downloading your torrents that way. We are not sure if this does anything but perhaps add another little layer to your protection but it still provides a vast selection of torrents for you to enjoy.


If you cannot find an Extratorrents unblock after the site has been locked down once more, the various choices above will be a great option to use. Another is that of EZTV.ag, a torrent site that likes to concentrate on television shows rather than that of movies or other torrents. What we like about this site is the addition of a forum which allows users to discuss any dodgy torrents that they may have found.

Summing it All Up, now that Extratorrents down

As you can see, despite there being far more restrictions and roadblocks for torrent sites these days, they are still going strong and giving those of you that like free stuff, lots of free stuff! Just remember, modern-day torrenting should be done very carefully and through the use of a good VPN. And if you don’t know which one to choose, pick one in th elist below:


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