How to Watch La Vuelta Live Stream in 2023

You cannot claim to be a cycling sports enthusiast if you do not look out for the La Vuelta live stream. Also known as Vuelta a Espana, this cycling event is one of the three most regarded in the world. In fact, La Vuelta is the most competitive because it has more grueling tasks and high stakes and rewards.

Usually, fans line up at the trails of the sporting competition, rooting for their favorite contestants. However, with the threat of the Coronavirus still in the air, a lot of folks are opting to live-stream Vuelta from the comfort of their homes. The Vuelta livestream is not readily available on all platforms, sadly. The platforms that do afford users the opportunity to do the Vuelta livestream usually charge a fee for that privilege.

In this article, we show you the best options, both paid and free, for La Vuelta live streaming. Furthermore, we show you the how, i.e., the setup process for the Vuelta a España live stream. Finally, you will find information on how you can keep safe while accessing the Vuelta livestream. Given the security threats lurking on the internet, getting your security thoroughly cinched up is one task to take seriously. Let’s get to it!

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Last Update Made On: 7 June 2023

Best Paid Sites for Watching Vuelta Live Stream

Here are some of the paid platforms that offer La Vuelta livestream.

Eurosport Player

You get to download this app on your iOS or Android device, pay for a subscription, and start streaming.

NBC Sports

This option is available for users in the United States. The channel broadcasts the Vuelta livestream in real-time.

vuelta live stream

GCN Race Pass

This platform offers the Vuelta livestream as well as commentary on the race.

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Best Free Streaming Sites

The platforms discussed above charge a fee for accessing the live broadcast of Vuelta. But there is a way to watch La Vuelta live stream free.


This channel allows the La Vuelta live streaming free for viewers in Spain. However, if you are outside Spain, you can get around this problem with a VPN. We will discuss how below.

Universal Sports Network

This offers some sort of free Vuelta a España live stream. You do not need to pay for a separate subscription plan as long as the channel is covered in your cable subscription.


This offers the La Vuelta live streaming following the process above.

Threats and Challenges to Consider

Beyond the consideration of whether the streaming site is free or not, there are other factors you ought to pay attention to. The first is that the sites may not offer their content globally. This is due to a phenomenon known as geo-restrictions. Most streaming platforms offer geo-based content. This is the reason why what is available for users in, say, the United States would be different for users in the United Kingdom. Even if you pay for the subscription plan of any of the above providers, you may still discover that you are unable to access La Vuelta online live stream.

how to watch vuelta live stream

More so, you may experience security challenges using any of the above sites for your Vuelta livestream. Some unscrupulous service providers, especially the free ones, monitor and gather users’ data. They then sell the information to third parties such as advertising companies. In some cases, the gathered data could fall into the wrong hands. Thus, while looking to get on the Vuelta a España live stream, you could be opening yourself to compromised security.

Finally, some of the content you will find on these platforms might be illegal. Illegality here means that the platform may not have the license to stream the content. Thus, due to the licensing agreements that protect the Vuelta livestream, unauthorized access might be prohibited.

Notwithstanding, some providers still go along with it. The danger here is that you could be running afoul of the law when you engage in La Vuelta live streaming this way. If the license holder commences an action, you will be caught right in the middle of it.

Fortunately, a VPN helps you get around both the geo-restriction and the security challenges you may encounter while engaged in the Vuelta livestream. Let’s discuss the specific ways it does that below.

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Why Use a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) functions primarily as software that enhances your security. Granting you access to livestream Vuelta does not come within its core functions. However, a VPN can get around the geo-restrictions on multiple platforms while also keeping you safe while you go through the Vuelta live stream. How?

First, it is important to discuss how service providers such as streaming platforms even discover unauthorized access to their platforms. This is through users’ IP addresses. Each IP address comes with a unique location identifier. Thus, if you are attempting to do the Vuelta a España live stream from anywhere (France, the United States, Canada, etc.), your IP address gives you away. Once you are not in the approved region, the algorithm on the platforms identifies and blocks you.

However, VPNs typically have servers in various global locations. Connecting to any of the servers cloaks your original IP address, making it seem as though you are physically located in the place where the VPN server is. Thus, if the La Vuelta live streaming is blocked in your location, you can connect to somewhere compatible and stream unhindered.

VPNs also have security features to make sure that your data does not leak. Thus, even when you do the La Vuelta live streaming with a free provider, you rest assured your security is top-notch.

Also, the level of encryptions VPN providers have makes sure that even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is unaware of your activities with a VPN. They thus cannot monitor or have you arrested for viewing the Vuelta a España live stream illegally.

How To Get a VPN for Free

Typically, most VPN providers charge some money as subscription fees. This means that before you go through the Vuelta a España live stream, you will need to pay for a plan.

how to watch vuelta live stream with vpn

Of course, there are VPN providers who promise you the use of the VPN for free. You may do well to avoid such offers. First, they are often not reliable. Secondly, you could be putting yourself in danger when doing the Vuelta live stream that way.

We offer you a solution here too. Instead of taking the risk of using a free and possibly compromised VPN service, you can use the services of a VPN with a money-back offer. A money-back guarantee offer means that you will register and pay for the VPN service.

However, you are at liberty to request a refund within the stipulated window. Of the providers with this offer, we are confident in recommending ExpressVPN. It is a premium provider that gives you the speed, security, and seamless connection you need for your Vuelta livestream. Its 30-day money-back guarantee is reliable. The steps to utilize the service are as follows:

  • Download the ExpressVPN app for your device.
  • Pay for any subscription plan of your choice
  • Engage in the Vuelta a España live stream
  • Request a refund before the 30 days are up!

Best VPN for La Vuelta live stream

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Additional Benefits of a VPN

Apart from helping with the La Vuelta live streaming, are there other benefits you get using a VPN? Yes, indeed. Let’s consider a few of them below:

Improved Security

A VPN makes sure that your security is top-notch while you go about your La Vuelta live streaming.

Secure File Sharing

A VPN provides a tunnel in which you can ferry files from one end of the internet to another. No one will be able to intercept and decrypt what you send using a VPN.


In addition to Vuelta a españa live stream, you can use a VPN to unblock various other geo-blocked platforms. These include Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and so on.


If you do not want to miss out on any of the fun this season of the Vuelta a Espana, you should find a way to get on the Vuelta a España live stream. In this discussion, we’ve given you options to choose from for a riveting La Vuelta live streaming experience.

Furthermore, we’ve shown you the security challenges you may experience with such an endeavor, and how you can overcome them with a VPN. If you stick to the instructions and suggestions, security threats will be the least of your concerns while you do the Vuelta live stream.

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