A Tutorial on how to watch the Tour de France 2024

The Tour De France is an annual men’s multi-stage bicycle race held in France. With all the cycling excitement in store, you definitely need to have access to the Tour De France live streaming. This article will teach you how to watch the Tour De France live stream from any location with no stress.

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The article was last updated on June 14, 2024

The Best Streaming Sites For The Tour De France

If you want paid access to watch Tour De France online, these are some platforms you can use:


Live sports are a major magnet for Peacock. For instance, users can watch the Super Bowl in addition to every Sunday Night Football game this season. Because of its coverage, it is one of the best services you can use for the Tour De France live stream.

Peacock also owns the rights to 175 live Premier League games and replays of each game for the 2021–22 season.

Additionally, Peacock has increased its IndyCar coverage, is the home of World Wrestling Entertainment (including pay-per-view events), and this year broadcast NHL Stanley Cup Final matches.

Some skating, skiing, and supercross events are included in the service’s sports coverage to complete it. It should be noted that premium subscribers only have access to practically all of Peacock’s live sports content.

There are two price tiers offered by Peacock: the $4.99/month Premium tier, which includes on-demand, ad-supported shows (including live sports); and the $9.99/month Premium Plus premium, which includes the whole collection of content (ad-free).

Peacock’s $4.99/month option is extremely cost-effective, and unlike Netflix’s inexpensive $6.99/month ad-supported tier, Peacock’s subscribers won’t be deprived of any material.

This tier is the same price as Paramount+’s ad-supported plan; however, it is a bit less expensive than Hulu’s $7.99/monthly counterpart.

USA Network

The USA Network is primarily a cable and satellite television channel famous for airing a wide range of well-liked TV programming, including drama series, comedy, and reality shows.

However, it also offers the USA Network App, a streaming service that enables users to access the network’s programs online.

The USA Network App allows viewers to watch episodes of a selection of the channel’s programming whenever and wherever they choose on any internet-connected device.

To access the full variety of material, viewers typically need to log in using their cable or satellite TV provider credentials. However, some programs and episodes might be accessible without a cable subscription for free.

Tour de France live streaming

The Best Free Streaming Sites for The Tour De France

If you are interested in watching the Tour De France live coverage with no charges, you can use the following platforms:

France TV Sport

France TV Sport is a free streaming service that offers in-depth highlights and live sports content. It is a division of France Télévisions, the country’s public broadcaster, and it specializes in sports-related programming.

As a viewer, you can enjoy a wide range of sporting events and contests on France TV Sport, including major international tournaments, regional leagues, and the Olympic Games. Sports, including football (soccer), rugby, tennis, athletics, cycling, and more, are all covered by the service.

Through its website or mobile application, users can view France TV Sport without charge. Fans can follow the action in real-time by watching live feeds of ongoing athletic events provided by the site.

It also offers replays, highlights, and post-match analyses so that fans can catch up on the most important moments and analyses of different sports.

Rai Play

The free streaming service RAI Play is offered by RAI, the state broadcaster of Italy. It provides a variety of programming, such as TV shows, films, documentaries, newscasts, and sporting events.

RAI Play makes it simple for customers to watch their preferred shows at their own leisure by allowing users to access live streaming and on-demand material.

RAI Play offers live broadcasts of RAI’s television channels in addition to the on-demand programming, enabling users to watch their preferred programs and events in real-time.

The service makes it simple to access RAI’s programming on multiple platforms through its website and dedicated mobile applications.

The Tour de France live stream


The official broadcaster for Belgium’s French-speaking population is called RTBF, or Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française.

Although RTBF offers a number of television and radio channels as well as online programming, it does not have a specific free streaming service that allows users to watch its shows whenever they want.

However, RTBF does provide a few possibilities for internet streaming via its main website and mobile application. Users can get live TV channel streams from RTBF, including La Une and La Deux, to watch shows in real-time.

Additionally, for a brief period of time following their initial broadcast, some shows and news pieces might be accessible for catch-up viewing on the website or App.

Despite all these options, you might still be barred from accessing the Tour De France live stream.

Keep reading to understand why this happens.

Streaming Outside Of the Availability Zone

Depending on which content provider has access to TV rights, you can still be denied access to the Tour De France live stream online or on TV, no matter how eager you are to see it.

TV rights are permission granted by a film distributor or sports governing organization to a content provider to broadcast a certain event, such as Tour De France.

Only a few TV rights can be granted to certain content producers because they are in high demand all the time. You won’t be able to view the Tour De France stream if that content source doesn’t have a presence in your area.

How to watch Tour de France

Content providers turn on geo-restrictions to prevent your access and keep you outside the streaming area.

Fortunately, access is only a change of location away if you have the correct technology.

All you require in this situation is a VPN.

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How To watch Tour De France With A VPN

While you watch Tour De France live, you can prevent operators with privileged access from viewing your data by using a VPN.

Additionally, the program alters your IP address so you can access stuff that was previously prohibited.

The following is a quick tutorial on how to set up your VPN service in case you’re wondering how to watch Tour De France from anywhere:

  • Select a reliable service that offers you the finest access from any location. In this instance, utilizing ExpressVPN to view the Tour De France stream is advised.
  • Install the software after downloading it to your computer.
  • Fill out the registration form to sign up for the service.
  • Launch the VPN application and log in.
  • Choose a server or nation to connect to.
  • Watch Tour De France live streaming easily and enjoy a private, borderless experience.

Try ExpressVPN For Free for Tour De France

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With its money-back guarantee, you may get a complete refund for whatever financial commitment you’ve made if things don’t work out.

Tour de France streaming

The Best VPNs To Stream Tour De France

There are numerous services that can help you watch Tour De France from anywhere, but sometimes one of them won’t work properly.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top VPN services so you can watch glory kickboxing live stream without becoming upset. You can be sure that using any of these options will make streaming simple.

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The Benefits Of VPNs

You may use VPNs for the following purposes in addition to having unrestricted access to watch Tour De France stream from any location:

  • Wi-Fi safety in public places
  • Your internet service provider’s data privacy
  • Evade censorship and geo-blocks
  • Data security from the services and apps you use
  • Access to any content anywhere and government data privacy
  • when working remotely, digital security
  • Ability to adapt to many smart devices


If you’re unsure how to watch the Tour De France live stream without difficulty, we’ve addressed the most frequent questions below:

Will the Tour De France be televised?

Yes, you can watch it on NBC.

Is the Tour De France on Discovery?

Yes, you can watch all the Tour de France races on Discovery+.

Where to watch Tour De France on TV?

If you prefer TV stations, you can watch Tour de France on NBC, USA Network, and Peacock.

How to watch Tour De France Online?

To watch the Tour de France online, all you need is a monthly subscription to Peacock TV.


You can now receive all the access you need to a sport that will definitely make your heart race—the Tour De France.

You can watch Tour De France on Peacock and USA Network if you want to watch it live in the United States.

Try France TV Sport, Rai Play, and RTBF if you’re looking for a cost-free choice.

When browsing online, it is advisable to use ExpressVPN to protect your data.

You may watch Tour De France live streaming without any restrictions thanks to the service’s several servers. To familiarize yourself with the service, sign up right now and take advantage of the free trial.

Get a complete return within 30 days if you’re not happy with it, thanks to the money-back guarantee.

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