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A Tutorial on how to watch the Tour de France 2020

The Tour de France is a world-famous bicycling race. It is one of the most esteemed and anticipated sporting events of the year. Being such a huge event, fans from all over the world hope to catch a glimpse of the action live. In this article, I will be teaching you a neat little trick in accessing the Tour de France live stream from anywhere in the world.

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Tour de France Streaming

Like most big sporting events, each stage of La Grande Boucle is filmed for cycling enthusiasts that can’t make it to the live time trial that lasts for over 23 days. You can still catch Primoz Roglic and 2018 Tour de France winner, Geraint Thomas battle it out in the individual time trial.

The French spectators get the advantage of watching the full broadcast of the race without needing a subscription on their very own cable TV. Of course, being a fan of your own country’s event has its perks. They easily get to watch the Tour de France live stream whenever they want.

But television networks like NBC Sports, Eurosport and SBS make sure to give you the full Tour de France streaming experience.

If you’re looking to watch Tour de France online, I recommend using your NBC Sports Gold subscription. Indeed, luckily for us, NBC Sports has officially partnered up with the grand tour to broadcast the live coverage of the race. On cable TV, the Tour de France streaming starts early in the morning at 7 a.m. daily.

And if you can’t wake up that early, or if you prefer to watch on the go, you can always avail of NBC’s Cycling Pass to watch the Tour de France live stream from any place. The pass promises a commercial-free experience while being able to choose between the live and replay versions of the competition.

Sounds great! So does this mean I get to watch the Tour de France live stream from anywhere in the world? Wrong. Unfortunately, NBC blocks users from outside the US into accessing their accounts through what is called a: geo-restriction. And if you try using this to watch Tour de France streaming in another country, the only thing you get is a blocked site. This can be really disappointing to racing enthusiasts.

Because of television rights, NBC Sports is only allowed to broadcast the Tour de France live stream within the US.

Although, there is a way to get around this problem AND still be able to watch Tour de France abroad. I mean, who’s to keep you from supporting Chris Froome?

But if you think it’s through downloading weird software and opening shady sites, then you are completely mistaken. I guarantee that it is super easy and 100% safe.

How to watch Tour de France outside the US

As you may know, all the devices connected to the internet have their own IP address. And each IP is unique. You can think of it as the virtual coordinates of your device. This is present whenever you go online and browse through the internet or when you’re simply just connected to WiFi.

But your IP address is the exact reason why you get blocked from the site when you try to watch the Tour de France live stream in another country.

You see, these geo-restrictions only work because they can clearly see your IP address if you browse the internet unprotected. If you want to know how to watch the Tour de France, the solution is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN essentially hides your real IP address and replaces it with another even though you’re not actually there! It functions by encrypting and sending your traffic through a VPN server in the US – this time. Because of this, NBC thinks you’re still in America when you’re actually on vacation trying to watch Tour de France online from another country.

How about Tour de France TV coverage?

If you can remember, earlier I said that the Frenchies get to watch the full Tour de France coverage on the daily. This is unedited and unfiltered French television. It’s all in French, and you spend a lot of time enduring the dragged out race.

But if you really want to sit down and watch the entire Tour de France live stream free, you still can.

There are 2 channels that broadcast the grand tour daily: France 2 and France 3. However, like NBC, they’re geo-restricted too. So, the only place you can access these two TV channels is in France. But with a VPN, you too can get the full Tour de France television coverage.

Since we were trying to access a US server for NBC, now we need to access a French server for the Tour de France live stream on their local channels. Once you’re connected to the server, you can access the France 2 and France 3 websites as if you are actually there.

Now you’re able to get the Tour de France streaming in French!

Top VPNs for Tour de France Streaming

Now that you’re hooked and ready to get a VPN for the Tour de France live stream, I made sure to recommend only the best of the best.

I myself have been using VPNs for many years now. I have tried a lot of the ones available on the market and have ranked each of them according to my personal liking. With this thought, I held in mind 3 general criteria for choosing:

  • Personal Experience – I’m not saying that they have a large gap in their services or anything, I just prefer some more than others.
  • Speed – Since you’re aiming to watch Tour de France online, you definitely need a fast and non-buffering video.
  • VPN server disruption – This almost never happens, but when it does, some providers move faster to fix in comparison to others.

I guarantee that all the VPN providers above will allow you to access the Tour de France live stream problem-free.

How to Watch the Tour de France Using a VPN:

Here’s what I’ve been promising since the beginning: a step by step process to watch Tour de France online.

  1. Choose ANY of the recommended VPN from the list. Our top pick is CyberGhost.
  2. Press the button to go to the VPN website.
  3. Choose a payment plan.
  4. Subscribe to their service.
  5. Download then install and open the app.
  6. Select a server of your choice. In this case, select either the US or French server to watch Tour de France online.
  7. Press the “Connect” button.
  8. Open the channel’s site and log in.
  9. Start watching your Tour de France live stream from anywhere in the globe!

And that’s the quick and easy process of how to watch the Tour de France from just about anywhere at any time.

Why should I get a VPN subscription?

It goes without saying that you already know that a VPN is capable of unblocking restricted sites. It does this by changing your IP address to make it look like you’re somewhere else.

I know you’re here just so you can find out how to watch the Tour de France. And I understand that getting a VPN may be a little too much for you.

But a VPN isn’t just good for IP address manipulation or unblocking streaming services. It has so many more functions that benefit your day to day activities than you would think. Below are some of the reasons why getting a VPN gives you more than just unblocking geo-restricted content.

Privacy and Security

In order to know how to watch the Tour de France using a VPN, one must first know what features it provides:

Originally, people used VPNs in order to access their work files from home. Before this, people just opened confidential company files unprotected. And because of this habit, these files were very prone to be stolen by rival businesses – then entered the VPN.

VPNs hide your real IP address and replace it with the address of the server you’re trying to access. So, when you visit websites, they’ll think you’re the actual server when you’re really just a visitor. This helps you sneak in and out of your company network with no one being the wiser.

In this case, going out of the country to open your all-access Cycling Pass would make it seem as if you never left the US in the first place. This way, nobody can stop you from watching the Tour de France streaming anymore.

Like I said earlier, a VPN encrypts all your data so that it passes through the server safely. It doesn’t make your identity known to the public and allows you to do whatever you want anonymously. Most of them even have strict policies about never logging your history and traffic content which means that nobody can trace what you are doing.

So in addition, nobody would even know that you’re watching the 2019 Tour de France live stream because your activity is virtually invisible. So feel free to cheer your hearts out for team sky as they battle it out on stage 12!

Because of this, I would personally say that getting a VPN subscription is a must. It’s scary knowing that all the little things you do online leave breadcrumbs which could be traced back to you. I definitely feel a lot safer knowing that all my activity is hidden from prying eyes.

Worldwide Access

Something you should understand is that a VPN isn’t just limited to the US and France. Let’s face it, the race only happens once a year. And I don’t think you’d watch Tour de France online for the rest of the 342 days.

With a VPN, you can access almost any server in any country you’d like! In countries like China which ban certain social media applications such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, you can pick any country that doesn’t barricade it and be able to use it as freely as you usually do.


Now you’re probably wondering how to watch the Tour de France with a VPN without paying.

Sorry but no good VPN service is free. However, it’s not as expensive as you might think. Different providers offer a range of pay schemes ranging from 1 month to 3 years for as low as $2.50 a month. Just think of this subscription as a little increase to your Cycling Pass and you should be set to watch Tour de France online!

And with a paid VPN, you can even use it simultaneously on all your mobile devices. One minute you could be watching the Tour de France live stream on your laptop, the next you could be in the car watching it from your phone!

There’s just so much you can do with a good VPN. So I think it’ll be worth spending on a couple of bucks.


So that was basically it on how to watch the Tour de France live stream wherever you are. Without a doubt, you’ll get to catch who wears the yellow jersey and wins stage 20. And who knows? You could even use this method to watch the Giro d’Italia or other world championships.

I suppose you already have basic knowledge on VPN now that I was able to explain it. And if you’re still scared about not knowing how to use it then, I recommend you try out CyberGhost. To me, it’s the easiest to use out of all the other ones available on the market today. It has a really straightforward interface which makes it great for beginners and experts alike.

I hope you liked this little insider trick and get to watch Tour de France live with the best experience!

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