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SaferVPN offers a pay-to-use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to its customers and is one of the leading suppliers in terms of security and reliability. This VPN has been around for some time now and has an extensive team of customer support technicians who are constantly working at upgrading your user experience.

SaferVPN has a variety of packages that can be purchased aimed at different users and their needs. Additionally to the normal VPN service, you can also purchase a VPN router from them which has their software preinstalled.

Another benefit of this VPN is its availability across all platforms. Regardless of what operating systems you are running, you will find a SaferVPN download and be able to enjoy the unlimited security and access that this VPN offers.

If you are interested in trying out the VPN but are not sure whether it will be the best for you, then the SaferVPN free trial is the best option. Other than the trial periods they also offer money-back guarantees for dissatisfied customers. You will find that SaferVPN downloads, and the installation thereof, is straightforward.

When it comes to online products it is always best to determine what other customers think about the product/service before committing. SaferVPN reviews are plentiful and you will find that most come across quite positive. Naturally, there are a few downsides to anything, and we will discuss the various pros and cons in detail throughout this review. 


safervpn interface

Not all of us are that tech savvy and this will affect our decision with regards to which VPN to get. Luckily, the SaferVPN team has provided a service that is both easy to use and easy to set up, with you being able to use the VPN within minutes from the download. The hardest part is deciding which package to buy!

Once you have decided to take the step towards this VPN, you can make your purchase and register on their website. From here the process will vary depending on whether you are using a desktop or mobile device.

For desktops, you will be directed to the download page. The download should start automatically, but otherwise, you just need to click the ‘download’ button. After downloading, the install prompts will be easy enough to follow and you pretty much only have to choose the location and accept the administrative permissions that will appear on your screen.

If you are downloading it via a mobile device, you can do everything via the app store. At this point, you will need to put in your username and password that you obtained once purchasing a package.

Some SaferVPN reviews are available which give users’ impressions of the registration, downloading, and installation procedures. If you have any trouble you can look at these reviews or visit SaferVPN site and communicate with one of the helpful customer service branches. 



The pricing options for SaferVPN are quite extensive. They have three main packages to choose from, but they also have business and enterprise deals.

If you are a normal user that just wants to buy a VPN service for home use, then the three packages you can choose from are the single month, 1 year, and 2-year options. The price drops considerably each option, starting at $10,99 a month and going up down to $3,29 a month.

Regardless of which option to choose, you should consider looking at online coupon sites and other SaferVPN reviews. Many of these sites are in communication with the SaferVPN team and they may have organized a few special discounts that can make the monthly price even sweeter.

If you are a business or enterprise, you will be able to pay an even better price. The reason for this is that the package includes more users and therefore even though you are paying a slightly reduced rate per month, you have to pay that rate for each user. The business package starts at 10 users.

The enterprise option is slightly more expensive than the business package but provides users with access to cloud storage facilities and is slightly more secure.

There are numerous payment options and SaferVPN reviews will show that they are a reliable company to spend your money on. If you have any problems within the first month the company will refund you for the entirety of your purchase. There is also a SaferVPN free trial which allows users to try out their service before making any financial commitments.

Bitcoin is accepted by the company and they consider this option the most secure form of payment because it means not even them (SaferVPN) know who is buying/using the product. 

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Feature Value
No logs? Yes, this provider has a no-log policy
Can use it for Torrenting? Yes, it works fine with torrents
What kind of Netflix does it work with? US, UK, FR, CA, AU, DE
Simultaneous connections 5
What countries does it cover? 50
What Operating Systems does it support? Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs, Linux, Chrome, Router
Money-back guarantee policy 30
What protocols does it offer? IKEv2, OpenVPN,L2TP/IPSecIKEv2, PPTP
Does it offer unlimited traffic data? Yes, it does
Cipher Most secure encryption: Military AES 256 bits
Number of IP Addresses 2000
Number of Servers? 1300

The point of a VPN is security and usability. There is no point downloading and paying for a VPN that is not up to your standards. Before looking for a VPN, you should have a reason for getting one and this reason is what you should focus on when deciding which VPN to choose.

The SaferVPN download is a choice made by users who wish to maximize their security and ensure that they can access the sites of their choosing.

The two things that SaferVPN excels at is providing secure connections, which ensures that no one is able to find out private information about you or your device and allowing users to access sites that are usually inaccessible.


If you decide to use SaferVPN as a means to tunnel your IP address to a new location, then you should have no problems. It provides a large collection of over 700 servers to choose from and has pretty much every known protocol available to make sure your connections are fast, efficient, and secure.

In terms of P2P transactions, like torrenting, SaferVPN might not be the best choice as there have been issues with users not being able to connect efficiently to other peers or seeders.

An additional bonus capability that SaferVPN has is the sale of routers that have been set up with their VPN technology. If you buy these routers you will still have to pay for the subscription, but you will be ensured a fixed device that manages all your VPN connections. Usually, you are only allowed to connect 5 devices to a single account, but with their VPN routers, you can connect unlimited devices – a definite bonus. 


A VPN is useless if it can’t ensure your security. Even if you are able to connect to a foreign server, if your VPN isn’t secure then you probably won’t be able to access the streaming site of your choice. Why? Because these sites are becoming increasingly clever with blocking VPN users to ensure that no one outside their intended crowd is accessing their services.

Luckily if you decide to use SaferVPN you won’t have to worry about security. Their service has received countless positive reviews from users who have had no problems with security and tunneling.

safervpn protocols

Your IP address will be protected, no matter where you decide to connect – that’s how to hide IP address.

Some people are also worried that the VPN is logging their data on the side. So even though you are hidden from the outside, the VPN themselves is able to access your information. This is not good and it is a sign of a bad VPN provider. You can trust SaferVPN as they have a ‘zero log’ policy to ensure their customers that none of their information is leaked. 

Customer Service

Customer service is another increasingly important aspect of VPNs. What is the point of a SaferVPN download if as soon as you run into a problem there is no one there to help you.

The customer service division of SaferVPN is a fast VPN and reliable. They have both a live chat option, a separate customer service e-mail, and a facebook page that regularly replies to any messages sent to them.

The company is committed to their customers and they prove this through their SaferVPN free trial and their money-back guarantee.  


So in conclusion, is SaferVPN the right VPN for you? Well, only you can decide that. There are certain pros and cons that we have identified and these will help you understand the bigger picture.

As far as positives, SaferVPN is a secure VPN that provides a SaferVPN free trial and money back guarantees for anyone skeptical about its capabilities. SaferVPN downloads are available on any of your favorite operating systems and devices and they also provide less competent users with internet and free VPN Chrome extensions which automatically take care of all your VPN issues.

SaferVPN is a reliable option for those that need a VPN to access certain sites and streaming services.

As far as negatives, the most evident one is the minimal torrenting potential. This VPN is not the greatest when it comes to P2P VPN free connections. SaferVPN offers all major protocols but doesn’t always choose the right one according to your needs. If you are someone concerned about security, make sure that you never use the PPTP protocol which is known to have considerable security flaws.

Overall this is a good VPN and one that is recommended by many users. With the SaferVPN free trial, there is very little limiting you from at least trying it out.

7 Total Score
SaferVPN review

SaferVPN is one of the easiest VPN services I've ever tested, making it an ideal solution for beginners who want to protect themselves on the internet. While more skilled users can use it, the lack of options is a bit frustrating ...

Despite servers optimized for streaming, SaferVPN does not work with Netflix. The performance of these servers is perfect for watching video in high definition, but not on Netflix ...

And if you want to use Safer VPN to download torrents, no problem! Indeed, there is even a server optimized for that.

Finally, with clients or applications for each platform, you can benefit from SaferVPN services on all your devices.

Value for money
Ease of use
Supported devices
Covered countries
VPN for Android
  • Affordable
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs
  • User friendly
  • Few configuration options
  • Logs on sessions
  • No DNS leak protection
  • No built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • No IP binding

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