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What if we lost Google forever? What will the internet be like then? Well, the world will go dark for sure. A similar kind of incident happened back in August 2016, when the biggest torrent search engine “Torrentz” was shut down by the authorities for infringements allegations. was “the Google” for torrenteers and had been in the torrent market for almost 13 years before it was completely shut down. After almost a year, the domains of Torrentz including,,, torrentz.en and torrentz2.en go live again, but it remains torrent-less. at a glance, everything might look fine to you, but did you read the word, “Was” after Torrentz? Yes, my fellow torrenteers, I can totally relate to your feelings right now!

torrentz eu

But this statement wasn’t enough for us! It didn’t stop us from searching our favorite TV Shows, Movies, or anything that we would like to torrent. But to our surprise, this happened:

torrentz search engine

“Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.” says farewell

Well, it is not the end of the world. There are, if not better, almost similar kind of other torrent search engine which will give you similar experience. Keep reading the article, we have something better stored for you.

Torrentz will love you? Farewell? A blinking Hamster?

Now count to 10, take a deep breath and relax your body, because here at VPNVETERAN we never leave you in dismay; hence in this case, we are here to share some of the best alternative websites to

But before we actually do that, let’s first discuss, “Why closed its operation so suddenly?” What compelled this giant who ranked 186th as the world’s most popular website and attracting billions of visitors every day, fall down like this?

Well, before knowing that, it’s important that you should know the series of events that happened before the closure of

Big Names of Torrent World That are no more:

  • BTJunkie (2005-2012)
  • YiFY/YTS (2015)
  • KickAssTorrents (2016)
  • Torrentz (2016) [Torrentz alternatives discussed below]

It was a huge blow for the online pirates when the Polish authorities arrested the alleged owner of KickAssTorrentz, a torrent website which boasted the biggest online community of torrent users. So, it was about time that authorities like MPAA and RIAA would go on and track for their next suspect. Getting caught while downloading torrents can lead to:

  • Hefty fines from MPAA, RIAA
  • Receiving legal notices from your ISP
  • ISP speed throttling

And if you ask, Is my ISP monitoring my online activities? We would have one thing to say, “They are always watching!” Well, not every ISP does that, but if you are under the radar (which you may be at this very moment) then there’s a good and a bad news for you. Bad News – Be ready for some unforeseen consequences and the good News – Opt for a good VPN service to anonymize your online activities, torrenting activities and freely surf internet with a cloak on.

An Advice Before Opting for a Torrentz Alternative

Listed below are some of the best torrent VPN services which will keep you safe, anonymous and hidden from the prying eyes (After this let’s move towards the Torrentz alternatives).

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Best Torrentz Alternatives

1. iSO Hunt

Even though isoHunt got shut down back in the days, but it came back online as a savior for torrent users around the world and still going strong. It is a very popular torrent indexing website that hosts thousands of torrents offering plethora of categories. You can easily search for any torrent on isoHunt, and browse through different options to download and upload torrents of your choice. It is a great alternative as its search function is pretty smooth and accurate.

2. The Pirate Bay

How can one not mention ‘The Pirate Bay’ when it comes to recommending a torrent website.  The Pirate Bay is now the biggest torrent website as KickAssTorrents and Torrentz, that are no more operational. It has a huge torrent library which is divided into different categories. If we go a little back in time, The Pirate Bay has also faced takedowns, court orders and official investigation by the authorities. But ‘The Pirate Bay’ didn’t gave up easily and kept on coming back as stronger and better. So, it is your best bet when it comes to choosing Torrentz alternatives.

3. ExtraTorrent

One of the most-wanted gems of torrent industry is ExtraTorrent. It is another giant that is continuing its operation quite discreetly, smartly and anonymously. In our opinion it’s doing the best job in the torrent industry right now and acting as a tough player by complying with different authorities in matters relating to DMCA notices and intellectual copyrights. As odd as it may sounds, we are not bothered by it as long as it gets the work done.

4. LimeTorrents

Limetorrent, a fresh web page design for torrenteers to download torrents using their binary application; you won’t find their download links on the main interface, they are hidden to escape the copyright troll lawsuit. Don’t worry! The site is very user-friendly; search anything you like, that’s why we count this an excellent Torentz alternative – you have to use their binary software. Lime Torrentz is one of those torrent sites that are often fly under the radar due to massive torrents and extra features to boot.

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a bit different service but an excellent alternative to Torrentz eu. You cannot download torrents on Popcorn Time but can directly stream your favorite shows, movies and everything in between. Popcorn Time works on BitTorrent and breaks down the big streaming files into smaller sections, like a torrent file. This way you can enjoy the fastest streaming, minimal buffering, HD content and many more. Keep one thing in mind that you might be needing one of the best Popcorn Time VPN as the service is blocked in a certain region.

6. Torlock

Rated as number 6 torentz alternative, Torlock is a newbie indexing service with 3,721,366 torrents listed and claiming to be the “The No Fakes Torrent Site.” Torlock is with a categorized menu with 11 categories including TV shows, software, movies, e-books, games and more. Torlock also has a section for news junkies; get the latest updates related to copyright infringement, piracy, new torrents, and other developments. The fresh section will provide you latest torrents across all the categories, so don’t forget to check it out for the latest content; the top 100 is a good place to get the most trending torrents. You can find HD movies, games and trending music albums in its Top 100 section; there is no better than Torlock to be in the list of Torrentz alternatives with new torrents that indexed on the website.

7. Torrentz2

How can we complete this list without mentioning one of the most-wanted torrentz alternatives or better to call a search engine – Torrentz2 search engine. Yes, is the website built by the same team that ran Torrentz, with the same look and feel of Torrentz website. However, Torrentz2 eu will soon be clarified that they are trying to “recreate” the real Torentz experience. Operationally, you will find Torrentz2 both fast and simple. Torrentz2 has a record of storing content that is very old and absent from other corners of the web. While Torrentz2 is known for finding you some old content, it might disappoint if you are looking for the best among the latest. The interface is as simple as Torrentz torrent. On the right, you will have the Search, myTorrentz, and Help section. The design is made in a way that search bar stands out. The MyTorrentz section is a glance at what is popular on the web.

8. Torrent Hound

It does not host a vast library of torrents but has the most famous ones that are trendy among torenteers; you will find older torrents but, not enough seeders to download files. Irrespective of the fact that Torren Hound hosts few seeders, it’s a place for your favorite torrents, it’s also a contributor of library. TorrentHound will tell you live statistics of hosted torrents with downloads and also provides a customized torrent client to help you in downloading torrents securely.

9. BTDigg

It is a popular torrent website for youngsters with a user-friendly interface that lets even kinds to find their favorite torrents and download their favorite content for free. If you haven’t used BTDigg, you will find it very easy to search free torrents from the website and download them on your respective device. One issue with BTDigg is the geo restrictions that are placed in many countries; means accessing the site is not for everyone. However, with a torrent VPN, you can access the site from anywhere. So if you’re looking for the best Torrentz alternatives, then BTDigg is not a miss.


A list of all-time top torrent websites, we are sure that RARBG would make it to the among the top 10. It is reminiscent of the golden age torrents. At the moment, RARBG is one of the trusted torrent websites out there with clean in design and use in searches, RARBG offers an experience that so many torrents promise but do not deliver. The best thing about RARBG is that it has successfully survived the dark phase that Torrentz could not. In the past, some ISPs targeted RARBG, that could always be possible, so keep your VPN intact.

11. Torrent Project

This torrentz alternative has close to 10 million indexed torrents on its list; another Google for torrenting. The website is itself in the beta-test mode. Go to the website right now; you might not find the state-of-the-state experience; as the website is still in the development stage with immense scope for improvement. Nevertheless, the website interface might upset you in the beginning; we believe the interface will improve over time. Ignore that bit and welcome a vast collection of videos, audios, images, games, application, and what not. On the whole, the ability to scan a billion torrents with a click, counts the Torrent Project, a cool alternative to Torrentz eu.

12. TorrentRover

TorrentRover an alternative to Torrentz but self-renowned torrent search engine just like Pirate Bay, isoHunt, etc., to bring the latest and popular torrent files for download. The best thing about TorrentRover is the constant improvements and updated to offer you the best torrents. Downloading with TorrentRover is simple; do it with just a couple of clicks. One more thing that stands out TorrentRover is that it download torrents automatically, just set up a recurring search to download the desired content, on time.

13. iDope

It is yet another torrent search engine that pays tribute to the popular torrent website – Kickass Torrents. This torrent is loaded with collects sources from many other torrent websites, and yes, it has an Android app for the love of your PDA torrenting. iDope has started as a tribute to KickassTorrents, with an aim to resemble Google Search, but later evolved into something more than that. iDope elevates the traditional torrent experience to instantly retrieve search results from all the big torrent sites and present in a readable fashion.

14. 1337X

When we talk about the Torrentz alternatives, 1337x surely comes to mind, offering torrents for multiple genres with magnet links to download the respective content directly through the torrent clients. 1337x is a hit torrent website, making its way back, despite being blocked from search engines. The site is running on a new domain for users to download/share torrents. Thanks to its simple interface; searching for torrents is a piece of cake in this torrentz alternative, that’s why the website is gaining popularity among torrent lovers.

15. Seedpeer

It’s the last in line, blocked from search engines due to the copyright material, but thanks to the site for shifting to a new domain, allowing us to download torrents. The interface is easy-to-use and straightforward with a big directory, holding the position in the list of best Torrentz alternatives; you’ll love its variety of torrents and categories. Find your favorite and favorite torrentz files to download and upload with other torrenters.

Torrentz Alternative To Avoid

As copyright infringement are well-supported from governments, constant crackdowns and shutdowns of various Torrentz alternative, are the supporting evidence. Websites & indexing services within regions that have laws are also controlled by the MPAA like the USA, UK, and Australia.

These domains were banned due to copyright infringement in 2017, don’t use that;

  • Ahashare
  • BitSnoop
  • Mininova

In case you are redirected to one of these indexing services, leave the domain immediately, that could be MPAA website to track you.

Note:There are many more torrentz eu alternatives that you may find when you search for the term ‘search torrentz’, however, the above ones are highly recommended and our personal favorites. – You Won’t Be Missed!

We remember as our first birthday present; but now it will be remembered as a martyr and a beautiful memoir. As we have the long list of torrentz alternatives, so, no need to live in despair and misery!

Rejoice and be happy! Stop searching movies and start searching its best alternative.

If you have any suggestion or comments, feel free to comment below in the comments section.


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