Watch CBC in the USA or outside Canada in 2024

Your chances at being able to watch CBC in the USA just got a lot easier. Despite the fact that it’s a Canadian channel and viewing access reserved for the Canucks, this article comes with all the information to let you watch CBC in USA with no as seamlessly as possible. That being said, let’s dive in.

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The article was last updated on 17 April 2024


There are quite a few things you need to take note of concerning watch CBC in the USA. First off, CBC is Canada’s go-to platform for all-around entertainment. This goes way beyond sports like hockey which you can access with the CBC Gem in USA and covers news, politics and in awesome situations, TV dramas.

However, the range that the platform offers to viewers is the very reason why it is Canada’s national broadcasting channel. This is why it is impossible to stream CBC in USA as the Canadian government would understandably want to restrict the access to stream CBC in USA and make it easier to prioritize their own citizens.

watch cbc in usa

So, it doesn’t matter how many shows on the CBC Gem outside Canada you have scheduled as your access is going to be limited. Part of the restriction is due in part to the need for stream CBC in USA providers to gatekeep the precious content that the watch CBC in the USA provides.

On the other hand, sharing the content to stream CBC in USA recklessly comes with license issues. The only way to guarantee that the watch CBC in the USA is shared in the right way is to give access to one provider per jurisdiction. If you’re in the wrong location, however, this would mean you’re geo-blocked and the only notice you get is that annoying error message.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to cut through the geo-restrictions and get access to streaming services from anywhere in the world. It requires just changing your IP address to a different location and from then on its smooth sailing to watch CBC in USA. Curious about what this is? Let’s talk about VPNs.

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How To Get Access With VPNs

For a proper understanding of the access to watch CBC in USA, we need to cover the basics of how VPNs work. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essentially a piece of software that makes it possible for you to change your location to a more desirable one i.e. one where you can watch CBC in USA.

cbc gem in usa

Now, the above explanation might not be explanatory enough so let’s get more practical. When using the internet for a host of activities, possibly to watch CBC outside Canada, you are constantly exchanging information with other users. By using a VPN, you get a secure channel between your device and the internet. This secure channel lets you access the CBC Gem in USA through an encrypted connection to an external server. Once that happens, the information ends up at its desired destination on the internet.

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How Does a VPN Affect Your Data?

Your data undergoes quite a journey when the VPN is being set up for the CBC streaming in USA. Once the secure connection has been set up, the VPN software for the CBC channel in USA will encrypt the data traffic after which it is sent to the VPN server.

Interestingly, the data for the CBC Gem in USA still passes through your internet service provider but they can no longer scan it due to the encryption. This data leaves your device and gets decrypted by the VPN server which sends it out on the internet. A reply for the watch CBC in the USA will be sent back and delivered to you.

The traffic for the watch CBC online in USA will be encrypted again by the VPN server but becomes available to you in its decrypted format after going through the VPN software. What makes the VPN software such an excellent choice to watch CBC in the USA is its seamless integration. Essentially, the VPN application can run in the background of your device whether it’s your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

How To Unblock Streaming

Now we’re done with the data implications for the CBC Gem in USA, these are the easy steps for you to bypass the geo-blocks and stream CBC in USA. They include the following;

stream cbc in usa

To begin with, choose a reputable VPN that can unblock a wide range of streaming services. In this case, this includes the watch CBC in USA and we’ve included an excellent service you can trust so keep reading.

Download the appropriate version for your device. This would guarantee that the server is compatible and there are no lags when you’re trying to watch CBC in the USA.

At this stage, you need to connect to a VPN in the required country. Seeing as access to watch CBC in the USA is the goal, you can connect to a Canadian server to bypass the geo-blocks.

Once you have connected to the server, you can test the service by playing a video to see if you can now stream CBC in USA. This should be possible immediately but if there’s a delay, simply clear your browser cookies and the cache followed by a page reload. If there’s still no change, contact the customer support team for the VPN service you’re using to get information on a specific server you can use.

Connect to a Server In Canada

On the issue of accessing the CBC channel in Canada, three options are available which include the following;

Smart DNS: This service offers you fast CBC content streaming at remarkable speeds. With it, you can begin streaming content from across the world with the only drawback being that it does not encrypt your data.

Virtual Private Network: One of the most common ways to hide your IP address, it passes your web browsing activity through a secure tunnel. This creates encryption on your online data and makes it easier to restrict platforms.

Browser Extension: The placement of this option as the last is not a coincidence. The browser extension functions just like the VPN and smart DNS but the CBC providers are aware of its use so there’s a relentless crackdown on the service. However, you can use proximate as it works across all devices and can bypass the blocks placed by the CBC providers.

The Best VPNs To Stream

Reading up to this point, we trust you can’t wait to hook up to a VPN service and watch CBC in the USA. That said, just picking a random IP-changing software can spell doom for your adventure. To make your search less stressful, we did some deep digging and came up with a list of the best VPN services you use. Check them out here:

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Free VPNs are dangerous

There has been some serious debate in relation to this matter. On the one hand, you can definitely use a free VPN to access the watch CBC in USA on the platform of your choosing. Then again, you’re running the risk of data interceptions, logging policies, and worst of all, malware.

Additionally, the VPN service for the CBC Gem in USA might be free but there are also data restrictions and slow network speeds which can be very frustrating. This is what makes the ExpressVPN which we teased earlier such an excellent alternative as it has none of these issues and still gives you an awesome free trial period that lasts for 30 days.

watch cbc in the usa

To prove its long-term commitment to its clients, ExpressVPN offers comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can regain any funds invested to use the service to access the CBC Gem in USA if you are unsatisfied with it.

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The Benefits of VPNs

  • VPNs allow you access to premium platforms like Netflix and Hulu and that’s just the beginning. Other perks include;
  • Increased security
  • Successful Ip address hiding
  • Encrypted data


To watch CBC in the USA is just a simple matter of getting a VPN service you can trust. The ExpressVPN we’ve recommended can make this experience a lot more enjoyable and at no unreasonable cost at all.


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