How to watch Discovery Plus outside US in 2024

Are you a lover of reality TV shows, action movies, series, animal discovery, food shows, and adventure channels? Then you should have discovered Discovery+ online. The channel grants you access to all of these and many more but sadly, you never had the chance of accessing any of this if you are outside the US. So, this article is poised to answer the age-long question on how to watch Discovery Plus outside the US.

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The article was last updated on 23 May 2024


You may have been wondering why you never saw an answer to your question on how to watch Discovery Plus outside the US. When it was launched, the channel was made for a very select few countries including the United States. Let me explain why it happened.

Discovery+ online is a live stream service owned by Discovery incorporated, it is home to over 55,000 episodes of 25,000 current and classic shows, but it is heavily censored.

Discovery+ online is restricted to viewers from choice locations such as the U.S, Canada, Georgia, Italy, India, United Kingdom, and a few others, which means viewers outside these locations cannot gain access to watch Discovery Plus online. This term is called geo-restricted, denying access to millions of viewers worldwide.

discovery plus outside us

They can restrict access because streaming platforms use the device’s IP address (Internet Protocol address) to grant or prevent access. IP addresses are unique to all users. It distinguishes a device on the local network or internet, which allows service providers to censor users trying to use Discovery Plus outside US.

Now that we have identified the reason why you cannot watch Discovery Plus online, we can talk about how to grant you access using a VPN.

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How to get access

With the aid of a VPN – yes. This is where we will begin giving you tips on how to watch discovery plus outside the US.

With a VPN, you can easily bypass the geo-restriction and gain access to Discovery Plus outside US. VPN was invented to provide security to end-users. It is an advanced security system that encrypts end-user data making it private.

how to watch discovery plus outside the us

VPN (Virtual Private Network) acts as a proxy or intermediary between your device and the service provider’s server to help you access the Discovery Plus outside US.

Without a VPN, your device is connected directly to the server, which identifies the ISP (internet service provider) of your device, including its location, but with a VPN such as ExpressVPN, the actual location of your device is hidden and you get to Discovery plus outside US, and a new IP address is assigned to your device provided by the VPN.

Follow these steps to gain access:

1. Sign Up:

After downloading your ExpressVPN, the first major step is to sign up to create an account and pay for it. Remember, paid VPNs are better suited than free VPNs to watch Discovery plus outside US.

To create an account, an email address would usually be required, though some services have made anonymity possible such that you would not need an email address to set up an account.

2. Payment

Choose your payment plan. Make a payment for the ExpressVPN monthly plan. You will get your funds back, just continue with the procedure. We have a section where you apply the trick to get your funds back.

To watch Discovery Plus online, make payment through any of the payment platforms. Standard payment options can be utilized for payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal. Some services even allow payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or gift cards. Note that for free VPN service providers, payment is not required.

3. Choose locations

You can alter your IP address by choosing your preferred IP address location from the software or app to Discovery Plus outside US. Log in to Discovery Plus from any of your devices, and boom. You are in. The server reads your device as being connected from the US.

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Best VPN to stream

In answering how to watch Discovery Plus outside the US, the Use of VPNs cannot be underestimated. They ensure that your internet activity is secure, ensure protection on public networks, and help you get a superb internet speed.

But when you are thinking of making use of a VPN service for Discovery+ online, certain factors are crucial such as; excellent pricing options, features that are best suited for your intended usage, and easy to use VPN, a well-secured application or service, paid as opposed to free services, where the server is based and a VPN service that keeps little or zero connection logs.

We have gone through the whole process of testing these VPN and will give you our recommended list to watch Discovery+ online.

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Beware! Free VPNs are Dangerous

There are both free and paid VPNs to watch Discovery Plus online. The free VPN is quite dangerous because of the limited protection it affords. It is risky and not highly recommended because hackers can easily hack data interceptions, logging policies, and bandwidth resell.

Free VPNs are limited editions of the actual VPNs technology and they can be very limiting when you are trying to watch discovery plus online. In some instances, you are prevented from using the certain IP address of a certain location, leading to banned IPS, slow speed, restrictions on the amount of data used per second.

watch discovery plus online

You can take advantage of the ExpressVPN money-back guarantee trick to get 30-day free access to Discovery Plus outside US. All you need do is follow the registration step listed above and then ask for a refund within a 30-day period and you have gotten back your funds. ExpressVPN is our number one choice; it is highly recommended for users.

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Benefits of using VPN

VPN affords its users with the following benefits when watching the Discovery+ online, which includes:

  • Increase internet speed; ease access to the network-free zone.
  • Increase their privacy protection; encrypted data, hidden IP address, security on free Wi-Fi networks.
  • Data safety; user information protection, not visible to hackers.
  • Avoid government restrictions; geo-restriction avoidance.
  • Bypass geo-blocks and fight against censorship; content, websites, streaming, and other platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Conclusion: Watch Discovery Plus outside US

The problem of geo-restriction is long gone. You now have unlimited access to watch Discovery+ from any part of the world. With this key in your hands, you have unlimited access to watch Discovery Plus online free irrespective of your location. When looking for how to watch Discovery Plus outside the US, the ball is in your court. Download, purchase, install and activate the ExpressVPN, follow the steps above, and discover Discovery+ for yourself.


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