How To Watch Survivor Live Stream

The most awaited 36th season of the most watched American CBS competitive series  Survivor is going to return on February 28, 2018, on their official broadcasting network CBS and CBS All Access. Get ready for the big journey that a new cast of the 20-people that will be meeting in Fiji for some pretty crazy twists. Don’t forget to watch Survivor live online on CBS and CBS All Access.

“New castaways will be confronted by the past survivors’ remnants”

Let’s kick off with the first look of Survivor – Ghost Island

How To Watch Survivor Season 36 on CBS

Keeping up with the TV shows without the cable subscription is one of the toughest jobs and proves to be a menace. Nevertheless, you still have a chance to register at CBS All Access to gain all the episodes of your favorite reality show. If you are one of the crazy fans of Survivor then CBS All Access is the only way to stream all the 527 episodes along with a huge collection of TV series, exclusive videos, and free episodes. The subscription-only cost $5.99/month with or $9.99/month without ads.

If you want just for seven-days, CBS offers a free trial to access the site’s content for a week.

Once you have subscribed to CBS, you can watch your favorite TV show on any device. CBS offers customized apps for smartphone viewers and gaming consoles. The channel is only accessible in the US, living outside the US means you can’t stream Survivor due to content licensing restrictions. Even US expats or frequent travelers can’t watch the series. Whenever you connect CBS from anywhere other than the US, you will see the following message.

“The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region”

We recommend you to buy the best VPN and forget all the geo-restriction. A VPN hides your real IP address and assign you a server-based yet non-traceable IP that allows you to be a citizen of any region without physically being there. With a VPN anyone from anywhere can watch Survivor Season 36 online without compromising the user’s privacy and identity.

To ease your VPN purchase, we recommend you some of the top-rated VPN based on different factors, choose the most-suited one and be completely invisible in the virtual world.

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Here’s how you can download a VPN in  simple steps:

  • Install and sign up a VPN from the given list
  • Download the free VPN apps from Provider’s website or install manually
  • Once downloaded, connect to the US server
  • and now enjoy the US-only content including CBS to watch Survivor live online

Catch Survivor’s Replays On Kodi

Using a handful of 3rd party Kodi addons, you can gain access to all paid and unpaid content, including Survivor. Simply install the Covenant add-on and search for Survivor within the TV shows list. Kodi CBS plugin is geo-restricted, in that case you need a Kodi VPN to stream Covenant from your region.

Let’s get started with the easy steps to download CBS add-on on your Kodi device.

  • Head to settings → System SettingsExpert ModeAddons
  • Don’t forget to turn on the unknown sources – to download the third-party addons.
  • Click Yes in the warning box pop-ups
  • Now head back to settings and this time go to File Manager Add source
  • Select None, and enter
  • Name it Fusion and click OK
  • Now select Kodi Addon
  • Click Package Installer Icon at the top left.
  • Select ‘Install from Zip file’ → Fusion → begin-here.
  • Select and give it a install.
  • You will see the add-on enabled notification.
  • Now go back to the Kodi home screen and choose ‘My Addons ‘Program Addons
  • Select Indigo from the list.
  • Now, select ‘Addon Installer ‘Video Addons ‘C Click on ‘CBC Sports Install.
  • Now, click on ‘Restart’.
  • Relaunch the Kodi app and go to ‘Video Addons’.
  • Select CBC Sports.

Tada! you are now officially a Kodi Survivor binge watcher.

How About The New Cast?

Scroll down to have a Full list of castaways – organized by tribe.


  • Angela Perkins, 42
  • Chelsea Townsend, 24
  • Desiree Afuye, 21
  • Kellyn Bechtold
  • Bradley Kleihege, 26
  • Chris Noble, 27
  • Domenick Abbate, 38
  • Sebastian Noel, 22
  • Wendell Holland, 33


  • Jenna Bowman, 23
  • Laurel Johnson, 29
  • Libby Vincek, 24
  • Stephanie Gonzalez, 26
  • Stephanie Johnson, 34
  • Brendan Shapiro, 41
  • Donathan Hurley, 26
  • Jacob Derwin, 22
  • James Lim, 24
  • Michael Yerger, 18

Final Verdict

The first time, a new cast would learn from the former players and will have the chance to reverse the curse that some of the worst decisions in the history of Survivor. Get ready to witness the season that would center around the bad decisions of the earlier players.

Will the new players learn from the past mistakes or the past haunt back again? Don’t miss the crazy twists with the lame excuse of geo-restrictions.


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