5 Veritable Anonymous VPNs to Browse Privately Online

Talking about a VPN is too mainstream to be astonished about as VPNs have gained popularity over some time now. Having a VPN is not the talk of the town anymore but having a best no log VPN service is! The whole idea of using a VPN revolves around its privacy aspect which users are more focused on. While VPNs claim to keep user’s identities anonymous but still keep logs. That is the only aspect users look into which makes them decide whether to keep the VPN or dump it. Since at the end of the day no one wants to surface on radar while using a VPN anonymous browsing.

Why need a Fastest VPN?? For anonymity! Multiple top anonymous VPN mention on their websites that they have a “No Log Policy,” which is pretty much hard to believe. Until and unless what user does online is strictly known to the user and the user alone, no VPN can confidently say they don’t keep logs. With a top anonymous VPN, people believe that they are safe and can surf the web anonymously with best VPN service no logs. That is partially true. There will always be a risk of your online activity being seen by VPN providers.

That is the sole reason people are in dire search of a Top Anonymous VPN and download anonymous VPN to keep their online traffic secure and hidden from the entire world. It is same as investing in a business; either you will land profits or suffer a loss, you cannot take this risk with a VPN. All your online privacy, data and your identity is a treasure for so many data miners; having a best no log VPN is all that you need.

After doing substantial research and analysis of Top Anonymous VPNs, we will be presenting our top five Anonymous VPN service reviews that will guarantee no logs policy and a table where you can download anonymous VPN easily.

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How Does An Anonymous VPN Keeps You Invisible Online?

Anonymity is the critical reason users move towards getting a VPN as it virtually makes you invisible online. How? A VPN switches your IP address and let you connect to a different IP address of your choice. These VPNs have servers in different countries which allows the users to connect to a server of their choice.

Once connected all online traffic and activities will go through the VPN provided IP address while your real IP address will be masked. Through that, the user will be virtually invisible online. No one will be able to track your IP address. Apart from that, VPN provides “Shared IPs.” Shared IPs suggest the IP address is shared and used by multiple users. Through that, the content being searched or the online activities of the users will be hard to set apart.

Does Tor Make You More Anonymous Than Download Anonymous VPN?

People confuse Tor with VPN. It cannot be argued both competing products are used for a single purpose, “Anonymity.” Both serve the same purpose, and people ask on multiple Forums which alternate is better. In reality that’s not the case. Both products server the same purpose but work in different manners and is poles apart.

There is a high chance both products will not be suitable for the same purpose. There is a crucial reason behind it that needs to be addressed.

Compared to I2P vs. Tor, Tor is a decentralized network-based system that permits users to connect to their website by a connection based on a network of relays, rather than achieving a direct link. The traffic users generate is then routed through multiple nodes. What are nodes? Nodes are denoted as a list of random servers where each node remembers the IP address on the front. Traffic is unaware what’s happening behind. This way nobody, not even the server can trace back your path of data packets when the message is sent and received until the end user receives the message.

While download anonymous VPN switches your IP address in a matter of seconds connecting you to a different IP address where all your traffic will be routed through it, keeping your real IP address untouchable and unseen.

Both Tor and VPN can be easily accessed and downloaded for any operating system, and a connection can be made online in a matter of clicks. One thing needs serious consideration as for having supreme anonymity, browsing speed will be compromised on Tor. Yes, that’s true, you won’t be able to get fast speeds using Tor as comparatively its much slower than VPN.

On the bright side, it’s free. In a VPNs case, it’s not free, and for having a premium VPN, you will need to pay for it to access it. Privacy does come with a cost incurred for a VPN. In both scenarios, something or the other will need to be sacrificed. Due to that users suggest and advice best no log VPN service doesn’t come for free, be wary of that.

Then again at the end of the day, VPN anonymous browsing comes up as it encrypts your data and provides anonymity. Tor doesn’t encrypt your data, just contains a safe route covered with layers.

Understanding Why Do You Need To Download Anonymous VPN?

An Anonymous VPN is fruitful for every internet user . Whether you are a gamer, a banker, an entrepreneur, an artist or a politician, a VPN will cater all your security and privacy needs. The question arises, is there a need for having why everybody needs an Anonymous VPN? You’ll be surprised to know the risk involved in the digital age, which is loaded with prying eyes and unwanted phishing. Users tend to believe and live in a world where they think unless they do something wrong over the course of the internet, nothing will ever happen to their security and privacy.

That’s a myth which users need to comprehend. Any bad luck in the online world won’t knock doors before banging in, ruining your firewall and privacy. As soon as you are connected through WiFi that is where the clock starts ticking and it’s a matter of time you come under radar.

Download anonymous VPN will solve most of your security concerns while surfing the web.

  1. There are times when you want to access Live Shows and Events which are geo-restricted and not in your grasp. Download anonymous VPN will cater to your needs and switch your IP address to that region where the event is happening and the broadcasting stations base. That way you will get a hold of an IP address of that country and surf the web being virtually present there while sitting at home.
  2. Accessing public WiFi has now turned into a menace, as you never know when a hacker hooks you. You never know doing the most straightforward task online could lead to a system hack losing control over your device. Download anonymous VPN comes handy here and benefits efficiently. Just connect to the best no log VPN and enjoy unlimited security over public Wi-Fis.
  3. There are laws which permit telecommunication companies to track and record data of their users and give them to the government for security purposes. In reality that’s a breach of privacy for the users. Multiple government agencies are keeping track of user activities online for any terrorist activities. They can target anyone and put a surveillance team on anyone. To avoid being on radar and being monitored continuously, download anonymous VPN is essential and useful.
  4. In multiple Countries Torrenting is illegal and accessing pirated content is a bigger crime. If once found guilty of pirated content or providing and watching copyrighted material, the law enforcement agencies can propose imprisonment. Many amateurs have no clue that these torrenting websites aren’t free. Watching a movie online without paying for it comes under a copyright act. UK, Australia, USA has the most strict laws regarding Torrenting. To avoid such a scenario download anonymous VPN doesn’t come under a luxury, it’s a necessity in a fast pacing unsecure world. One click and your connection are secure, making your virtually disappear online.

Reasons to Always Go with a VPN Anonymous Browsing

VPN is not just a network; it’s a whole new course or subject when if taught in a classroom, a book can be written on it. It’s a whole new genre which gets bigger and bigger as more you dig deep into its workings. That is the reason a clear understanding is crucial to why you should always go download anonymous VPN. Things you never considered will be learned and memorized by the user.

  • Be carefree on Public Hotspots

Using Public Wi-Fi is a need. Its free, it needs no effort. For how long will you avoid it? Cafes, airports, public gatherings. All of them are unsafe. When it comes to being conscious and vigilant, this is where you need to be. Hackers don’t take a day off to stop hacking your systems and credentials. They are always on toes. Then why should users breathe a moment of sigh and relief? Almost everyone connects to a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

That is where an Anonymous VPN springs up and acts as a shield of a thick wall that will always keep cybercriminals away and on the other side of the wall. Download anonymous VPN and you will no longer have to worry over public Hotspots.

  • Avoid Government Spying

With things excelling in the digital realm more and more surveillance is seen by authorities. Around the globe freedom of using the internet has drastically declined as there are more monitoring and less freedom. A report states 67% user resides in Countries where censorship is practiced and legally witnessed. Government spying is a common practice, and there is no room to breathe online.

No one is comfortable with such practices online and to avoid this, Download anonymous VPN is required to encrypt your connection and to be virtually unseen online.

  • Save Money on Hotel Bookings, flights and Rental Cars

Its self-explanatory tourists are always charged more no matter where you go. Bystanders and sellers try to exploit you to the utmost. That is the reason Country to Country airline tickets and fares vary quite a lot. That is the reason its smart to switch your IP address by download anonymous VPN.

Try switching IPs of different countries and then check the airline fares. You’ll be astonished to see the significant price difference. Same goes for online shopping and ecommerce.

  • Travelling made Hassle Free

At times you travel to countries where accessing social media platforms such as Gmail and Facebook are restricted. Or a business trip where you constantly need to be updated and in touch with your colleagues. If these platforms don’t work in need, then your business trip doesn’t last to be a business trip.

There will be times when contacting family back home would be the biggest dire need, and you’ll be bound. To counter that, download anonymous VPN will be a plus. You will be able to connect your IP address to Home Country and easily call back home using Facebook Messenger.

  • Save Money on Long Distance Calls

Making international calls are always heavy on the pocket as different laws suffice different call packages. Why waste big amounts on calls when you can connect your IP address to your home by just download anonymous VPN. Physically you will be abroad in a host city but virtually back home.

  • Save money on Subscription Charges

While the majority of the US broadcasting channels are geo-restricted, users face the dilemma of going towards low alternates with bad quality. Majority of the licensed events such as NFL, UFC, and WWE are available for the Country alone. To access those events and channels, you need to Pay-per-view or get a subscription to access it. The discrimination of streaming services is intense and restricts the majority of the countries to view it.

Download anonymous VPN will revive this and give you unlimited access to all the geo-restricted content with a click of a button. All that without paying for any subscription charges and enjoy unlimited surfing.

  • Unblock Social Media Profiles

Firewall is the biggest concern and problem for any gamer or user who is not able to access social accounts mostly due to censorship. More than 54% of Companies have banned the use of Facebook and Twitter in workspaces. While if you’re traveling in China, every social media platform is blocked. Even Google services.

Download anonymous VPN will enable anyone to bypass these restrictions and unblock any social profile or game from anywhere. It will allow you get to achieve an IP address of that respected country allowing you to access any content in high quality.

  • Avoid Search Engine Tracking

What a person thinks at the back of his mind is not shown to the world. Likewise, personal search queries are meant to be kept private since it’s not something to be told or displayed to the world. Apparently, once you visit a website, the website owner can track all your activities and know your IP address. Whatever is searched, is automatically saved and if legally requested can be seen by anyone.

No one enjoys the idea of being monitored, or your personal searches being saved and restored for later times. No one can blame you as it’s a citizens right to withdraw such actions and surveillance. Through a VPN anonymous browsing, all your online visits to websites will be hidden. No site will be able to track or save your searches. Download anonymous VPN to secure your private browsing history.

Things To Consider When Searching For a Top Anonymous VPN

Download anonymous VPN is genuinely a need in a Surveillance era but don’t blindly download any VPN anonymous browsing. A lot of things need to be considered before actually making the purchase. NO logs and faster connection is one of them. Let’s see

  • Provider which offers secure communications protocols

If you really want to gain a secure tunnel where all your data from the sender to receiver is reliable, then it’s essential to make it with a concrete wall. Before download anonymous VPN, look at the protocol it is providing. Long ago when VPN surfaced the market, it used PPTP. But now it’s not secure and needs better secure protocols.

Instead, it’s better to look for providers who offer OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec. If you are connecting through a phone or tablet, it’s better to look into L2TP/IPSec as it provides a better security over other protocols.

  • Don’t rely on Free VPN Anonymous Browsing

As a user, we tend to utilize anything that we approach for free. That’s how it is. Then again, when it comes to utilizing any service which provides security. The concept of free changes and you have to switch for some premium package to enjoy it to the fullest. Top Anonymous VPN can be found online with a simple search.

Among the many Hotspot Shield is a free VPN network which can be accessed by anyone. It profiles encryption and a safe tunnel for browsing and online connection. Question is how safe is it? The network provides an excellent service, but it cannot be compared to what you’ll be getting with a premium Anonymous VPN. That Anonymous VPN will provide extra added features for you to keep your VPN anonymous browsing privacy and online safety in check.

  • Make Sure the Provider has the Capacity

Operating at a proper pace and allocating data accordingly is a big task which needs sound concern. You wouldn’t want a network which runs out of data in a short span while you keep thinking for a backup. That will be chaotic for any business. Its suggested to read the terms and conditions of the Anonymous VPN thoroughly to check how it’s going to throttle bandwidth.

Look for the number of servers your VPN anonymous browsing has and think accordingly.

  • Decide The Purpose of Download Anonymous VPN

It’s important to know beforehand the purpose of your desired Network. If it needs a good connection for your home or office, then it requires smaller servers and a router that acts as a receiver or as a top Anonymous VPN endpoint.

But for other purposes such as attaining anonymity online, having a best no log VPN is a need with a robust encryption and secure tunnel. Download anonymous VPN to secure your privacy.

Top Anonymous VPN for Windows

  • Unlimited server switch, data, and bandwidth
  • Super fast speeds
  • Robust encryption
  • Easy to use Windows app
  • Connect up to 3 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

As compared to other operating systems, Windows can be penetrated and is vulnerable to malware and theft attacks. Any protection would be advisable, but if you are opting for a best no log VPN for Windows,, then there is no better then download anonymous VPN “ExpressVPN”, known for its solid all-rounder protection for Windows. Its guarantees 99.9% uptime and has servers that are on a regular check by the developers to enhance and get optimum performance. Among other Anonymous VPNs, ExpressVPN is known for its customer support as its appreciated by many all around.

The customer representative are also active and reachable on all social media platforms. Moreover, ExpressVPN has many Twitter accounts in multiple languages to cater to different ethnicities such as German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. No matter when you leave a query, the response is always within an hours time period.

Apart from that, the client packs a robust UI packed in all its servers and VPN anonymous browsing protocols for kill switch technology. Among the many things, ExpressVPN follows a strict policy of No-Logs. A lot of top Anonymous VPN state the same and fail o assure such guarantee, but ExpressVPN guarantees it. Your online VPN anonymous browsing will always be a mystery as no human being on earth could access it with the help of extreme Anonymity.

Even on low internet speeds, ExpressVPN stands out to work smoothly for VPN anonymous browsing. VPNs have a terrible reputation in terms of speed as it reduces normal internet speed. That’s not the case with ExpressVPN. That is the reasons its suggested and performs well for Windows devices.

Top Anonymous VPN for Mac

  • Excellent 24/7 live chat support
  • No Logs
  • Super Fast for Streaming
  • Works well on Macs OS
  • Servers in 100+ countries

Mac OS requires a network which supports its high-end system requirements to protect it from unwanted hackers. Download anonymous VPN “ExpressVPN”. Express VPN climbs up on top as the best no log VPN to have for Mac as it has everything that it requires. Its fast enough to travel data across 94 countries in lightning speed, giving you the authority to unblock and access any content worldwide.

Having a military grade encryption is a plus as the tunnel of the network is an added feature which creates a different server for the user to attain anonymity online. ExpressVPN is among those best no log VPN which provide what they state.

Download Anonymous VPN for Mac OS is quite easy, and you can install it on three different connections establishing a link at the same time online. As an added knowledge the Operating system doesn’t matter, it just can afford to serve 3 different devices at the same time. No matter where you are. Connected on a public Hotspot or your home, the encryption for Mac is fully secure with the help of a Kill switch, Domain Name System DNS, leak protection and stealth mode.

Download anonymous VPN “ExpressVPN”, all that with a 30-day money back guarantee. Keeping aside the features ExpressVPN will build a wall of firewalls for your Mac OS keeping away cybercriminals and maintaining its title for best no log VPN.

Top Anonymous VPN for Android

Android is one of those operating systems which needs careful consideration and updates to stay intact and not invite a bunch of hackers and malware on the system. Forums are filled with users complaining about malware and virus issues relating to the OS. Using an Android device and trying to avoid coming on radar is impossible.

This task needs a best no log VPN for Android such as NordVPN for ultra and extreme protection from malware and software hacks. Nord is a combination of speed and cheap on the pocket leading to ultimate protection in lesser price. Having an easy to use interface NordVPN has a reach in more than 2800 servers which spread across 59 Countries in total. What’s handy is you can connect up to 6 devices all at the same time offering 100% encryption on VPN anonymous browsing with an SSL-based 2048-bit encryption making the servers intact and hack-proof.

The Anonymous VPN has created a name in its league and stands tall and high against all allegations of No Logs. Military Grade encryption combined with no logs made your online browsing safer and hidden from third parties on Android. All the reasons mentioned above are the sole reason why we have suggested NordVPN as a stable Anonymous VPN for Android.

Top Anonymous VPN for iOS

It’s self-explanatory using iOS and Android devices is tricky as compared to using PCs or Laptops. For smartphones, they can be tracked easily using a MAC address and the person buying the device leaves a stamp of their home address which can be traced back easily. Especially you have a mobile contract or a SIM attached.

Same procedure for your IP addresses. The network operator has details of your every click and visit online. How many times you switch websites. It’s the same for iOS. To avoid that a VPN Anonymous browsing is required for iOS just to keep things intact and straightforward. Particularly for iOS Private Internet Access, download anonymous VPN “PIA” is a sound and modern Anonymous iOS VPN which caters to containing online privacy and anonymity.

Whenever top anonymous VPN is talked for iOS, PIA comes forward as the best no log VPN option for iOS security. Having multiple servers across the Globe PIA provides a fast and supportive 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN. Also, PIA has its headquarters in the US which makes it easier to connect to multiple servers across and near its neighboring countries while at the same time it promises no logs. To what extent is it true as no such incidents or privacy leaks have surfaced.

iOS is a solid operating system with strong encryption and security, but at the same time, there have been times when it is penetrated and cannot be relied upon for anonymity. Which is why a Top Anonymous VPN as PIA is the only solution.

Some So-Called Top Anonymous VPN You Should Avoid

Having a VPN anonymous browsing for utilization is a smart choice. Having a top Anonymous VPN is even smarter but how can you differentiate between anonymous VPNs which are authentic and do keep you anonymous online? That’s a trick question, a lot of things need to be considered and analyzed before we can comment on a VPNs anonymity. However, after intense inspection and analysis, we have come up with three VPNs which claim to be best no log VPN but in reality, do not offer that privacy and security.


Among the many which claim to be top Anonymous VPN, PureVPN is also a VPN provider which states to provide 100% protection over its client’s data and online privacy. But due to recent events which occurred in last year. PureVPNs reputation as a pure VPN provider has nosedived exponentially.

Many VPNs claim to keep and uphold their “No-Logs” policy, but PureVPN due to an incident now is one of those so-called VPN Anonymous browsing which should be avoided.

“A Massachusetts man was arrested late last week on suspicion of conducting a cyberstalking campaign against a female former roommate, her friends, and family. Court documents reveal that logs, obtained by the FBI from privacy service PureVPN, helped the prosecution. Until now, PureVPN had always maintained it carried no logs – almost.”

Reported by TorrentFreak
Before this incident, PureVPN was known for a top Anonymous VPN which catered to its client’s privacy making it a top priority. After this incident, hundreds of users have lost their trust in PureVPN and lost its best no log VPN title. Some users have raised their concerns regarding this matter, and a lawsuit could be implemented and targeted on it as that breaches Clients Privacy Policy while claiming to keep No-Logs.


Among the lot IPVanish also jumped on the bandwagon for claiming its best no log VPN policy yet gave client data to Homeland Security. IPVanish is an acclaimed VPN provider located in the US with a strong customer base. Claiming to have a NO Log Policy IPVanish provided customer activity logs to the United States Department of Homeland Security for a user who was under surveillance.

Even after the incident IPVanish claims to have a zero log policy which in reality is not true anymore since. A VPN anonymous browsing for starters give users an opportunity to trust it. Once broken the user never turns back towards it no matter how cheap it gets. That’s what IPVanish did.

All these top Anonymous VPN claim to keep your identities and searches safe, but at the back, no one knows they do keep activity logs. Download anonymous VPN whos VPN provider saves activity logs is a total bust as there is no privacy in reality.

Does Free Download Anonymous VPN Keep You Anonymous?

This is a trick question which analysts fail to answer. But our team after extensive research came to a conclusion based on a theory. Having a free top Anonymous VPN is as good as having no one to open the unlocked door. In reality, it does not keep you anonymous as it provides limited features.

Sure the VPN anonymous browsing can witch your IP address and use shared IPs which reduce the chance of the user to get busted on online surveillance. It doesn’t mean it will keep you anonymous as well. Anonymity will only be seen with a premium or paid VPN. That VPN Anonymous browsing will have robust features that the user can enjoy. Connect to more unlimited servers across the globe which are limited on the free version.

A lot of things will be restricted then how you can assume to get a bundle of joy by free riding? Anonymity will be seen to an extent where it allows you. Otherwise, that’s a myth with a free download anonymous VPN.


Having a best no log VPN Service is no easy than buying a Car. First, you need to find out what features it offers on paper, then you look into it and ask relevant people who own it. Then you test drive it and avail if the features satisfy your need or not. Download anonymous VPN goes through the same ordeal. You check and compare the VPN Anonymous browsing review and then conclude.

Since it’s a matter of handling precious details, data, online activities. Users do not want to take any risks in surfacing on radar by the law enforcement agencies. That is why we came up with this blog after extensive research, so you have a clear understanding and legal knowledge of the best no log VPN before heading to download anonymous VPN.


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