The Best VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad

This article will delve deeply into the important topic of what you should expect from the best VPN iPhone providers and the best VPN app for iPhone. Let’s not beat about the bush, the world changed in 2007 with the introduction of the first iPhone, and over the years, services such as the top VPN for iPhone has come a long way. Hands up those who remember the queues, particularly around their Flagship stores! And BIG bonus points with even bigger respect if you were actually one of those in line! Now protect your beloved device with an iPhone VPN client.

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Best VPN iPhone – my ranking

Although we are majoring on the importance of using an iOS VPN service when going online with your iPhone there is a crucial point we all need to understand:

When connecting to the internet with any device you should do so via a secure network or a VPN, but not just any old VPN, and certainly not a service that offers free VPN for iPhone (or any other device) service. These services will simply not cut the cloth in terms of giving you the assurances that the best VPN and top VPN for iPhone services can offer.

It is your right to share personal information on the social media communities you are part of, but this certainly does not mean that by default the websites you visit should be able to access and use such information.

Personal information is yours to do as you please. It is not for others to do with as they please.

That’s why you should pick one of these services:

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iOS IS a secure operating system, but…

While it is true that many see iOS as a fairly robust operating system there is little doubt that security issues have, and will continue to arise on this platform.

A stark example of this is the fact that devious hackers have the ability to break into any iPhone they please and that includes those which are fully up-to-date.

Add to this the potential breaches of security and privacy threats that millions of iPhone users face when they connect to any network.

Both of these points make it easy to understand why more and more users turn to VPN iPhone connections as and when they need to be connected with that buzzing online world.

But, the question is, which is the best VPN app for iPhone connectivity and therefore the best iOS VPN (iPhone VPN client)?

Still a relatively low take-up of VPN iPhone access

Part of the reason I have written this piece is due to a concern about how users who rely almost entirely on their iPhone for online private use ignore the real need to do so via an iOS VPN.

If you doubt this statement please take a quick straw poll among friends whose online activity is dominated through access from their iPhone.

It would appear that as a matter, of course, we download antivirus software and that the use of incognito mode to browse privately is a given. The problem is that this applies to ‘local’ use.

This protection does not help once you are connected to the open internet. Each time you do so you are at risk of revealing data that is better kept to yourself or worse still, having such data stolen.

The only way to protect yourself while connected is to make use of one of the best VPN for iPhone services available.

VPN networks have been developed to bolster your device’s lack of security. This is achieved because the technology employed during the use of an iOS VPN is the intermediary between the device you are using and the internet.

Before any of you fall into the trap of selecting a free VPN for iPhone offer please understand that it is highly unlikely such services will meet your full-needs.

This is because the providers offering such VPN iPhone services will be unable to give the full range of guarantees required to ensure the protection of your online activity.

Consider the functions you perform using your iPhone

As I touched on above, due to the convenience offered, many of us now use our iPhones for all online activity. Examples being:

  • Regular online purchases
  • Paying bills
  • Booking hotels or accommodation
  • Booking travel tickets via rail, coach or air
  • Paying for any apps or services that enhance your online experience

These are just 5 of the very regular things iPhone users carry out without a second thought, and they are 5 real reasons that for security you must ensure any online transaction is carried out using one of the best VPN for iPhone services. iPhone VPN client is something all iPhone users should have. And in this article, we hope to help you find the top VPN for iPhone.

A strong reason for subscribing to an iOS VPN service

New apps that enhance your online experience are released daily and bravo for that! But, with the increased rise in online app use comes to a corresponding increase in the risk that your sensitive data will be exposed.

By subscribing to one of the best VPN for iPhone providers you are negating the risk that this data can be accessed.

These quality VPN iPhone subscriptions encrypt all of your data and protect your online activity. They do so by ensuring there is no chance of data interception from the authorities, your chosen ISP, or the very active hacking community.

You will have the confidence to go online and input passwords, access files with personal information, read emails as well as surfing and browsing with anonymity.

Any snooper trying to gain access via your online activity will be frustrated. This is because your real IP address and location are withheld. The furthest they will get is the iOS VPN providers IP server address you are currently using.

You are sure to have seen ads offering free VPN for iPhone users, please, please be aware that the security offering, the strict enforcement of ‘no logging’ policy and the associated promise not to re-sell your personal data as they see fit are not all part of the package offered.

Once you delve into the offer you will quickly see that this is not a service you would place in the best VPN app for the iPhone category.

Just as strong a reason – free Wi-Fi access

By their very nature, iPhone addicts take their device just about everywhere.

Yes, certain models are waterproof and could be used in the shower (although not Apple-recommended!). Even though I would like to, I won’t get into the latest shower curtain on the market that actually has pockets of varying sizes to hold and keep dry your iPhone or iPad to enable use while taking a refreshing soak – Some would call this device dedication, others would call it…. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks!

Sorry, getting back to my point. The continuous and constant use of your iPhone means that in all likelihood you regularly procure the use of free Wi-Fi networks.

If you are not using a VPN iPhone subscription to connect to these networks each time you connect you are opening your device and allowing unscrupulous hackers a golden opportunity to access whatever personal data you have stored.

Those who regularly use any free Wi-Fi services within range really must implement and use a solid iOS VPN service each and every time they connect to the internet.

Just about all of the quality VPN providers now offer a native app for VPN iPhone download. In my eyes, this makes the utilization of one of the very best VPN for iPhone services mandatory.

It is imperative to understand this really is the only way to connect to free Wi-Fi networks, and before it is even considered please do not think that free VPN for iPhone subscriptions are the answer.

Yet further benefits of a secure VPN iPhone subscription

I hope as I do that you believe all content should be accessible wherever it may be stored around the world. If so, this is another stand-out reason to subscribe to a highly configured and secure VPN iPhone provider.

Take the example of Netflix. To gain access to their full USA catalog you need to have registered and paid for your subscription in that country. That is unless you are using a professionally designed and managed iOS VPN service.

This is because using such a VPN allows emulation of your location to any server on that iOS VPN or iPhone VPN client.

In brief, it works by hiding your real IP address and replaces it with the IP address of the server you are connected to. This gives you access to all available content in the country that the VPN server you are connected to resides in.

This lifting of Geo-restricted access will work in any country that your iOS VPN provider has placed servers. The best VPN for iPhone providers will propagate their global server presence far and wide.

The same cannot be said of providers who offer free VPN for iPhone services.

Data usage reduction

The advantages of using a VPN iPhone subscription just keep on coming! A feature that is perfectly suited and designed for mobile devices is a file compression (often referred to as Data compression).

Not many of the top VPN for iPhone or iOS VPN providers offer this, but there are ones that do in my recommended list.

It is a fairly certain bet that those companies offering free VPN for iPhone services will not offer this, the necessary security features and the assurances you need for safe internet use in their package, but for those best of breed companies that do, it could work to extend your data plan. In the very best of cases, this could be multiplied up to 5 times!

For the many smartphone users who use their handset as a hotspot, this is a perfect fit.

File compression does exactly what it says: compresses and therefore reduces the size of files. To emphasize this benefit, here are two examples:

  • Images: This is particularly useful for reducing images. This occurs through either a reduction in image size or by re-encoding them to a lower quality. Don’t worry, the quality of your picture will not be affected because the screen on your phone is far smaller than that of a Laptop or display and therefore reflects associated quality.
  • Removal/ minimization of content: It works to remove or minimize content that employs codes such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This process means your webpage loading experience is far faster than normal.

No loss of viewing experience but potentially huge savings in data usage! This fact alone makes the best iOS VPN services an eminently sensible choice.

Ease of VPN iPhone set-up

By ensuring that the VPN provider you choose offers a native app for iPhone’s makes the set-up a simple one. Such an app offers what is known as the OpenVPN protocol. A protocol which is not possible when you go for a ‘manual’ set-up.

Dependent upon which app you go from the app store will depend upon the exact set-up procedure but all are extremely straightforward.

If you do run into issues then contacting your chosen VPN iPhone provider will quickly resolve any problems.


I hope you have enjoyed this piece and it goes some way to help you gain online peace of mind by using one of the best VPN apps for iPhone providers available.


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