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Best VPN Putlocker – Everything You Need to Know

All over the world, people use Putlocker to stream online videos. So let’s delve a little bit into this service and what it offers. We will also look at the best VPN’s for Putlocker today to ensure your privacy online.

What Is Putlocker?

It’s a free and easy-to-use site that has made its name as one of the most reliable places to find high-quality TV shows and movies for free. It might sound great, but Putlocker com has a downside. It is completely against the law to run such a service, and it is known by the authorities as one of the world’s leading platforms for online video piracy.

Founded in 2012, the company soared rapidly to great heights. Putlockers ch today is solely responsible for 17% of all pirated content in the United Kingdom. Those who own the TV shows and movies that are being streamed all over the world for free are not happy.

We do not support breaking the law in order to access online content, and we understand the seriousness of infringing on copyright. If everyone were to access things for free, there would be no money in entertainment and the industry would stop completely. However, using a VPN is a great way, not only to disguise your location and thereby access sites blocked in your country, but also to give you online security and privacy. This means you can minimize the chances of a third party looking at your online activity and also prevent people from accessing your sensitive information.

Here are 5 of the best VPNs for keeping you safe, secure and private online.

The Easiest Trick to Get a Free VPN

If you’ve already done your homework, you already know that a lot of VPN providers offer their services for free through 30-day money back guarantee. While this is really great, not all VPN companies stay true to their word. Some make it hard for you to get a refund and end up subscribing full time.

But with ExpressVPN, it takes their customers very seriously and gives you your money back right away. It’s a provider I recommend using all the time.

The trick is to use this link to avail of the VPN along with all its features. Then, if you want a refund, simply call up their customer service by the end of the 30 day period. They will entertain your request with no questions asked at all. This is why many users, including myself, swear by it.

The Changing Face of Putlocker.com

If you’ve used Putlockers ch, especially if you’ve been a user for a while, you’ll notice that the web address for the site is always changing. What was once putlocker.com has taken on many different URLs. From putlocker.com to putlockers ch and putlocker.bz, many URLs have faced being seized by the UK authorities. For a while, the site was known as putlocker.is, then changed to putlocker.today, which was followed by putlocker9.com for only a couple of months.

After that, putlocker.is became its URL, and when users clicked on it they would be redirected to putlocker.ch, before this was closed down by the Luxembourg authorities, and the URL returned to being putlocker.is. After this, the site changed again to putlocker tv.is, before finally settling as putlocker.rs, an address from Serbia, and putlockerhd.is  from Iceland.

Despite the many addresses from multiple geographical locations, the headquarters for Putlockers ch are in Southeast Asia, in Vietnam, with Switzerland-based servers.

For fans of the site, or those who are interested in its journey, keep your eyes peeled for new addresses as there are sure to be several on the horizon.

If you’re British, Belgian, Luxembourgian or US American, you should be careful when going on Putlocker  com as these countries’ authorities are on the ball with trying to block the site. Many internet providers simply block people from being able to access the site completely, but there is a way to do it: with the use of a reliable VPN.

Check out the list above for 5 of our favorite VPN providers, and read on for further information on how they can help you to access Putlocker com today, securely and anonymously.

VPNs Stop You Getting In Trouble Over Putlocker

Putlocker today is a high profile, heavily-watched site and you risk prosecution every time you enter it. A reputable VPN provider like the ones we’ve recommended includes a sophisticated piece of software which encrypts all your information – this includes the info on which country your device is connecting from.

A VPN allows you to choose a geographical location, which disguises your IP address so you can go on putlocker com or putlockers ch and the site will think you are accessing from a different location – and one that isn’t policed. Choose a location other then the US, UK, Luxembourg and Belgium for a higher chance of access being granted.

A VPN also hides which sites you’re entering from third parties, so anyone watching won’t know that you’re in touch with the Putlockers servers. It conceals the information that Putlocker sends back to your device, so you can watch anything you want without authorities knowing who is accessing the content.

Even Putlocker com itself can’t see who is accessing their site when you use a VPN, and neither can anyone else.

Beware of VPN Logging

VPNs are a fantastic tool for accessing putlockers ch and other Putlocker servers, but it is still possible for third parties to see what your interactions are with the site. VPNs can be forced to hand over activity logs of their users, which can give third parties the power to see who has been using the tool to access restricted sites.

You can reduce the chances of this happening by choosing a reputable VPN with these three requirements.

1 – No data retention in the geographical location you choose through the VPN

2 – A strict no logs policy

3 – A company that believes in free internet usage and is passionate about protecting its users (all our recommended VPNs are vetted to be as such).

All the VPNs we have recommended are based in countries other than the US, which keeps them safe from the strict copyright infringement laws in place in this country. Each of our 5 VPNs for Putlocker that we’ve chosen has their HQ in a country where data laws are much more relaxed.

In Conclusion

Accessing Putlocker today is one of the riskiest thing you can do online. Whether you’re using a VPN or another online privacy solution, always be aware of the possible consequences. Visiting Putlocker can give you hours of free streaming, but it can also get you in trouble. Also, keep an eye out for news stories about Putlocker, in case the owners are arrested.

Skip the free VPN options when trying to access Putlocker. These are a risk to your online security and privacy and are not as effective as the paid-for versions. Our VPN recommendations are inexpensive and are your best bet for staying safe and anonymous online.


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