How to Watch Solar Movies Online From Anywhere 2024

Being one of the largest and most accessed websites, SolarMovies houses thousands of rich movies and TV shows which you can stream for free without any subscription charges. How? With a few steps of registering to the account, you’ll get access to countless content. The website is easy to maneuver giving you full control and authority of your searches and movies.

Most of the websites provide countless movies but fail to show IMDB ratings. That’s not the case with Solar Movies. It comes with IMDB integration so you can watch the ratings of the TV show or movie before you hit the play button. The website has an Alexa Rating of 356 making it stand out from the rest of the sites and provides blockbuster hits to the entire Globe.

Why Solar Movies Is Blocked?

Whenever copyright issue is talked about, restrictions are seen. Solar movies are among those websites which provide and give access to free content online which violates Copy Right issues. Imagine a movie premiered in a cinema first-day first show, while it arrives online and you access it for free. Due to which streaming websites are banned including Solar Movies by ISPs.

Since Solar has been banned before, the developers usually change the domain name, and the website reappears with the name

Where Solar Movies Is Blocked?

Apparently supplying free content is a crime and many associations have formed an alliance against all these pirated websites to ban them. Currently, Solar Movies old domain is blocked in almost all countries. Copy Right issues make it illegal, and the first ever block occurred in Malaysia.

How To Unblock Solar Movies Live Online

Watch Solar Movies Online

Solar Movie is an amazing website for all you movie buffs where you can access and watch almost all the hit movies regardless of a price attached to it. But it comes with a price. As soon as Solar gained attention, users started moving from Netflix and Hulu towards Solar snatching majority of the customers towards free content. Why get paid subscription when you can get free content.

But due to the popularity, Solar has been banned in many countries making all your hopes die. Then again, where there is a will, there is a way. There is a method where you can bypass the bans and restrictions no matter where you are.

There is a savior, VPN. A VPN will let you access Solar Movies no matter if it’s banned or not. How? The access of Solar will be banned if you browse through your standard IP address, but the VPN will allow you to change your IP address to that country where Solar Movies will be working through which your IP address will be rerouted. There is a chance your IP address could be traced if you try to access Solar Movies from your regular IP. That won’t be the case with a VPN as it will divert all your online traffic through a different IP address making you anonymous online. All you need to do is to subscribe to a fast VPN service to avoid any interruption while streaming movies and TV shows on SolarMovie.

Let’s see how to get a VPN

  • Go to a VPNs website and create an account
  • Download the VPN on your device
  • Configure the set-up
  • Chose a server of a country where Solar is working
  • Go to Solar Movies website and kazam.

You’ll be able to watch movies on Solar without any hesitation. But wait. You don’t have to browse to see which VPN to look for. Go through the table below and download the best VPN of your choice.

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Final Thoughts on Solar Movies Online Streaming Guide

That’s all folks; now you know the importance of Solar Movies as it’s a great platform to find favorite movies and blockbuster hits online. When all fails Solar always come though with unlimited content available at your doorstep. There is a high chance that the Domain maybe blocked but don’t worry the developer will appear the website with a different domain name.

Make use of the VPN cautiously as there is a list of VPNs you cannot rely on as they pose as a great service with a lot to offer and when you download it you find it’s of no use. Go through out the blog and the table provided to get hold of the best VPN possible.


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