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PandaVPN is a relatively new VPN on the block and one of the new contenders for the top spot in the VPN race. There are so many VPNs available that it can be quite a challenge to determine which one is the best for you. Let’s take some time and analyze the various aspects present in the VPN Panda has put together for us.

PandaVPN is another addition to the VPN world that comes from antivirus beginnings. Their original product, Panda Antivirus, is what initiated them in the world of internet security. Nowadays, many antivirus companies are starting to expand to the VPN industry because of the increasing popularity.

Panda VPN is a reliable VPN no log that is user-friendly and does not include many unnecessary extras that you can find on some. The product is easy to use and will connect you to the server of your choosing using one of their connection protocols.

When it comes to VPNs created by antivirus companies, they can sometimes be lacking in areas where other companies are stronger. To prevent this from happening to them, the VPN Panda provides was designed by Hotspot Shield, which is one of the leading names in VPN security and reliability. You can rest assured that Panda VPN will protect your data and keep your PC secure.

Panda Antivirus 

Before we can begin to discuss the VPN Panda has provided us, we should look at their original entry into the market – which is their Panda Antivirus, known as the Panda Dome.

Many antivirus companies have made the step to include VPNs in their services, thereby allowing users to benefit from both internal and external protection. What do I mean by this? Well, antivirus’ is designed to protect users from being attacked on their device, while VPNs are designed to protect users from being attacked while on the internet.

If you are a company that designs antivirus’, it only makes sense that you also specialize in VPNs so that you can provide a complete security package for your clients. Panda VPN is one of the latest additions to this growing trend by antivirus companies and they provide you with a safe and secure means to search and stream your favorite online content without any of the privacy/security issues.

Panda Antivirus is a reliable choice by many for the protection of their PC. It is a pay-to-use service which means you will have to subscribe to either monthly or yearly memberships. These memberships ensure that you are provided with the latest updates to ensure that no new malware or virus can sneak on to your device.

Now that Panda Antivirus has included a VPN to their service, they are providing a complete package of internal and external protection. Something that is increasingly necessary for companies to stay ahead of their competition. 

Panda VPN Pricing 


The beauty about using a VPN provided by an antivirus company is that they often include their services into one, easy-to-use, package. By signing up and subscribing to the Panda Antivirus service, you will automatically obtain access to PandaVPN.

Most reliable VPNs cost money and require monthly or yearly subscriptions. It makes it a lot simpler for the user to have to pay one amount to one company each month, rather than having to pay two separate companies for similar security services.

The price for a monthly subscription to Panda Antivirus and PandaVPN is $10 a month or $6,45 a month if you choose to subscribe for the whole year. This 35% discount might be attractive to you as a user, but it is always recommended to first try out a product before you invest a lot of money into it.

After you have tried the services out for a month you should be able to determine whether or not Panda is the company for you. At this point, you can easily upgrade to the yearly subscription or simply let your one-month subscription lapse.

Another important thing to note about pricing when it comes to any VPN or Antivirus is that there are numerous online review platforms that are offered discounts by the company which attracts more customers. Be sure to look out for these opportunities before taking the plunge.

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Is Panda VPN easy to use? 

panda dome feature

The VPN Panda offer is very easy to use. It comes connected in their Panda Dome package which places both the Panda Antivirus and the Panda VPN in one easy-to-use location.

It is as simple as opening the Panda Dome, selecting VPN, and connecting to the server you want, with the protocol you choose.

Something worth noting is the simplicity of using the same antivirus as VPN. By using Panda Antivirus and PandaVPN, you have ensured that both services are compatible with each other. This might seem redundant to mention, but if you decide to get a separate antivirus to your VPN, you will have to make sure that they are compatible with each other.

There are many VPNs that do not work because the antivirus you have on your computer is blocking it. Sure, there are ways to get around this, but why would you want to struggle to make something work when there are easy ways to find a complete and working package.

Operating Systems

Feature Value
No logs? Yes, this provider has a no-log policy
Can use it for Torrenting? Yes, it works fine with torrents
What kind of Netflix does it work with?
Simultaneous connections 3
What countries does it cover? 15
What Operating Systems does it support? Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs, Linux
Money-back guarantee policy 7
What protocols does it offer? OpenVPN
Does it offer unlimited traffic data? Yes, it does
Cipher Most secure encryption: Military AES 256 bits
Number of IP Addresses
Number of Servers? 500

When they first released PandaVPN it was only available on windows. This was strange because Panda antivirus is available on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Luckily this was only at the start and since then PandaVPN has been released on Android as well. It was a major upgrade for the company because it means they entered the market of mobile VPNs, which is one of the fastest growing branches of the VPN industry. Most providers offer VPN Android these days.

The way the VPN works on Windows and Android is exactly the same. The VPN and antivirus are joined into one program which provides VPN and antivirus services. Another benefit about the mobile version of the Panda Dome is that they have a completely free option available, however, as with all free versions of applications, this comes with its own hassles – including limited servers, protocols, antivirus features, and arguably the most annoying thing: adverts.


Whether you decide to use Panda VPN on your Windows desktop or your Android mobile device, you should be satisfied with the features and usability. 

Panda VPN Streaming

There is no point in downloading and paying for a VPN that doesn’t even do what you want it to. Before deciding on a VPN, we recommend deciding on your needs and then searching for one that matches these needs.

PandaVPN could be the one for you if you are someone that likes to stream content from other countries, download torrents, or simply browse the internet without having to worry about breaches of your personal information.

When it comes to streaming, PandaVPN has got your back. Their extensive list of servers is regularly updated with the latest loopholes and protocols to ensure that your connection is not jeopardized.

Many online streaming websites are becoming wiser about how to detect VPNs and stop users from accessing their content if they aren’t meant to. Two of the biggest online streaming sites are Netflix and UK TV. Both of these only allow users from their respective countries, so if you are looking to watch them from elsewhere you better have a quality VPN to assist you.

The VPN Panda provides is reliable at connecting to these sites, but you might need to have the paid version to ensure that it stays that way. When a VPN is free, you are usually only allowed access to a limited amount of servers or protocols. This means that if you run into an issue with connecting to American Netflix on a certain server, you may not have another option to choose from. There is nothing more annoying than running through all the servers and protocols a VPN has to offer, only to be rejected at every turn. 

Panda VPN Torrenting

Torrenting is another reason that people download VPNs. A torrent is a file that is downloaded through a torrent client, like qBittorrent, in small packets from various different users all around the world. This type of downloading has its positive and negatives, but generally, the reason people download torrents is that you can download content, that would normally cost money, for free.

Some antivirus’, VPNs, and ISPs do not allow torrenting, but this is not the case for the VPN Panda has provided. Both their antivirus and torrent VPN are compatible with torrenting. If you are an avid torrent downloader but want to minimize your risk to detection or security issues then you can try out Panda VPN. 

7 Total Score
Panda Antivirus review: Very good

Antivirus Protection
Lab scores
Value for money
Ease of use
Supported devices
  • VPN/Antivirus Combo: Panda started in the world of antivirus and has since expanded, with help from reputable VPN creators, into the world of VPNs. It is a reliable package that works efficiently as one application.
  • Usability: PandaVPN provides all the features that you might want from a VPN and the settings are simple for those that aren’t clued up about how VPNs work.
  • Overly simple: Even though simplicity is a good thing, the settings and additional options relating to their VPN are rather limited. This makes it a slightly less customizable VPN than some experts would like.
  • Potential connection errors: Although they regularly update their servers and protocols, there have been times that users report poor connection and inability to access their favorite streaming sites.

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